Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Just as South Indians are busy celebrating Navarathri during this time, so are the North Indians with their Dussehra. The plethora of sweetmeats during this time is countless and if you have a sweet tooth, then rest assured, you would find yourself in a candy heaven :) The decorations and processions during this time for Goddess Durga is something which you have to see to believe. It would bring goose pimples and is guaranteed to bring that awed look on the onlookers eyes - irrespective of how many times they might have witnessed it. Here is a video about Goddess Kali (another form of Durga) that has a beautiful devotional song playing in the background. The flute is amazing. It explains more about the Goddess. One of the sweet dishes which is like a must for the festive occasion on the Northern parts of India, esp. in the Maharashtrian household are these Besan Ladoos. The term "Besan" in Hindi denotes Chickpea flour and "ladoos" are Indian way of representing sweet balls. If the balls are savory, then they become Koftas ;) These ladoos come under the category of the rare 'get's-done-in-a-jiffy" sweets with not so many complication involved in making them. Just few guidelines and you should be good to go.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
I am usually more comfortable with Baking than Indian sweets and on the grounds that the Baking science is explained well while its not really put in words w.r.t Indian traditional sweets. Habit and constant practice make some women (or ) dish out some amazing sweets but ask them why and how you do so and so in that recipe the answer from most of them would be "well, that's how it is". They work on eye balling the ingredients and can work on the basis of the just eye measure and smell! Imagine that! So for people like me, the result is usually associated with the term 'disaster' and in my small amateur kitchen with no expert body verifying if my so called eye balling and gut instincts make any sense, the end result is not always "sweet" (pun intended!) Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe But for this one, I will tell you what you can and why you can do so and so to make the ladoos look and taste like one :). One simple aspect to look out for is roasting the flour well until the rawness goes away. That done, the ladoos are a breeze and addictive.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes 15-20 ladoos depending on the size
  • 1-1/2 cups Besan (chana flour available in Indian Stores)
  • 4 tbsp Sooji / coarse Semolina for giving texture - not flour. (Optional. Instead replace with chickpea flour to make this recipe gluten free)
  • 1/2 cup Ghee (clarified butter)
  • 3/4th cup sugar
  • 1 tsp Cardamom powder
  • 4-5 tbsp almonds
  • 1 tbsp raisins
1. Method - 1 (For a little more experienced cooks Chop the almonds coarsely. Set aside.
2. First warm the ghee in low heat. If it is solidified, then it will melt. Don't overheat. Warming it is enough.
3. Note: Ghee is essential to this ladoo for 2 reasons - for adding flavor and as a binding agent. In a bowl, sift the chickpea flour.
4. Note: I find that mixing the flour later after sifting is much easier and also avoids lumps. Add the semolina and the ghee.
5. Mix well until well combined.
6. Take a pan (non stick works too). Drop the mixture and keep the heat in low-medium heat. Now comes the essential part. Roasting this mixture takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes depending on the heat.
7. Note: Purpose for doing this is to get rid of the rawness of the chickpea flour. You know it is ready when your whole house is filled with sweetish aroma of the roasting chickpea flour. There won't be any change in color hence keep your nostrils vigilant and stirring actions continuous. You don't want to overheat the mixture (if you increased the heat to avoid constant stirring ;)) - the mixture will become v dry.
8. Method - 2 (For beginners / those trying this for the first time ** UPDATED ** I thought I will update the post with this too after Priya's comment reminded me of what my mother used to do. My mother instead of heating the chickpea flour,semolina and ghee mixture, would first dry roast the chickpea flour first until aromatic. Only after it wafts up that incredible sweetish aroma would she add the Ghee to it. Rest of the process is all same. Only difference is roasting the chickpea flour before hand and then following up with adding rest of the ingredients. Note: You don't have to use Semolina in this method (my mother never did) but if you are going to, then toast the semolina separately too!
*************** Meanwhile in the same pan (where you melted/warmed ghee), toss the raisins. If there is no ghee, add a little to help the raisins plump up. Set aside.
9. In the same pan, add the almonds and toast them for 1-2 minutes. Set them aside.
10. Now Remove the Besan mixture from heat and set aside in a bowl to cool.
11. Note: When I say cool, I actually mean cool down to warm from hot. Now add the sugar,cardamom and half of almonds to this mixture.
12. Note: The chickpea flour should be warm and not cool. We require the mixture it to be warm since this warmness will help the sugar to melt a bit thereby binding the flour - enough to bind it into ladoos. Take a little of the mixture in your hands
13. Clump your hands with the mixture to tighten it.
14. Slowly using your inner palm, rotate it to make small balls.
15. Though the mixture will not look sticky enough - it will get together to form beautiful ladoos.
Depending on the shape of your ladoos - this mixture makes anywhere between 10-20 ladoos. Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe

