Besan Rava Ladoo

By DK on Sep 22, 2009
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Just as South Indians are busy celebrating Navarathri during this time, so are the North Indians with their Dussehra. The plethora of sweetmeats during this time is countless and if you have a sweet tooth, then rest assured, you would find yourself in a candy heaven :) The decorations and processions during this time for Goddess Durga is something which you have to see to believe. It would bring goose pimples and is guaranteed to bring that awed look on the onlookers eyes - irrespective of how many times they might have witnessed it. Here is a video about Goddess Kali (another form of Durga) that has a beautiful devotional song playing in the background. The flute is amazing. It explains more about the Goddess. One of the sweet dishes which is like a must for the festive occasion on the Northern parts of India, esp. in the Maharashtrian household are these Besan Ladoos. The term "Besan" in Hindi denotes Chickpea flour and "ladoos" are Indian way of representing sweet balls. If the balls are savory, then they become Koftas ;) These ladoos come under the category of the rare 'get's-done-in-a-jiffy" sweets with not so many complication involved in making them. Just few guidelines and you should be good to go.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
I am usually more comfortable with Baking than Indian sweets and on the grounds that the Baking science is explained well while its not really put in words w.r.t Indian traditional sweets. Habit and constant practice make some women (or ) dish out some amazing sweets but ask them why and how you do so and so in that recipe the answer from most of them would be "well, that's how it is". They work on eye balling the ingredients and can work on the basis of the just eye measure and smell! Imagine that! So for people like me, the result is usually associated with the term 'disaster' and in my small amateur kitchen with no expert body verifying if my so called eye balling and gut instincts make any sense, the end result is not always "sweet" (pun intended!) Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe But for this one, I will tell you what you can and why you can do so and so to make the ladoos look and taste like one :). One simple aspect to look out for is roasting the flour well until the rawness goes away. That done, the ladoos are a breeze and addictive.

this recipe was given by my maharashtrian friend whose mother made some amazing out-of-this-world besan ladoos ever! i have made v subtle changes from the various recipes i saw on the net.

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 30 min
Cook Time: Under 30 min
Yield: Makes 15-20 ladoos depending on the size
  • 1-1/2 cups Besan (chana flour available in Indian Stores)
  • 4 tbsp Sooji / coarse Semolina for giving texture - not flour. (Optional. Instead replace with chickpea flour to make this recipe gluten free)
  • 1/2 cup Ghee (clarified butter)
  • 3/4th cup sugar
  • 1 tsp Cardamom powder
  • 4-5 tbsp almonds
  • 1 tbsp raisins
Method - 1 (For a little more experienced cooks Chop the almonds coarsely. Set aside.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
First warm the ghee in low heat. If it is solidified, then it will melt. Don't overheat. Warming it is enough.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Note: Ghee is essential to this ladoo for 2 reasons - for adding flavor and as a binding agent. In a bowl, sift the chickpea flour.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Note: I find that mixing the flour later after sifting is much easier and also avoids lumps. Add the semolina and the ghee.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Mix well until well combined.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Take a pan (non stick works too). Drop the mixture and keep the heat in low-medium heat. Now comes the essential part. Roasting this mixture takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes depending on the heat.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Note: Purpose for doing this is to get rid of the rawness of the chickpea flour. You know it is ready when your whole house is filled with sweetish aroma of the roasting chickpea flour. There won't be any change in color hence keep your nostrils vigilant and stirring actions continuous. You don't want to overheat the mixture (if you increased the heat to avoid constant stirring ;)) - the mixture will become v dry.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Method - 2 (For beginners / those trying this for the first time ** UPDATED ** I thought I will update the post with this too after Priya's comment reminded me of what my mother used to do. My mother instead of heating the chickpea flour,semolina and ghee mixture, would first dry roast the chickpea flour first until aromatic. Only after it wafts up that incredible sweetish aroma would she add the Ghee to it. Rest of the process is all same. Only difference is roasting the chickpea flour before hand and then following up with adding rest of the ingredients. Note: You don't have to use Semolina in this method (my mother never did) but if you are going to, then toast the semolina separately too!
*************** Meanwhile in the same pan (where you melted/warmed ghee), toss the raisins. If there is no ghee, add a little to help the raisins plump up. Set aside.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
In the same pan, add the almonds and toast them for 1-2 minutes. Set them aside.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Now Remove the Besan mixture from heat and set aside in a bowl to cool.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Note: When I say cool, I actually mean cool down to warm from hot. Now add the sugar,cardamom and half of almonds to this mixture.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Note: The chickpea flour should be warm and not cool. We require the mixture it to be warm since this warmness will help the sugar to melt a bit thereby binding the flour - enough to bind it into ladoos. Take a little of the mixture in your hands
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Clump your hands with the mixture to tighten it.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Slowly using your inner palm, rotate it to make small balls.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Though the mixture will not look sticky enough - it will get together to form beautiful ladoos.
Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
Depending on the shape of your ladoos - this mixture makes anywhere between 10-20 ladoos. Besan Rava Ladoo Recipe
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  1. :-D my mom loves your recipe

