Green peas and Paneer Pulao recipe
This is another rice recipe loved by all. Its not only easy to make and quick but it extremely appetizing not only to the palate but for presentation too. Sudden guests?  Whip this up in matter of minutes. Lazy Sunday? Don't feel like cooking anything elaborate yet want to please the family - this needs no major prep. work. The Paneer as I always repeat on and oft in my blog is a staple and which I just add to enhance the dish.
Green peas and Paneer Pulao recipe
Paneer is not really mandatory for this dish. You can skip it and make this dish as it is. I like to lightly shallow fry the paneer first since it helps to add color to the otherwise plain looking rice dish. Few roasted cashews help to make this simple dish special. Instead of just cilantro for garnish, I add few mint for that fresh taste and aroma. You might also be interested in : Indian Rice Recipes: South Indian Kadambam, Bisi Bela Bath, Hyderabadi Biryani, Ven Pongal Paneer Recipes: Muttar Paneer Paratha, Barley Paneer Soup, Paneer Bhurji, Muttar Paneer
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 1 cup Basmati, pre soaked for at least 20 min
  • 1 onion,chopped
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 cup peas, boiled or frozen
  • 1-2 green chillies, sliced
  • 1 cup cubed paneer ( + or - depending on your taste)
  • 1/4 cup cashews, dry roasted (in oven or skillet)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 3-4 cloves whole
  • 2-3 green cardamom, slightly crushed
  • salt to taste
  • few sprigs of cilantro and mint for garnish
1. Soak rice in water for few minutes. Its not necessary but it helps the grains to separate while cooking and prevents it getting mushy.
2. In a skillet, add 1 tbsp oil, spread it around the pan and fry the paneer lightly
3. Turn when browned.
4. Once done, drop the paneer in a bowl of cold water. I do this for 2 reasons. One the excess oil floats to the top in the water and fried paneer tends to harden a little, so dropping them in water helps them to get soft. Remove and set aside
5. Meanwhile in a skillet in 1/2 tsp oil, saute cumin, chillies, bay leaf, cardamom, cloves, onions and garlic with some salt until onions get soft.
6. Add the drained rice and saute until the rice gets translucent.
7. Add 2 cups water, close the lid and cook for 10-15 minutes.
8. When the rice is cooked, add the paneer, peas and cashews and toss them altogether.
Just before serving add cilantro and mint - give it a toss and serve hot. Any spicy side dish would work very well with this rice. Green peas and Paneer Pulao recipe

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5 Member Reviews

By Fathmath on Apr 15, 2014

i love this rice and it's very tasty 

By Harini Priya on Dec 16, 2011

I made this for a potluck and it turned out gr8, thanks for the recipe!!!!!!!!

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By Murali on Feb 17, 2014

made this today. It was delicious. Do you sell any cookbooks?

By Nirupama Guha on Jan 12, 2014

Tried dal makkhani from ur website today which came out to be delicious. Will try this recipe toms

By kavitha kannur on Mar 18, 2013

i love this recepie.yummmiiii :lol:

By janani on Oct 25, 2012

hi dk, usually when i cook basmati in pan,it becomes thick and unappealing in looks even though i use the right amount of water.But i notice in almost all your posts ,the rice is abslutely thin and long.which brand of basmati do you use.

Actually I have no brand specifics but I follow this tip. I wash the rice multiple times until the water runs clear and then soak it for at least 15 minutes. Some people tend to use few drops of oil/vinegar to keep it white and the grains separate. You can do that too. But for me, simply rinsing and soaking works pretty well (as you can see). --DK

By mousumi on Aug 26, 2012

Woooow....! I love this recipe.

By Nivi on Feb 21, 2011

Chopping and pan-frying paneer is a lot of work. On top of that u're asking us to soak them in water, Phew.... :wink: The hardwork paid off so well, it's a yummy dish.

By Miriam on Jul 1, 2010

Hi, I love your blog, and i am glad that I stumbled across it just in time. I am newbie at cooking, and for my birthday I was asked to cook a meal for my family and friends. I chose this recipe, because it seemed really easy and the pictures appetizing. :) I have few doubts - 1)The rice did not look white as the one in the picture, No masalas were added. 2) Is it ok to cook the rice seperately and then add it to the mixture and 3) why can't view the images on ur site.. :) I think the tip about the paneer is really good. Gonna recommend it!! Thanks for posting such great recipes. Miriam

I am not sure why it did not look white when you didn't add any spices. if you see mine did turn out white. May be you sautéed the rice long till it turned color? Yes, You can cook rice separately and add it too. If you are talking about not being able to view the images via reader/email subscription, and if you are using an gmail ID, then I can only think of one thing - turn on the "Display images from this ID" just on top of the post. Only after marking it safe does Gmail allow images to be viewed. Hope this helps :)

By A Mountain of Mint « Shaecation on May 29, 2010

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By Nivedita on May 12, 2010

I have always made Paneer Pulao or Peas Pulao. This is a good combination. Should try it out soon :)

By Bushra on May 11, 2010

Thanks for a easier recipe, :-P it's easy to make in morning for husband's lunch box,yummy and healthy diet.

By shobha on May 8, 2010

easy and simple.good for lazy bones like me. :-P

By nags on Jan 8, 2010

I tried this long back and to this day, the pic I took of this dish remains the most popular so its close to my heart :) easy and pretty!

By S on Jan 3, 2010

Loved the pictures! Recipe has come our really well!

By Prema on Jan 3, 2010

recipe looks quite appealing! how come the rice is so white

I haven't added any coloring to the rice (saffron/turmeric etc) which keeps the rice white :) --DK

By Madhuram on Jan 2, 2010

Me too, I love paneer. As usual dhaan. We wanted to watch Avatar, but couldn’t get tickets. Its booked until the 10th I guess. You have to send me some entries this time. How can I forget the detailed post on sprouted ragi?

By Madhuram on Jan 1, 2010

Nice tip about soaking the paneer. I usually get the fried paneer, that too very rarely because S is not a paneer fan and I would end up eating everything. Wish you and K a very happy and successful New Year Dhivi. Hope you are having a fun vacation.

We luv paneer :-D (no wonder I look the way I do ;)) We are back from the vacation. It was a good change! --DK

By Siri on Jan 1, 2010

Love the simplicity of the recipe DK .. :lol: Wishing you and K a very Happy and Joyous 2010.. :-D Hugs, Siri

By Deesha on Jan 1, 2010

how easy is this. I am always on the lookout for such recipes & paneer is always welcome in any form. New zyear wishes to your family

By Sharmilee on Dec 30, 2009

Pulav looks perfect with each grain seperated...I ahve always tried and failed to get the rice seperated.Nice step by step explanation!

By Nithya on Dec 30, 2009

Wow.. looks damn tempting.. yummm :) Nice clicks as ever.

By jennyccy on Dec 30, 2009

Wonderful presentation. Very simple and healthy too.

By Pavani on Dec 30, 2009

Simple, yet yummy dish.. Very appetizing pics.

By Indhu on Dec 30, 2009

excellent picture... love how the green of the peas clashes (in a good way) with the white of the rice and brown of paneer :)