Recipe Reference

this recipe was given by my maharashtrian friend whose mother made some amazing out-of-this-world besan ladoos ever! i have made v subtle changes from the various recipes i saw on the net.

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By Shiva on Mar 24, 2012

its awesome teste

Recipe Image

By bhuvaneshwari on Aug 18, 2011

Hi dhivya, this is my second post on ur site, the first one being sprouted moong dal. Now that i have developed a sweet tooth off late, i wanted to try some sweet dishes. I had besan at home and tried to find some of the sweet recipies using besan. As i have already mastered the making of mysore pak, i wanted to try something different. Thanks for your besan laddoo recipe. It was easy in the sense, it had only a few ingredients and very quick to make too :) I followed your method no.1 of mixing the besan flour and ghee together and then placing it on a low flame. Note: i did not use semolina as i have started to avoid any refined products at home. So i used only besan, ghee, almonds, cardamom and sugar. After mixing in the ghee and besan i roasted this on a low flame for about 10 mins and when the mixture was leaving no trace on my kadai and filled our nostrils and the house with a memorable aroma, i switched off the gas and allowed it to cool down. Slowly mixed in the powdered sugar, crushed almonds and cardamom and gave it a toss. Then made them into lemon sized balls and served them. Thanks once again for sharing the recipe, as the first time i tried turned out to be exotic. We are loving this besan laddoo.

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By shredha on Oct 14, 2016

I could not bind the ladoos can I know the reason please...

By Jabeen motiwalla on May 16, 2016

Want to eat them

By jafran jannat on Jan 23, 2016

I think besan Ka laddo is very tasty..if u need any kind of food recipe connect me on Facebook ...jafran jannat

By D Singh on Nov 4, 2015

Hi There, I'll like to make a suggestion and I hope you don't mind. Instead of saying, "depending on the shape" of your ladoos - this mixture makes anywhere between 10-20 ladoos; you should've said "depending on the size" of your ladoos-this mixture makes anywhere between 10-20 ladoos. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

By gayathri on Sep 13, 2015

U dint mention when to add sugar

By Sunita Jacob on Sep 3, 2015

sure I will try these.. they look yummy.. and yr way of explaining is very good......I liked yr bangles also......

By marzia on Dec 7, 2014

:-D my mom loves your recipe

By kishor on Nov 9, 2014

I find this recipe lacking in following details ... What is proporiton of the ingredients by weights in grams, and measurements in militers ... I also see that essential item 'Milk' used to prepare base with 'besan flour' is not mentioned... Milk is used to mix with raw besan flour and kept aside for one hour. then whole lump is again sheaved to make it floor, and then roasted in Ghee... I also find Time for each step / stage of the recipe ... Please look into this and do needful for larger interest. Thanks

By Zainab Fatima on Aug 20, 2014

:roll: :wink: :-x :) :?: :!: :!:

By Zainab Fatima on Aug 20, 2014

Hello I think this is quite difficult recipe but nice i will try it Thanks :-D :-P 8-O Zainab Malaysia

By laraib on Aug 12, 2014

thnx for the recipe :-P its too easy n quite simple :wink:

By pandagirl565478 on Apr 14, 2014

I really liked this recipe. I cooked it for my presentation onn India. My class will hopefully like it. :-D