  2. kishor

    I find this recipe lacking in following details …
    What is proporiton of the ingredients by weights in grams, and measurements in militers …
    I also see that essential item ‘Milk’ used to prepare base with ‘besan flour’ is not mentioned…
    Milk is used to mix with raw besan flour and kept aside for one hour. then whole lump is again sheaved to make it floor, and then roasted in Ghee…
    I also find Time for each step / stage of the recipe …

    Please look into this and do needful for larger interest.

  3. Zainab Fatima

    I think this is quite difficult recipe but nice i will try it
    Thanks :-D :-P 8-O
    Zainab Malaysia

  4. laraib

    thnx for the recipe :-P its too easy n quite simple :wink:

  5. pandagirl565478

    I really liked this recipe. I cooked it for my presentation onn India. My class will hopefully like it. :-D

  6. grazielia

    thanks for the recipe!!! my besan ka ladoos have turned out absolutely scrumptious!!! :-D

  7. GR

    Thanks for the recipe. I can’t seem to roast the besan without it melting and forming a thick paste although I roast it on low heat! And after adding the sugar, my ladoos still smell and taste of raw besan :(

  8. veena

    unable to make powder as become dry.but i did same as you shown receipe.

  9. Prianka

    :wink: Hi, I didn’t find any mentioning of the time when to add rasins. From pics it should be at step no. 11, maybe. I m a beginner

  10. prathiba

    :mrgreen: bulkkkkkkkkkkk,,,………….

  11. prathiba

    i will try to make it ,if it really works out,hats off to you bye bumps

  12. rivita

    Can i use butter instead of ghee?

  13. Shanti

    Hello I would like to ask you some questions about the recipe.
    I couldnt find sooji and the salesman gave me Coarse Semolina is the same?
    And Ι replaced Ghee with the daily butter.
    I did all the things you said,and I read all the comments but I couldnt make them balls,it was impossible. What to do now???

  14. aafreen

    is it important to add raisns

  15. shveta agrawal

    Thanks thanks 4 pls write it in HINDI also

  16. shveta agrawal

    Thanks 4 delious recipe.i love to cook n realy need my suggestion to u that pls also write in hindi.firstly explain it in hindi n after english.that will help who dnt knws english.

  17. dina

    thanks!for ur recipy :!: I’m from Bangladesh.i saw hindi serial, they made same time besan ke ladooo and this looks very tasty! today i told my mother i want to make mother say how come u make this u don’t know anything about this.than i search google and i got ur recipy.when i make it i let u now!thank u again! :-P

  18. Pragati

    Dear Dipty,
    I think I had the same problem once. I think you should keep roasting the besan until the color is rather dark. Try adding a little bit more ghee than you did last time. For me, I roast until the whole mix becomes cream-like and not clumpy dry mixture. Takes a lot of time. But my family loved it!!

  19. Saphia

    Thank you so much for recipe… will try it and let u know how i ccok

  20. vishnu

    :) ..really delicious..thanks 4 the recipe…

  21. TS

    When I made besan rava ladoo, I reduced the ghee to 1/4 cup and instead added powdered pista and almonds. In the end, I added some warm water, to make the ladoos round.

    Would the ghee replacement be why my ladoo would cause my son to be really gassy even if he ate jut 1 ?

  22. dipty

    i love besan ladoo , but whenever i have tried to make, it remain uncook …. help me

  23. rani jha

    its very easy to make my husband happy he loved my besanka laddu……

  24. ishrat fahmida ahmed

    When I put sugar in laddo????

    Step 11 –DK

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