Oven Baked Raw Kale Chips Recipe | Kale Recipes
I have to confess. I am a reformed Potato chips addict.  I could eat chips (and other junk food) the whole day. I could skip regular meals for chips. I am a sucker for the Jalapeno Potato Chips. I suspect, the Dorito company might have upped their sales about 2%, thanks to me! But down the years, my eating habits have changed. I think its mainly due to blogging. More I blogged, more I learnt and more I felt a compelling need to make a change (for the better of course!).  Its like eating less of that uber delicious Paneer Makhani at home though you probably would have pigged out when ordering the same dish at the restaurant. Not because it tasted any less delicious but cos you know exactly what has gone into this dish, to make it this lip smacking, which in turn makes you wary. Hence, cooking all these years, doing research for the blog, expanding my culinary horizons, has managed to make me a responsible gourmand. I think. I believe.
Oven Baked Raw Kale Chips Recipe | Kale Recipes
I still do enjoy "fried goodies" and an occasional chips, but if there is no nutrition in it for me, then I consume it less. Simple. Deprivation does not work for me, but moderation does. So when the craving for chips/or crunchy snacks arises - like recently what with overcast/rainy weather, I make these by huge batches. Kale Chips should be eaten to be believed how good they are. I don't mind frying them either, but why when these taste as good (and when the oven does all the work for you!). I am trying to incorporate some kind of greens in our diet at least once every 2 days. Ideally I would like to every day - well, I am thinking "ideal" not "practical". But instead I am averaging 4 times in a week and I am content for now.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Its so good that it might not be enough for even 1 person!
  • 1 bunch (about 8 oz) Lacinato kale - see Tips
  • 1.5 to 2 tsp olive oil
  • Salt, to taste
1. Kale - I used what is referred to as Lacinato Kale which has large leaves than the other variety. It is also known as Tuscan kale, Italian kale or aptly Dinosaur Kale. If you cannot find this variety, you can also use the curly Kale for this.
Other Seasoning Ideas : Roasted Garlic tastes great along with these. Or toss it with Garlic flavored Olive oil. Truffle Oil would probably give it a great gourmet touch. How about adding comfort to these by way of sprinkling some Parmesan Cheese? Do share your ideas as well in the comments section for me to give those a try :)
1. Preheat Oven 300F.Wash the leaves well.
2. Dry them with paper towels. Or those who have the Salad spinner can use it.
3. Tear the leaves from the hard stem and hard ribs.  You can be meticulous and tear the leaves in uniform pieces or do a rough tear.
4. Add in oil.
5. Toss them well until coated. I personally found a little more than 1 tsp of oil perfect. But you can add upto 1 tbsp of oil.
6. Arrange them on Baking sheets making sure not to overlap.
7. Bake them for around 15-20 minutes or until crisp. Cool them for few minutes before enjoying these crunchy health bites.
They get pale green from the dark green once baked. Oven Baked Raw Kale Chips Recipe | Kale Recipes Make sure to bake a huge batch, since it will get over pretty fast. Oven Baked Raw Kale Chips Recipe | Kale Recipes

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5 Member Reviews

By Aparnaa on Sep 12, 2012

It was delightfully easy and delicious. A great combination with curd rice!!!

By Jana on Sep 12, 2012

This is the first time I have eaten kale.  This was so easy and great tasting!  I tried it 3 different ways and they all were great!! Thanks for sharing! I made it with macadamia nut oil infused with chili and alaea sea salt. Has a nice kick to it. Then smoky sea salt olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Yum! Last was olive oil with furikake! So good!!

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By Dace on Dec 15, 2015

I love kale chips. I find that them not only to be very nutritious, but also deceivingly filling. It might not look like a lot of kale, but a small bowl goes a long way! I've featured this recipe in my 8 healthy kale recipe round up on my blog :)

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By Julianne on Sep 22, 2014

I am SO excited to find your website - what wonderful recipes - and the way you present them is delightful - I am learning much and being entertained as I read through them. Thank you, Thank you!! I am wondering with this recipe - how do you keep the kale chips fresh - how long will they keep? I love to cook - but not every day - so when I make something I like to make enough to last (to freeze, if appropriate - but am guessing that would not work for this!!) -- if kept in an airtight bag will they keep for a time?

