Spanish Breakfast Recipes | Easy Appetizers Recipes
If summer makes you run away from the kitchen or opt for minimal cooking, then this Spanish Breakfast recipe will appeal to you immensely. The beauty of this breakfast is the fact that it makes an awesome appetizer :). Or, throw in some hearty additions and you have a light lunch too :) How's that for a package deal?
Spanish Breakfast Recipes | Easy Appetizers Recipes
Few  ingredients come together to make your life easier and your palate treating experience, worth noting down in your memory. I love cooking yes, but why say NO when something so delicious offers to lighten up your load? And just as any rule book will tell you, when minimal ingredients are used, opt for high quality for optimal gourmet experience.
Spanish Breakfast Recipes | Easy Appetizers Recipes
Pluck that firm (ripe) tomatoes from your Farmer's market (or even better - your garden), reach out for that pure Extra Virgin Olive from your stash, slice that uber crusty bread from your local bakery (or that stale bread your baked the other day) and get going. This recipe takes almost half the time it would take for you to read this post - its that simple and THAT QUICK. OK- What are you still waiting for - get started already!
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
    Basic Version
  • 3 Large firm -ripe Tomatoes (or abt 6 small-medium sized)
  • 1 Multigrain Baguette, see Tips
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or as needed
  • Sea Salt to taste, see Tips
    Optional Additions
  • 1 Large Garlic Clove, peeled
  • 1 Jalapeno, seeded and thinly sliced
  • Thinly sliced Spanish Cheese
  • Fried cubed Tempeh
  • Fried Egg
  • Pepper, freshly ground, to taste
1. Bread: You can use regular Baguette for this recipe. You can instead use a french bread, batard or any other rustic style bread. Ideally you would want to use a bread that's solid, dense and a bit wider than the standard narrow baguette. I happened to have a multigrain baguette that I put to use - it was narrow but good enough for me. Opt for Gluten Free bread if you are off Wheat.
2. Salt: I use Maldon Sea Salt)
1. Position the broiler pan several inches away from the heating element and heat the broiler. Slice the Baguette.
2. You can halve it crosswise and then lengthwise. I would insist on just slicing it into fairly thick slices and be done with it.
3. Brush the top with some oil and broil it until golden (or as crusty you like it).
4. Meanwhile, take a box grater and place it on a plate. Grate the tomatoes on the large hole side of the box grater. This is why you would require your tomatoes to be ripe yet firm to make it easier to grate.
5. If this is not how you like it, simply halve the tomatoes, crosswise (you can seed it if you don't prefer the seeds)  and then grate it.
6. While grating you will find the pulp being extracted and the skin peeling off.
7. Discard the skin
8. See all that pulp?
9. Sieve this pulp to remove excess liquid.
10. Press it lightly with a spoon to make it easier. Set aside. (You can at this point, season this pulp with salt, pepper and/or peppers if you like it that way)
11. Remove the bread from the broiler and while its still warm, rub the garlic halves on the bread. (The aroma at this point is immensely appetizing!)
12. Spoon the tomato pulp on top of the bread.
13. and season with salt, to taste. I used the large sea salt flakes cos I simply love it here.
14. Though the chile peppers are optional, I personally loved the ones with it. Instead of seasoning the whole pulp with the Jalapeno, I just chopped it finely and garnished my portion with it. Remove the seeds in the Jalapeno to reduce the amount of heat. The slight heat, in my opinion, makes this taste even better.
Serve it with additional oil and salt. Variation: Pa amb tomàquet:  In this version, instead of grating the tomato, you just rub the tomato halves along with garlic in Step 11. Really sort of mash it on the bread, so that the bread kind of soaks the tomato juices. Season and serve hot. Spanish Breakfast Recipes | Easy Appetizers Recipes

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my kitchen notes (put together from various online sources)

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By Mike on May 20, 2015

@Joe - I think it's torrefacto roast coffee that tastes delicious. Usually sold as a mix with ordinary coffee (mezcla). Being in Spain helps the flavour too!

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By Joe on Jul 22, 2014

Spent a month traveling from Madrid to Barcelona during Dec-Jan and have been waiting for fresh garden grown tomatoes to make this! The food, people and country was fantastic! If only I could figure out why their coffee was so darn good! Any Ideas?

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By Carolina on Feb 19, 2014

Nice recipe! Traditional recipe from Andalucía, a region in south Spain and very well known by it tasty gastronomy.

By Koyo on Dec 20, 2013

Cataluña siempre ha sido de España. El pan con tomate yo siempre lo he comido en mis casa desde pequeñinta, no he tenido que ir a cataluña para comerlo.

By jordi on Nov 4, 2013

Sorry but this is not Spanish tomato toast... this is Catalan tomato toast. The real name is "Pa Amb Tomaquet" which means Bread with Tomato. Catalonia is not Spain!

By Shreya Jalan on Oct 25, 2013

This one is totally for tomato lovers like me!!! 8-O

By Shreya Jalan on Oct 25, 2013

It's totally for a tomato lover like me!!!

By Dom on Oct 2, 2013

You mean BRUSCHETTA?????

Nope, I really do mean the Pan Con Tomate but yes, Bruschetta and this one are cousins :) --DK

By Aícia on Sep 25, 2013

Originallly a Catalan recipe (I'm a Catalan) but you are giving it a twist which may suit every taste. To us "pa amb tomàquet" is something very humble and very common. You will get it (without garlic of course) with any sandwich orderd in any cafè or bar. Very happy to see somethign form my region here. :wink:

By Lorda Do. on Sep 10, 2013

No, not is a Catalan recipe ! ! !

By Weekly Meal Plan – Making everyday cooking easy #11 on Jul 28, 2013

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By Gaurav on Jul 2, 2013

Wow!! im a 25 yr'ol male and hardly know how to cook anything :wink: yet i love eating loadz and loadz of things and wanna try different ones.....will definitely try it making myself :) seems really attractive tho

By Charul @ Tadka Masala on Jun 2, 2013

I would eat anything with tomato in it, and if that is served with a crunchy bread.. nothing like it! :)

By Priya on May 29, 2013

Wow i want some to have rite now,makes a wonderful starter for summer lunch.

By Siri on May 28, 2013

With the kind of hot, summer days we are having in India, this would be such a perfect choice for a party or a get together. :-) :) Delish! :lol: Siri