By grazielia on Dec 23, 2013

thanks for the recipe!!! my besan ka ladoos have turned out absolutely scrumptious!!! :-D

By GR on Nov 28, 2013

Thanks for the recipe. I can't seem to roast the besan without it melting and forming a thick paste although I roast it on low heat! And after adding the sugar, my ladoos still smell and taste of raw besan :(

By Happy Diwali! | Hazelnut Corner on Nov 2, 2013

[...] Although I chose to skip buying firecrackers, dad went home having some. I just advise him and brothers to be careful on bursting them. I might try some too, but I prefer munching on those laddoo, I can’t wait. Image Source [...]

By veena on Oct 31, 2013

unable to make powder as become dry.but i did same as you shown receipe.

By Prianka on Oct 13, 2013

:wink: Hi, I didn't find any mentioning of the time when to add rasins. From pics it should be at step no. 11, maybe. I m a beginner

By prathiba on Oct 12, 2013

:mrgreen: bulkkkkkkkkkkk,,,.............

By prathiba on Oct 12, 2013

i will try to make it ,if it really works out,hats off to you bye bumps

By rivita on Sep 28, 2013

Can i use butter instead of ghee?

By Shanti on Sep 25, 2013

Hello I would like to ask you some questions about the recipe. I couldnt find sooji and the salesman gave me Coarse Semolina is the same? And Ι replaced Ghee with the daily butter. I did all the things you said,and I read all the comments but I couldnt make them balls,it was impossible. What to do now??? :oops:

By aafreen on Sep 14, 2013

is it important to add raisns

By shveta agrawal on Sep 14, 2013

Thanks thanks 4 pls write it in HINDI also

By shveta agrawal on Sep 14, 2013

Thanks 4 delious recipe.i love to cook n realy need my suggestion to u that pls also write in hindi.firstly explain it in hindi n after english.that will help who dnt knws english.

By dina on Sep 4, 2013

thanks!for ur recipy :!: I'm from Bangladesh.i saw hindi serial, they made same time besan ke ladooo and this looks very tasty! today i told my mother i want to make mother say how come u make this u don't know anything about this.than i search google and i got ur recipy.when i make it i let u now!thank u again! :-P

By Pragati on Aug 11, 2013

Dear Dipty, I think I had the same problem once. I think you should keep roasting the besan until the color is rather dark. Try adding a little bit more ghee than you did last time. For me, I roast until the whole mix becomes cream-like and not clumpy dry mixture. Takes a lot of time. But my family loved it!!

By Saphia on Aug 7, 2013

Thank you so much for recipe... will try it and let u know how i ccok

By vishnu on Jun 29, 2013

:) ..really delicious..thanks 4 the recipe...

By TS on May 16, 2013

When I made besan rava ladoo, I reduced the ghee to 1/4 cup and instead added powdered pista and almonds. In the end, I added some warm water, to make the ladoos round. Would the ghee replacement be why my ladoo would cause my son to be really gassy even if he ate jut 1 ?

By dipty on Mar 8, 2013

i love besan ladoo , but whenever i have tried to make, it remain uncook .... help me

By rani jha on Mar 6, 2013

its very easy to make my husband happy he loved my besanka laddu......

By ishrat fahmida ahmed on Feb 24, 2013

When I put sugar in laddo????

Step 11 --DK

By Have you seen English Vinglish? | mosta6eel on Feb 22, 2013

[...] those interested, here is the gluten free Ladoo recipe. Just substitute sugar with Maple. I might try it when I return home and share it with [...]

By yamini negi on Jan 8, 2013

it was an awesome experience for me because i made it first time and i was successful making this . ME ND MY FAMILY LUV IT :-P :wink:

By joshona banu on Dec 31, 2012

:lol: :-P

By Sulochana Sharma on Nov 7, 2012

This recipe is very convenient to make for beginners, I make them quite often. To reduce the amount of ghee, I half the amount of ghee and make the same way. Then ,add one or two tablespoons of milk to the mix and cool. It helps to ease the process of laadu making. They too come out well. The only snag is they do not stay longer outside because of milk. I wii try this for Deepavali.

