Sprouted Ragi Dosa

By DK on Jan 14, 2010
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Indians living outside India, especially in the U.S will surely agree with me that getting whole grain Ragi (Finger Millet) is a blessing! I have searched in all the stores I could visit for this with disappointing results. Only one store carried Ragi flour and I had to make do with it. But going there was such a hassle since it was very far away from our house. Now where we stay, I don't get even the flour. I finally gave up! Having said that, imagine my extolment when the wholegrain found me :)
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Our Indian neighbors planned to leave US for good and settle back in India. When we visited on their last few days, she told me that she had just got few wholegrain packets of Ragi and now since anyways she was leaving, she did not have any use for them. She informed me in a light manner, that since I was such a wholegrain freak, I would be able to appreciate Ragi. Was she kidding!!! Of course I would be! My joy knew no bounds and my husband even laughed at the way I was holding the bag - he told me he knew exactly how I would look if I found a Huge diamond somewhere! It was a precious gem indeed! Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe I have tried so many dishes and experiments with Ragi that its not even funny! Sprouting makes the grain extra nutritious and I wanted to use those sprouts in my dishes. There weren't many resources in the net which gave me dishes with the sprouts. It was all about grinding it into flour and using it in myriad dishes. It seemed such a waste of this grain to me. I had to rely on experiments. Of course not all were a hi-fi success, but one got to do what one got to do. After repeated requests for ragi recipes in my site (I have about 68 requests till date from the time I posted my How to make Ragi Flour Post), I thought I will post one of our favorites today. Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe If you like Dosa, then you will surely like this dosa (Indian crepe) too. I just used the regular dosai recipe but enhanced it nutritionally with sprouted Ragi. The taste is very similar to regular dosa though you get the hint of ragi while tasting it. This batter is a boon to have and you can make pretty much anything you make with leftover dosa batter. Other South Indian Breakfast Recipes: Rava Upma, Holy Basil (Tulsi) Tea, Onion Tomato Uthappam, Idli recipe, Medhu Vadai, Rava Pongal, Ven Pongal, Adai Recipe
Basic Information
Prep Time: 8 hours to 1 day
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Serves: 4 people
Yield: Makes around 12-15 dosas depending on the size and thickness
Soak Black lentils and fenugreek seeds together in some water. Soak both the rice together in another bowl. After soaking them for 3-4 hours, grind the rice first in your wet - grinder (see this post) or in your processor. The rice batter will still feel coarse when you touch it but otherwise it should have ground well. Pour it out in a large bowl.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Next in the same processor/grinder (no need to clean it), add the Black split lentil + seeds and grind it until fluffy and velvety smooth.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Now pour this batter, adding it along with rice batter.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Next grind the sprouted ragi until smooth.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Add this along with the rest of the batter. Add salt and mix well until blended well. Set aside to ferment overnight. You can refer this post of mine to see tips to make it ferment
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
A successful fermentation is when you see the batter doubling up and you will get a sour smell wafting from the batter. There is something about sprouts which make fermentation a dream.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Mix it well once again.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Heat an iron skillet (low heat) or non stick skillet. Add a little vegetable oil. I usually cut half of onion and rub the cut side down on the skillet. It helps to avoid the batter from sticking to the skillet.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Once greased, drop a ladle of batter on the skillet.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Using the bottom of the ladle, in a circular motion, spread it around.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
You can make it thick or thin. Thicker crepes will give you softer crepes while thinner ones makes for crispy ones. Whatever your preference.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
Increase the heat and cook until you find that the ends of the crepes lifting slightly up. Or if you try removing it, it comes easy from the skillet. Turn it. It should be golden-reddish-brown (!!) in color. Grease it with onions again while starting the next crepe or simply drizzle some oil if dont want to use onion.
Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
And repeat. You don't have to add oil though you can if you want to. Sprouted Ragi (Finger MIllet) Dosa Recipe
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24 Responses to “Sprouted Ragi Dosa”
  1. Sudha

    Hi Divya, Since then have you found any online resources to buy whole ragi grains? I would appreciate if you could share. We do get the flour in our stores close by, but I am looking for the grains

    Nope, I sadly havent found any sources :( –DK

  2. Ramya

    I was told by my doctor that Ragi is the best for my Diabetic Grand Pa and I was curious to know more and I landed to the below site on Ragi Nutrition. Added to how good it is, your article just makes it even better. I will surely try this recipe and come back on how it went. Thanks a million. I would suggest to add the link to ragi’s nutriton so that all ignorant people know how good Ragi is. :-P

  3. Subha

    May I know only sprouted raagi flour having calcium?not the normal raagi flour ?I brought udupi raagi flour from Indian grocery shop it shows calcium0%.can you pls confirm.

  4. reva

    i make ragi dosa. but my preparation is totally different. We get readymade ragi powder. I mix this powder along with dosa (Rice & Urad dal) paste + some curd. I also put the mixture made of small ginger piece, 5-6 small onion, kadi patta, full red chllies into this paste) salt to taste. keep it for 1-2 hours. then make dosa. here you get delicious dosas.

