Mullu (Thenkuzhal) Murukku

By DK on Sep 17, 2012
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
As the saying goes - "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet", so does a Mullu Murukku. This South Indian savory made from rice and lentil flour by any other name (and it has quite a lot) would taste just as crispy, crunchy and addictive. Also known as "Magizhampoo", "Muthusaram", "Manakombu" and "Mullu Thenkuzhal" (phew!), this is one of my childhood favorites. These still are, but nothing beats the atmosphere of having mom make it for you and store a cartload of them in large stainless steel canisters during Diwali, Krishna jayanthi and Vinayaka Chaturthi and other occasions .  And its even more fun when she has to repeatedly beg you not to touch them until after the festival.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Now I am hoping to create that same environment for my little one and most importantly for the husband. I can't help being amused at him  whose first words when he enters home during such festival months are "Are the Murukkus still there? All safe for me?" as if a crowd patiently waits every single day for him to go to work so that they can steal his murukkus! Seeesh. And this inspite the fact that, just like my mom, I do not wait for festival months to make them. These along with Thattai and Thenkuzhal get made on and off during the rest of the year (and yet no one in my home seems bored of them (as of now)). This is to us what "Potato Chips/Tortilla Chips" probably are to many other families. Our junk food is all home made - fresh and with no additives. ;)  More reason to have them,no? ;). These are addictive with a delightful crunch to them thanks to rice flour with a slight hint of cumin. The butter gives them additional crispiness along with richness.

mom's recipe

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Serves: 8+ people
Yield: Makes around 30 Murukkus ( I made a combo of 4 and 5 spirals)
  • 3 cups Rice flour, see Tips
  • 1/2 cup Moong Dal (Yellow Lentil/ Paithamparuppu)
  • 1/4 cup Channa Dal (Bengal Gram/Kadalaparuppu)
  • 1 tsp Cumin (Jeera)
  • 1 tsp Sesame seeds (Til/Ellu)
  • 1 large pinch Asafoetida powder
  • 1 generous tbsp Butter, see Tips
  • 1-1/2 to 2 tsp Salt, or to taste
  • Oil for deep frying
1. Rice flour: Traditionally the rice is soaked, air dried and then ground into fine flour (at Rice Mills) that makes the best murukkus. But store bought rice flour can be used to almost equivalent quality. I have used the same to save time.
2. Butter: You can also use Ghee. And for Vegans, you can use the hot oil that you would be using for deep frying instead. But butter is recommended to provide that crispy texture.
Heat oil for deep frying. Dry roast the lentils for a minute. Do not let it brown.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Add it to a processor
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
and grind it into a very fine powder. Finer the better.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Sieve this just in case.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Sieve the rice flour too. Better to do this a couple of times for both the flours.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Add all the ingredients except butter in a large bowl.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Mix it thoroughly to combine.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Add the butter/Ghee/Oil.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Using your fingers, knead it to a bread crumb consistency. This helps with texture and crispiness (same logic to Baking pies and pastries)
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Then carefully add water  until it comes together into a not too tight/not too soft dough.  Use tablespoon measure just to be safe. You would need somewhere around 1-1/2 to 2 cups water. Close the dough with a kitchen towel.

Important Tip: Ideally it is said that it is better to take some part of the "bread-crumb" dough, add tbsps of water to make it into a dough and pressed to make murukkus. This step is repeated for every single (or may be two) murukkus in a batch. In short - the murukku dough is made in batches instead of adding water to the whole flour to make the dough. Since, I am clearly lazy to do that, I add water to the whole dough. They taste still fine to me (but having never done the other way, I have no clue how much better those murukku would be. You choose according the level of laziness in your bones ;))
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
You would need either 1 star or 3 star attachment in your Murukku (Press) maker. I used only one star for this post.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Traditionally these are pressed directly into the hot oil into spiral shapes. But if you are not comfortable, you can either use a greased plastic sheet (like I have done for this Thattai Recipe) or use a greased ladle to pipe in the shape like I have done
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
to make either 3, 4 or 5 spirals (or any you care to depending on the size of your deep fryer!). I chose a combination of 4 and 5 spirals.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Now place the ladle in the hot oil. The oil should be first heated to high (drop a piece of dough to the oil and it should immediately come to the surface). Once you drop the murukku, reduce the heat to medium. Make sure to keep the oil med-high, otherwise it won't come out crunchy. If you have a deep fryer thermometer, then use to regulate the heat between 350 to 375 degrees F.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Once you place the ladle, you will find that in few seconds the murukku will automatically detach itself.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Turn multiple times for uniform cooking. Its done when its golden brown and the bubbles in the oil subside.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
You can deep fry 2-3 of them simultaneously making sure to regulate the temperature of the oil.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Once done, place them on a paper towel, to cool off.
Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
Once completely cooled, store it in an air tight container and enjoy. Perfect with tea, coffee, on rainy days, get together - in short anytime and every time :) Magizhampoo Recipe | Muthusaram Recipe | Manakombu Recipe
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32 Responses to “Mullu (Thenkuzhal) Murukku”
  1. Ruby

    Hi…..I have got addicted to your cooking blog….more so for the pictorials.

  2. Ruby

    Hi…..I have got addicted to your cooking blog….more so for

  3. Wish u I Have talenden making every thi i had make fue item in my maind i love ur pice

  4. usha

    As for your tips I prepared it. It came nicely.thanks a lot.