By aanchal on Nov 7, 2012

:wink: il try ! My mom welcomes me in the kitchen nd loves cooking with m e vl try ! Weneva we cook v ending making something so its kinda impossible for the ladoos to not come out nice

By lakshmi on Oct 19, 2012

Awesome recipe. Just made them for navarathri .

By simin rakib on Oct 9, 2012

i will try it.....n hope my husband will like it

By Palak on Sep 24, 2012

Some how it didn't retained its texture. It melted!

By Khushboo on Sep 19, 2012

Wow i tried it.. i my husband loved it. Thanks a lot dear Never had thought that i could make so yummy ladoos thanx again..

That's so nice to hear. I am so glad that it turned out well :) --DK

By ANURADHA RATHORE on Sep 15, 2012

GREAT PICTURES AND MAKING TIPS....THANKS .I WILL TRY.. :wink: :-| 8-O :roll: :-P :oops: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:

By sanjana on Aug 1, 2012


By sanjana on Aug 1, 2012

I'm gonna try zis Hope it will be gud

By sanju gobin on Jul 31, 2012

hye am going to try it 2day.hope will not be disappointed and it will taste really goody good.

By dikshita on May 30, 2012

:arrow: i will try today to make Lodoo :oops: :-P :roll: 8-O :-? :!:

By Bindu Adi on May 9, 2012

Sorry I did post a comment on the other ladoo page but I did not look at this page.but again I have another question for the above receipe the ladu besan I got from the store is coarse so can I skip the semolina here?

By sujaya on Apr 11, 2012

:cry: hi dk, i tried this recipe but was disappointed that i cant make any laddoos it was flat as if ghee was more. but i took exactly the same mesurement of yours but i dont know where i went wrong. 11/2 cup besan 1/2 cup ghee 3/4 cup sugar. i used granulated sugar. than i spread the paste on thali and kept in fridge.i am desparate to make these laddoos as my husband and son love besan laddoo.

By safa on Mar 26, 2012

its so god :-P :roll: :twisted: :lol: :wink:

By vasuda on Feb 9, 2012

This seems to be the same recipe ( even measurments etc) in the video titled 'Manjula's kitchen'. The laddoos there and here look identical. So if the same recipe has produced good results it must be good I guess....will try it soon.

You are right. Just went to her site and looked over the recipe. They are same except for blink-u-will-miss-changes :). Yes, these are good, trust me. The only care I would suggest is while roasting the Besan. If not properly roasted, it kills the ladoos! --DK

By hari on Jan 27, 2012

very nice :twisted: :mrgreen:

By tango on Dec 8, 2011

:) i need to have 2-3 besan laddoos right now. YUM.

By suja romy on Nov 29, 2011

:) will try it, nice way to put the recipe online

By Ritu parsaila on Nov 13, 2011

This recipe helped me so much to make ladoo........... Thank U.

By amrita on Oct 25, 2011

:wink: i vl try it today

By amrita on Oct 25, 2011

:wink: i try it today......

By Jenny on Oct 3, 2011

Thanks for the lovely recipes. Du you know how to make popcorn ladoos? When I was young, I have seen popcorn ladoos on a stick. Would love to know how to make it.

By Ziya on Aug 13, 2011

Hi, easy to follow tips but I melted the sugar in little bit water 1/2 cup water to 1 cup sugar bit of saffron turned out ok used it as binding agent thanks for recipie

By harshani on Jun 24, 2011

nice recipe. although i am a sri lankan, i really like indian sweets. i couldn't make ladoos before as i didn't know what is besan. now i know that. thax for the recipe. i'll try it now.

By Sujatha on Apr 16, 2011

Great pictures, explanation & tips. Thank You

By Kari Prabhakar on Mar 23, 2011

Hii ! Thank you for this forum. What if I tried to fix my besan ladoos by adding my melted butter...that didn't work. It still remained flaky...than I took your advice and added a bit of warm is more to the watery side than a doughy side though its not like water...I just can't describe it. Can I add some regular flour to make it into dough?? Thank you!

