5 minute Big Batch Tadka Recipe |  OPOS Recipes
This post is a sequel to my previous OPOS Tadka recipe. An extremely handy pantry addition, it has saved me countless minutes in my cooking and cleaning process. While the previous was a basic tadka, this one has additional dals (lentils) added, that is perfect for many South Indian dishes like Kootus, Upma, Kulambu/Kuzhambu etc. I can see that you are sceptic. I was one as well. But if you are into cooking 2-3 meals a day and like a good hearty tadka on your dishes, then this a definite try. And if you are not cooking that many times a day,  do consider giving OPOS recipes a chance.
5 minute Big Batch Tadka Recipe |  OPOS Recipes
My last  few  posts might seem like an OPOS PR pitch. We are being sold something or the other every single second of our waking hours, so I understand if you are having  marketing fatigue. But don't see this as another sales gimmick. I do not benefit anything except possibly a comment from you saying something to the effect of "Oh, I finished my entire cooking in 10minutes" or "This dish tasted even better than usual!", or "My diabetic so and so benefitted so much from wholesome cooking"...yada yada..You get the picture.
5 minute Big Batch Tadka Recipe |  OPOS Recipes
Anyway, coming back to this post. This is a South Indian tadka/tempering basically used to temper the regional dishes. You can use your own variations according to your cooking style. Just make sure not to extend the cooking time to more than 5 minutes to avoid burning. 
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: Enough for weeks worth of dishes.
  • Yields: Makes 2 (generous) cups
  • 1 cup Sesame oil, see Tips
  • 1/2 cup Urad Dal (Black Split Gram)
  • 1/2 cup Channa Dal (Split Chickpeas)
  • 1/4 cup black Mustard Seeds
  • 1/2 cup Dried Red Chillies, or to taste
  • 1 cup Curry Leaves
  • 1/4 tsp Asafoetida powder
1. Sesame Oil: You can choose oil of your liking. South Indian cooking traditionally uses Sesame oil and hence I opt to use the same. But you can use any oil of your choice. Just remember that "chekku oil" (cold pressed oils) will provide additional flavor to your tadka. It also has more moisture content thereby giving you more whistles while cooking than say a regular refined oil.
1. Please follow the recipe EXACTLY as stated for the first few times.  Standardize your pressure cooker before starting the recipe if you have not done so earlier. This is done to ensure that the timings work the same way as it works for OPOS recipes. Take a 2L pressure cooker. Add the oil.
2. Add the Urad Dal followed by the Channa Dal.
3. Next goes in the mustard seeds. I used the smaller variety.
4. Follow it up with Red Chillies of your choice (byadgi, wrinkled etc).
5. Then goes in the curry leaves. Mix until combined.
6. Close the lid with weight on and cook on HIGH for 5 minutes. Make sure the flame covers the bottom of your cooker and does not extend to the sides. You should get full pressure ( pressure valve will pop out) within 4 minutes. You will hear sputtering - that's your mustard popping. It will cease in a minute or two.
7. Once your 5 minutes are up, switch off the heat and let the pressure settle.
8. This is how it looks when opened.
9. Add asafoetida at this stage when the oil is still hot.
10. Combine everything together.
Let cool and add it to a sterile bottle for storage. Your Tadka is ready to use. I make plain as well this lentil tadka in batches and store them in my fridge. My last batch lasted me for almost 2 months in my fridge.
5 minute Big Batch Tadka Recipe |  OPOS Recipes

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By Megha on Jan 17, 2020

Very nice. what about the remaining oil left in the magic pot? Should it be discarded or do you store all the contents of the magic pot ie, tadka and oil ?

By Divya on Dec 8, 2018

Have a doubt. Should the curry leaves be washed and completely dried ? Will any moisture in the curry leaves spoil the storing period of tadka ?

Yes, please use washed and dried curry leaves. It won't spoil per se since the little water will evaporate once it touches the hot oil, but it will cause lots of spluttering. --DK

By Atv on Jul 17, 2018

Tried this. It turned out well but I feel a little tangy taste,maybe I added extra pulp... can anything be done for the tangy taste to reduce?Thank you

Hey Atv, can you please elaborate on what you added that was tangy? Extra pulp of what? Thank you --DK

By Elakya on May 21, 2018

Can I skip channa dal? Will measurements vary if I skip it?

Nope not at all. You can choose any proportion or any seasoning of your choice. If you fear burning of delicate spices like methi (fenugreek), cumin, sesame etc - just add them after the 5 minutes. It will get done in retained heat. Once you get the aroma/color changes, transfer to another vessel to avoid overheating. Hope this helps :) --DK