  5. Theresa

    The best murukku I have ever tasted is my grandmas and unfortunately I (as well as my mom) didnt learn that from her when she was alive. This recipe came out so good and my grandmas if alive, would have been proud of me. thank you. I substituted butter with “Crest baking stick” :)

  6. So beautiful …and a very clean job too… :wink:

  7. I tried this murukku & it came out too good. Very yummy recipe. I can’t tell u how addicted I am to this now.

  8. I just went thru ur murukku recipe & made it under 30 mins:) it’s turned out yumm..
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I will post this on my blog & link back to u:)

  9. :wink: I love to make chakli. the one u have shown is good one. i liked it .when we prepare the chakli becomes soft from inside next day. pl. give me suggestion for this. :-P

  10. Reuben

    Please tell me whether i should use Boiling water, hot water, warm water or cold water?
    Pictures look great. Can’t wait to try it. From what i see they don’t look oily at all.

    I just used room temperature water –DK

  11. rashmi

    Hi DK, I came across your website while searching in google. I have tried 4 recipes so far and guess what all of them have come awesome :) Perfect measurements and photography.

    How may days will this Murukus be fresh.


  12. Amateur_cook

    I liked a lot of your recipes. I am new to cooking, hence your tips were immensely useful. But I have a problem with this recipe, my murukkus break even before hitting the oil. I don’t know where I go wrong. I would very much appreciate your suggestion.

  13. Nazia

    :lol: hey dear tastes superb,tried for the first time and was success,thanks alot…………………………..

  14. metsi

    Hi dear,
    I tried this murukku yday. It tastes good & its crunchy. But i dint get the perfect spiral shape. what could have gone wrong???

  15. Navin

    Great recipe it’s perfect Murukus I ever tried,thank you Master chef for your unique recipe

  16. Simi

    Saw ur recipe! Wanted to try for this Christmas. Usually I make my mother in laws reciepe. For a change I am going to try this. Fingers crossed. Will let u know how it came.

  17. Sona

    This is a wonderful recipe, I tried it and the murukku came out just perfectly crunchy. Thanks!!

  18. Hermom

    Hey, Google search bought me here… your murukku looks absolutely mouth watering :) Havent really tried them yet. I had an electric stove top and its absolutely not possible to have the temp high and then bring back to medium (the murukku would get burnt up already :-? ) Any tips on what setting might be optimum ?
    Thanks in advance :)

    I have the same.Yes its tough, that I want to scream at times :) . I use a candy thermometer and find it useful but it does take practice(!). Like my mom said to me when she visited last time, more than cooking, it takes loads of practice with your stove top than actual cooking :) –DK

  19. Nisha

    Google brought me here. Wanted to avoid the ready made mixes with their preservatives so was looking to start from scratch. Tried this recipe today. They came out very well. Thank you. Now i just hope they last until the 13th! Happy Deepavalli.

  20. Durga

    Hi DK, I accidently found your website, or i should say serendipitously found your website a few weeks back and tried out a few recipes with success. But the best part was when my mom asked me to cross check your omapodi and mullu murukku recipes for the ratios of the flour. :-) She has been cooking for the past 40 odd years and the best cook i know. So that speaks volumes about your recipes and the reliability of your cooking. Please do keep up the good work. HAPPY DEEPAVALI.

    I am extremely grateful and can’t help feeling immensely happy at your comment.Thank you so much. But at the same time, have to credit my mother whose recipes I judiciously follow when it comes to traditional cooking. Immense have been debates and arguments when the naive cook in me and the expert talent in hers clash. But I am so glad such natal mother-daughter bickering has its positives :) Wishing you and yours a wonderful, bright and colorful Diwali :) –DK

  21. Sumithra

    Hi, Murukku is looking really yum. i am going to try making these tomorrow for diwali. If possible, can u tell me the quantity of rice flour. coz, i am not sure about the cup size :-) . really a beginner in these things :-) . Happy Diwali :-)

  22. JR

    DK, what brand vessel do you use for frying? Where can we get it?

    I use Cast Iron –DK

  23. PRITAM


  24. Chitra

    Your blog is so perfect and so are the pictorial representations.. All this makes me think am I the only person who struggles to cook all these delicacies with a toddler running around. Getting a day’s lunch and dinner is like a big thing. Not sure how you manage so much. Kudos.

    Not at all. I have one myself and its a struggle for me too. Its just that cooking (and blogging) has become therapeutic for me. Like a stress buster and I work very very hard to make time for some cooking + blogging session. And anyways, I dont get it to do this often – just some time here and then that I make use of. So trust me, you are not the only one struggling. Our job as a mom is extremely tiring by itself, so I understand totally where u r coming from.:) –DK

  25. Archana

    Ah…..My mouths watering.

  26. The world look perfect in your pics! How do you manage to do that every single time? Trust me, how much ever I try, murukku never comes out like this, and your pics shows that anybody can do it! Sigh!!

    One of the best compliments for the photographer and cook in me. Thank You :) . I am just an amateur photographer, so this such a motivation. As for the murukku, trust me when I say this – If I can do it, so can you (and even more easily perhaps :) ). My mom will vouch for that ;) –DK

  27. Wish i had the talent to make all these , mine never comes out beautiful as yours so i have given up trying them.

    Oh come on Finla. Your creations (and photos) are so gorgeous and you talk as if you don’t have enuf talent. You don’t think I would believe it, do you ?:) –DK

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