By CT on Nov 9, 2010

to Asha... hey, i could be wrong but it sounds to me u are using a bit to much heat. i never go above medium heat and on a medium plate, not the biggest one. this way im sure not to burn the besan or melt the sugar so it starts to caramelize. usualy its the burnt besan that gives the bitter taste. keep the temp low and u wont burn it. cause its soo esay to burn otherwise... also i put the sugar in quite early. if i wait till the besan is room temp, then sometimes the sugar doesnt get enough heat and wont melt. so it is felt like little grains of sand in the finished ladoo which i dont like. but medium to low heat is the best way. hope it helps. cheers.

By asha on Nov 9, 2010

Hi, Like Dave, I also faced similar problem. I cud make the ladoos properly, but after it started to melt after a minute. and after about 1/2 hr all the ladoos melted together to form one big lump. I think this might have happened due to adding sugar to the hot mixture. So the trick is to add sugar only when it is warm ot cooled down to room temperature. Also my ladoos where little bitter. The besan I have used was old, and I may have overcooked it (i'm not sure). I liked DY's tip of dry roasting the besan first. Hopefully it will work out next time. I must also say this is the best recipe tips for besan ladoo. Thanks DY.

By sunita on Oct 5, 2010

hi dk yr bangles are very very pretty and its looking so good i was surprised to see but yr hands are lukng so beautiful then how beautiful u r i amazine

By shruti on May 30, 2010

hey besan is not chikpea mom used to get it done at home only....and she uses some other small kind of chana not chick pea for it.....ur details about besan mite confuse d jst thought of tellin what i know about it.....anywyz nice picz..... :)

Shruti, I have been bought to notice about the difference in my previous comments itself. But I forgot to update the post with the changes. Thanks for reminding the same, appreciate it :) --DK

By Anu on Apr 28, 2010

its look gr8 but te procedure looks different.... we use to make bundhi and make sugar syrup and mix those 2 and make ladoo rite??? then only it will taste gud ..this one will definitely taste bitter or raw taste of besan...

What you are talking about is Boondi Ladoo which is different from Besan ladoo. Dry roasting the Besan well in low heat makes sure that its aromatic and not bitter :) --DK

By CT on Apr 15, 2010

to Nandhini: i have used this video to learn to make my ladoo. its easy to learn from and good for starters like me :) check it out here: only one thing though. i dont roast it for so long as the video says. cause that would mean about 45 minutes or more of roasting. i give it about 25 minutes max. thats enough for roasting the besan and activate its nice flavour and smell even on minimum heat! and then i let it cool down to room temperature. after that its easy to form it into any kind of shape u like. remember, minimum heat! :) cheers.

By nandhini on Apr 15, 2010

my laddoo is not forming into balls, what could probably wrong, is the measurement or i had in more flour, ghee or i still need stir it more....please help :cry:

Hi Nandhini - For Not being able to shape into ladoos I have given possible solutions at the end of the post - Did you see them? Under the point "The mixture is dry and chalky". Did you try them? Or were u still facing it after following those solutions? --DK

By Nandhini on Apr 14, 2010

:cry: Hi! i had try to make laddoo as followed recipe but unfortunately it did not turn as it look in the net......please help :-| :!:

I can try to help if you tell me exactly what is wrong with your ladoos. You can further read the previous comments to find if anyone faced a similar problem to yours to which I have provided possible solution. Hope this helps...:)--DK

By CT on Apr 5, 2010

to Dhivya: if your ladu turned out tasting bitter it can only be because u burned the besan. either u had too much heat or u left it for too long without stirring. happened to me the first time also. since then i always have it on minimum heat (but on a large burner to warm up my wok completely). even medium heat is risky. just keep it on minimum heat, make sure u u dont have more than 2 minutes of break between stirs at the most, and u'll be fine. the besan should not change in color. if it starts getting redish brown it means its burning! cheers :)

By CT on Apr 5, 2010

link to a page which explains the diference between chana and chickpeas: ...i guess Wikipedia is not always right.