  5. :roll: Ragi sweet: 11/2 cup water,15 grams brown sugar,1/2 cup ragi flour *1. boil water with brown sugar *2.pour ragi flour slowly and stir at same time (if you got strong rolls, after half boiled and cool down put in mixer) and back on fire to full boiled
    time: 12 to 15 minutes—-enjoy :-P :-P :-P

  6. buzy b

    We make ragi kolaputtu also.We eat that with coconut milk,jaggery and coconut scrapings. Try it. You’ll love it.

  7. anushka

    Hi :) , This is a really nice recipe for sprouted ragi. However, I have been wondering.. first we sprout the ragi to release the enzymes, then we roast it on very very low heat to prevent killing the enzymes. But finally to make the dosai, we cook it on the griddle. This cooking destroys the enzymes. So, it looks like all the effort taken to preserve the enzymes are futile as the enzymes are killed in the final cooking process. I would highly appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you and keep up your good work.

  8. I would call it Ragi Adai! Lovely recipe.

  9. Radhika Shetty

    I found whole raagi at the Whole Foods Market. You could give it a try :) Here is a link to the store website: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/
    Only thing is, it looks white as the outer skin is removed.

  10. Asha Ram

    Hi Chef :) ,

    I liked your Ragi Dosa recipe; will try it sometime. I have listed your blog site on my site -
    http://walk-with-chef.blogspot.com/2010/03/1-2-3-flours-dosas.html. Pls visit.

    Thanks and regards,

    Thanks Asha for linking my Dosa recipe. All the best with your blogging and may the blogging bug catch you with the same ferocity as it did to rest of us :) –DK

  11. Kashmira

    You are simply awesome. :)
    Warm regards

  12. Funny comments about how husbands see sprouts. The green color of mung dosa ‘pesarattu’ puts Balaji off. He thinks of it as some algae like dish.
    Can’t wait to try sprouted ragi dosa..Great going !!

  13. He doesn’t eat brussel sprouts too. He tells that it looks like a baby of a big cabbage and he doesn’t feel like eating it.

  14. That’s a great explanation Dhivi. I’ll try to put some sense in to him. I too was guessing so about the ragi posts. Thanks.

  15. bergamot

    Nice recipe and really healthy. Have booked marked it.

  16. You’ve been awarded! :) Check it out on my blog.

  17. geetha

    Good recipe.I am going to look on the internet for whole ragi.I guess if we stuff it with paneer/tofu and veggies it would make a great meal too. Madhuram..my dad is also the same way with sprouts..according to him it is like bringing something to life and then killing it.. 8-O …I was raised that way,but now I eat it-it’s very healthy and I need the nutrition..

  18. Good one Dhivi. I was also going to make something like this but without sprouting. You know why? Mr.S is so quirky that he doesn’t eat sprouts. You should hear the reason, he believes that eating sprouts is equal to eating meat because it has life in it. If sowed the sprouts will grow into plants, so he doesn’t eat it. I really wish some Hindu scholar can give some clarification for this. So whenever I sprout something I only eat it. Actually I felt so bad for eating sprouts for 2-3 years and did not eat it but have started again.

    You are not sending it to the event? Very bad! :cry:

    Did you check my yesterday’s post? I have started another blog. It’s been in my mind for months now, finally got to it.

    Well, then he shouldnt be eating many many things – like vegetables! Did he realize they all are seeds grown into plants?? You are just plucking those plants and cooking them for consumptions…they are living things too! At the end of it (unless your food is a byproduct which does not kill the source like milk), you end up eating some living thing or the other. That’s why its simple for me – I do not Vouch vegetarianism in my sight, saying that meat eaters are killing living things – wrong definition for me (since plants are living things too) – I just do not eat things which gives out blood and whose screams of agony can be heard by me….in one way its a good things that humans cant hear plants screaming in pain…!!!! That way I related so much to the movie Avatar where the norm is to say ‘I am sorry, may your soul rest in peace’ to animals which they kill for food….otherwise they hurt nothing else – be it plants or animals. They hunt to survive.. ..anyways..I wanted to do a consolidated post for Raagi sweetie and put all my ragi in one page. Makes it easier isnt it? But either ways will send in my entry soon….Hugs

  19. Loved the idea of sprouting the millet. I simply soaked and had ground the ragi for my tomato utthappam. This adds more nutrition. Next time on I shall follow this. I carry the grain from home:(

  20. Same here too, hadn’t seen Ragi for years before I found a pack of “Raggi” flour in a Indian grocery store. I was deliriously happy although I have yet to find whole Ragi but I am happy with flour. Always loved Ragi dosa. We just use Ragi flour, salt and a bit of buttermilk, mix and make’em. Your version is healthier with sprouted Ragi, looks so delicious.
    Looks like everybody is going back to India forever except you and me? :D
    Have a great weekend. See you next week. Hugs.

  21. Dahling,I just had this for my breakfast.I use inatant batter made with ragi flour and rice flour with the additional ingredients like carrots,onions and chillies.DELICIOUS :P :P :P I have NEVER EVER seen Ragi there

  22. Chana

    D.K., wonderful to see this recipe using sprouted
    raga grain here this evening! I’ve never ever had the pleasure of the ragi. I hope to find some here soon.

  23. Awesome doasa DK.. I have a bag of sprouted ragi flour from India, do you think I can use it to make this dosa??

    Hey Pavani – Lucky you! Gawd! I am so J now ..:). I guess the flour should work…or you can always make the traditional way of making ragi dosa using those sprouted flour.

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