By Can You Bake Kale | I Make Good Food on Sep 20, 2014

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By Lynn Davis on Aug 7, 2014

I love this recipe, and I appreciate the time you spend on your work... so I'm taking the time to write (please delete it asap -- we don't need to advertise this advice) a hint for future writing. A "Gourmet" is a person who knows food well and appreciates its values; tasteful in both senses. A "Gourmand" is a person who knows food too well -- a pig at the table; tasteful in neither sense.

By Gina krishnan on May 7, 2014

Love them. Imake them with olive oil and chat masala. I make a kale pesto by combining it with spinach and coriander greens I use kale in chapati by kneading it in the dough. Cheers

By This Weeks Box 12/29/2012 | tajchaffin1 on Oct 20, 2013

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By Anne on Sep 23, 2013

I use dark sesame oil, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

By ruth on Sep 9, 2013

Just made these chips... easy + delicious! They turned out better than the store-bought ones i've eaten, primarily because they were so much lighter and crispier than store-bought. I just used regular salt and also sprinkled hemp seeds on top... added protein + very subtle nutty flavour. Thanks for the recipe :-)

By Michelle on Jul 28, 2013

Bummer! Mine burned too. I think I'll try 250 next time.

By Michelle on Jul 28, 2013

I am making these with the garlic suggested above and sea salt. I might also add some nutritional yeast to a few of them when they're done baking to see if it gives it that cheesy taste. Very easy recipe! Thanks!

By B Welsh on Jul 4, 2013

Old Bay is good on these too!

By Andrea on Jun 26, 2013

:-? I have tried to make these 2x with the suggested oven temp and time...they've burnt. Will give it one more try but I'm losing a lot of good kale!

By Tamara on Apr 16, 2013

Kale chips are definately a new favorite! I sprinkle with garlic salt and sometimes cayenne pepper for a little kick :wink:

By Anna Menchaca on Apr 1, 2013

What temp for the oven? I'm assuming about 350°?

Its 300F. I mention it in step 1 -DK

By Theresa in NC on Feb 23, 2013

My husband is diabetic the kayle chips are great!!! He can eat all he wants with cheese dip! Delicious!!! Healthily ! Yum!!!!

By Jill on Feb 20, 2013

I saw these chips on the Doctors and thought I'd give them a try, they are delicious!!!! I could eat these instead of potatoe chips any day :-D :-D

By Ashley W on Jan 30, 2013

I made a recipe off of pinterest which is amazing, I make these at least once a week. They have red pepper flakes and nutritional yeast. These add a spicy kick, and cheesy taste. Just wanted to share :)

By Jen on Jan 28, 2013

:-o I made mine WAYYYY too salty as I generally free-pour salt into soups, etc. So my tip is, be careful with the salt! I also free-poured oil the first time and they were too oily. Way to make a healthy snack not healthy, HA. 8-O

By Amanda Tempel on Jan 13, 2013

I'm obsessed with Kale chips right now, and I am literally trying them every way I can find! :D I have the coconut ones in the over as I type ^.^

By Amber on Nov 26, 2012

Kale like frost and does well with it. I grow my own and have used the same Kale plant for 3 years now and it is over 5 ft tall.

By Radhika Sarohia on Nov 11, 2012

Perfect low-carb vegan snack, thanks for the detailed instructions and photos 8)

By Nicole on Oct 29, 2012

Cumin is my favorite on our kale crunchies. We also grill them. But be stingy with the salt, as kale is naturally salty.

By Heather K. on Sep 30, 2012

I made these and they were a huge hit with my finicky daughter! The only problem, they turned soggy over night. I kept the chips in an airtight container. Any suggestions?

By kerry on Aug 19, 2012

We used to make these at a whole food cafe I worked in and after massaging the oil into them and adding lemon, we also sprinkled engevita yeast on them for a non dairy 'cheesy' flavour. Also a bit of cayenne pepper. The yeast is available in most health food stores and you should use the flakes, not the powder. Great blog. Cheers!

By Sue on Jul 28, 2012

Will this work with silverbeet?

By Bluff Bunny on Jul 24, 2012

I had some of the powdered toppings you buy for popcorn - nacho cheese and white cheddar, and sprinkled some over the kale chips and WOW! Was that GOOD! BTW, I found these plants already started at a local greenhouse and they are fantastic! Exploded from the ground and pretty enough to mix in with the flowers! I'll be able to pick these until the frost hits!