Interesting indeed! Thanks for the info :) --DK

By Dhivya on Apr 5, 2010

Hi..Thanks for the recipe..It was my first Ladoo attempt and it came out decent other than one problem..My ladoo tasted little bitter..What could be the problem? 8-O Can u please help me. Once I get a solution, I am thinking of making another batch :)

I agree with CT who answered your query just above. I also feel that its probably cos its burnt or could be cos the quality of Besan was too old or bad. I am unable to find any other reasons to why it would taste bitter otherwise. Try with another batch and slow roasting in a low flame. May be that might help? --DK

By CT on Feb 4, 2010

besan is not chickpea flour, but ground chana. looks like chickpea but is smaller and darker in colour. but i guess chickpea flour can be used as a substitute in case real besan is not available.

Really? Can you point me the resources which suuport your claim? Until now I have heard only otherwise. Even Wikipedia seems to support what I think : Will wait for your reply --DK

By Rita on Jan 14, 2010

thanks for giving instructions for the beginnners i made besan ladoo but i could not forn then in ladoo shape they were breaking but i used your idea to add little milk i used condensed milk then forn them in ladoo shape it turn out great and very tasty every body loved them thanks again.

By Dave on Nov 22, 2009

When I attempted to form the Besan into balls the flour was sticking to my hands not allowing me to form them. I wet my hands which made it much easier but when I placed the balls on the plate they kept flattening out somewhat. It was only once they were cool that I was able to mold them into actual balls. Is this normal? Also, is sugar cane better than powdered sugar for this recipe? thanks!!

The mixture when very hot will be quite sticky. When it comes down to "warm" (we dont want it to cool down..) it will v lightly sticky though not that much to get stuck to your hands. I have not worked with powdered sugar for this recipe - the measurement might be quite off. As far as Indian sweets go, using granulated sugar is better when asked for it -Indian sweets can be quite fussy otherwise esp. if one is not expert or experienced enough working with them. The other thing I think might be the reason for over stickiness of your mixture ( provided you let the mixture cool down to warm) could be excess ghee/sugar. Sometimes the quality of chickpeas flour also changes the result. Next time add only as much as ghee as required to nicely bind the mixture. The amount of sugar, if used in excess, could also have caused more of the sugar to melt during the cooling process causing it liquefy more making it lose shape and getting flattened! Can't think of anything else for now - Hope this helps :) --DK

By Nanditha on Nov 18, 2009

Thanks for the recipe. I stumbled upon your website and must say the pictures and procedure are absolutely fantastic. Inspired, I tried making the ladoo and the taste is perfect. However, I'm guessing that the ghee was a bit too much as my besan mixture refused to thicken. I managed to make the ladoos, they are a little delicate :oops: . Any suggestions that I can use next time?

Hi Nanditha, thank you for the compliments :) I think the amount of ghee being excess could be due to the type of besan that's available in your area. It all differs in quality from place to place. The only thing that could possibly work is to add ghee on need basis. Add ghee little by little until sufficient enough to bind the besan together like a dough. -- DK

By rehana on Nov 3, 2009

thanks for giving us very good receipes n tips to all viewer ,really when i have seen this site i feel very happy clearly we are able to understand how to make?onces again im thanking you this site gives us with clear pictures how 2 do ,nice presentation ,,till now i didnt found any site like this really now i can say chef in you by ur receipes,i hope this site will alway my favorite site thankyou very much 8)

Thank you rehana :) My main aim for this site was to share whatever I learnt myself with difficulty having had no clear instructions anywhere. That way I learn while sharing since readers like you also help in providing more inputs and tips. I am glad you find this useful :)

By Pooja on Oct 23, 2009

Thank you for all the tips and suggestions. This was my first time making laddoos and they turned out great!

By Kimaya on Oct 15, 2009

There are plenty of besan laddoo recipes on the Internet, but this is the first one I found with so many pictures, useful notes, tips, and even some remedies for common problems! Thank you! I feel like I now have much more confidence to try making besan laddoos this Diwali.

Thank you Kimaya :) Hope your laddoos come out delicious :) Happy Diwali --- DK

By bhanu on Oct 6, 2009

Hi there, The pictures and the recipe looks delicious. I have a question, do we need to use the chick pea flour (dalia powder) or besan (Gram flour). Thank you.

Hi Bhanu, Thank you for your sweet comments. You need to use Besan (gram flour) for this recipe. --- DK

By Festival Feast « SolKadi on Oct 1, 2009

[...] Besan Laddo from Chefinyou [...]

By EC on Oct 1, 2009

Perfect ladoos..thanks for the entry

By anushruti on Sep 28, 2009

The laddus look great....a nice collection of recipes in your site.

By VBP on Sep 24, 2009

Long time reader, first time commentor .... Great pics and explanation! What happens to the other half of the almonds you didnt add to the mixture? Thanks!

Thanks VBP :) You can use the remaining almonds for garnish. Either press down the pieces to the ladoos or else to make it more yummy - dip a little end of the ladoos in ghee and then roll that on the almond mixture so that it sticks. If both of these seem like lot of work, simply add all of the almond mixture to the dough before rolling then out into ladoos :) No hard or fast rules to this one. Hope this helps. Thanks for pointing this out - will update my post with this note.

By Divya Vikram on Sep 23, 2009

THose bangles look great on you. Beautifully shaped Dhiv. And great tips on shaping the laddoos.

By jyothi on Sep 23, 2009

yummy... I always try to make the recipe more and more simple.. Fry the besan with little ghee,add powdered sugar along with warm ghee and dryfruits.. mix well and make into laddus. One tip i would like to share is while making laddus , see that the mixture is warm and press it hard with ur hand to avoid it from breaking and can give finishing touches when it is little cool and hard.

By veggiebelly on Sep 23, 2009

what pretty bangles!

By Pavani on Sep 23, 2009

Yumm yumm.. I've never tried making besan ladoos as I thought I will under cook besan and the ladoos will stick to your mouth.. I have no idea why I thought so.. But your detailed recipe makes me want to try them now.. I'll make them soon. Will let you how they turned out..

By Priya on Sep 23, 2009

Delectable besan and rava laddoos looks gorgeous, Dk i just love ur bangles and ur soft and beautiful hand..I have a doubt, we dry roast the chickpeas flour before adding the ghee to get rid of the raw smell na?..

Ok now I am blushing :) I usually don't wear bangles that often - at least not during taking photos. But then since I was going to start the pooja I dressed up a bit (shocked my husband ;)) Will not show your comment to him, otherwise he will insist on me doing it on day to day basis! :) Yes- My mother dry roasts the chickpea flour first - but this method of adding warm ghee and then cooking for about 10 minutes work too - You can dry roast the semolina and chickpea flour, and then add ghee too. Both work well :)

By Priya Srinivasan on Sep 23, 2009

hey DK, bangles look great!!!! :) Tried Black Sesame Ladoos yday for neivethiyam. came out great.

Thanks Priya:) I am glad you liked them - DK

By Kavey on Sep 23, 2009

Great post, must try these one day!

By Happy Cook on Sep 22, 2009

Love ladoo and this looks beautiful and so yumm and perfect. Love the glass bangles too :-)

Thanks HC :) :) :) - DK

By Kamala on Sep 22, 2009

neat presentation and gives confidence beginners also to try this.

Thanks Kamala :) - DK

By Tracy on Sep 22, 2009

Came to your site after checking out these delicious balls at FG. Went through your site. It is mind blowing. Very neatly indexed and you have quite a variety of cuisines. I am an on and off vegetarian. I go off since I think vegetarian food tends to be boring but then after seeing your recipes, I have changed my opinion completely. They look fabulous. I have subscribed to your blog and its great knowing your site :)

Thank you Tracy :) Your generous words made my day