By Punjabi on Jul 14, 2012

8-O KALE 8-O

By Week 3; June 21, 2012 « Turnip Rock Farm – Community Supported Agriculture on Jun 20, 2012

[...] Kale Chips are everywhere now!  In bags at the grocery store?!  But they are SO EASY to make at home!  Our wonderful Robbinsdale host, Paula,  introduced us to this several years ago and it would be wrong of me not to suggest it.  The recipe in this link has pictures.  This is a great way to help warm up those kale skeptics.  P.S. You can make these chips and then crush them up and sprinkle them on popcorn!  What?!  YES! [...]

By Lorie on May 21, 2012

:-D You should also try giving them a sprinkle of vinegar. If you are a fan of the Jalapeno Doritos, you might find a Jalapeno infused vinegar will give it a nice kick. I've also tried these sprinkled with some shredded cheese. Like Nachos but better for you!

Awesome idea! Will def. try it next time. Thank you Lorie :) --DK

By Baked kale chips | marmalade.ca on Apr 22, 2012

[...] baked kale chips have become all the rage: you can find numerous recipes online, or even shell out upwards of $7.00 to purchase ready made chips in the health food [...]

By Chrissie on Apr 14, 2012

That's strange Mike. Mine stayed crispy in a plastic container for 2 days (until they were eaten).

By Mike on Apr 13, 2012

Love these, but they don't keep very well at all. Made some at 1pm ate 1/2 for lunch. Stored the rest in plastic container w/ some dry rice to keep them dry. By 8pm they had lost their crunch! Any other way to keep them crispy?

By Leslie on Apr 9, 2012

Done! Fantastic! I can't believe I don't have any more kale to bake! I now have plans for the evening. A movie w/ kale chips. Can't wait!

By Leslie on Apr 9, 2012

I'm making them for the first time right now. Made one salted batch and one salt n vinegar batch. I used the salt n vinegar popcorn salt from target. Cheap and so versatile. Delicious.

By Sri on Apr 2, 2012

I wonder how other greens like collard dreens/chard would taste baked? Has anyone ever tried it?

By shilpy on Mar 27, 2012

Hi! what are Kale leaves called in hindi or marathi? would like to find them in bombay! btw i'm becoming quite a fan of ur blog! thanks!

Kale is not an Indian crop and hence does not have a Hindi/Marathi name, I assume. I think Mustard Greens (Sarson) is probably the closest to Kale --DK

By Chrissie on Feb 27, 2012

OK, so I used the cavalo nero. Lovely. I've been distributing them to people at work and they're all v keen!

By Chrissie on Feb 26, 2012

I have been out to buy the big chunky stuff now and will experiment tonight. It's called cavalo nero in the UK.

By Chrissie on Feb 26, 2012

I just cooked this. What a simple, amazing idea. I only had the curly kale, so it took just 7 mins in my fan oven. Will be good to put in my lunchbox. Off to hunt out the bigger leaves later.

By Pooja on Feb 13, 2012

Please tell me where can I buy these leaves?

I get in my local grocery stores...Its available almost everywhere in the US --DK

By Pooja on Feb 13, 2012

Where do you get these leaves?

By Poornima on Feb 12, 2012

I would love to try this! We are all chips addicts and kale haters, maybe this will bring a change :)

By Apu on Feb 10, 2012

Yum!! My favourites!!

By Usha on Feb 10, 2012

I love kale chips. I have not baked these in a long time. Thanks for reminding me of this healthy snack :)

By Gouri Haldar on Feb 10, 2012

I am also addicted to chips :mrgreen: ...I would love to give it a try...looks crunchy...one question: :?: how long we can keep them...like storing them in boxes?

I have only tried for another 1 day and they still retain the crispy ness. But I have heard that they keep well in paper bags for a week. --DK

By Catherine in Canada on Feb 9, 2012

Hi I too love kale chips. Sometimes I add red pepper flakes to the oil. Sometimes I add vinegar and a tiny amount of Himalyan salt for that salt and vinegar flavor. Sometimes I add dill or basil or oregano or chili pepper or cumin. The possibilities are endless.

Sounds yum! cant wait to try this combo out next time. Thanks so much Catherine for the idea --DK

By Kalpana on Feb 9, 2012

I think this is a fantastic dish. You have mentioned to bake it for 15-20 minutes but have not mentioned at what degree... My husband who is an organic farmer has also tried in vain to get me eating this Kale but never been a success so far. I am sure going to try this dish with your help..:)

Have mentioned it in the very first step Kalpana. Hopefully you start liking it too when you make it :) --DK

By Anu on Feb 9, 2012

A totally different baked kale.