Poori (Puri)

By DK on Dec 24, 2010
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
OK - I have to confess. I am a pooriholic(!!!!) As long as I can remember,  I have been a fanatic in my love for it, so much so that I think I can have poori for a whole week and not be bored with it. Then marriage happened and everything turned upside down. The first year of marriage saw me experimenting with loads of dishes and I was sure not going to miss out on my fav. pooris. I had purchased some whole wheat flour (American brand) and used the same to make mine. Disaster struck. Here I was waiting in anticipation to devour some fluffy pooris (imagine a bad hungry wolf  drooling ;)) , day dreaming about me enjoying the ones my mom made and what came out of my oil was something which did not even remotely look or taste like those :(. Instead what came out were papads (or popaddams as the westerners know it). Crunchy and hard....and FLAT!
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Of course, I blamed the flour (What did you expect? That I will take the blame?? You WISH!). But the stigma it caused was too much. I did not touch puri after that - to make them or to eat them. Then it took my mom's visit  to get my poori mojo back. And when she made them - aaaah, my precious poori was back :). Soft fluffy fried bread that I could eat all on their own without any accompaniment. Bliss.. Although I would have to say that enjoying it with potato masala is like mac and cheese combo. I had to post these after I realized I have some ardent bachelors  and beginner cooks giving me readership love (thank you guyz :))
Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Serves: 2 people
Yield: Makes 6-8 pooris
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt (or as needed for taste)
  • about 1/2 cup water (or as needed to make a pliable dough. Might vary depending on the quality of flour)
Stir the flour and salt in a bowl
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Add water little by little to the dough
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
until it comes together into a pliable dough. I think we would have used around 1 cup of water but it might differ depending on the quality of the flour. So add it little by little while kneading. You can also add 1 tbsp or so of hot oil (that you are heating for deep frying) to the dough. The final consistency should not be too tight (dry) or too soft(wet).
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Knead it well until smooth like below. The dough should not be sticky (only v lightly sticky)  or feel dry in your hands.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)

Make small balls out of it. These will depend on how big a fryer you have. We intended to make puri of small-med  (probably about 6 inch in diameter).


Do not let the dough sit. Usually for roti(s), I insist on letting the dough sit for some time which makes the dough very soft. But for pooris this rule does not apply (at least that's what I learnt from my mom). She insists that letting it sit makes it prone to soaking up lots of oil while frying. Hence use the dough immediately to make the pooris.

How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Roll it out into small circles with thin-medium thickness. Don't make it too thin else it will come out crispy.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Repeat for all dough. Alternatively heat oil for deep frying.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Do the oil-temperature test to see if it is ready. The oil should be hot but not too hot that it smokes. Tips: Drop a small piece of dough into the oil. The dough should fry up immediately and come to the surface. You know the oil is not hot enough when the puri does not puff up, is flat  and instead is also soaking up oil.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Now drop the poori into the oil.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
While the poori is slowly coming to the surface, make sure to keep ladling in the hot oil on the surface.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
This helps the poori to puff up.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Turn it so that it gets evenly reddish brown or golden yellow (however you prefer)
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Place it on paper towel to drain off any oil. If fried right, it wont retain oil.
How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
Serve it with side dish of your choice. The famous combo is with Potato Masala (a curry made with potatoes) and also Chole (chickpeas curry).  I also know many South Indian families who enjoy it with a condiment called as Pudina Thogayal which is a chutney made with mint and tamarind. How to make Indian Poori | Puri Recipe (step by step)
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  1. Lesh

    U need to add soji or its not really puri. Just fried roti puffed up

  2. Mrenje

    Thanx for the insight

  3. Poornima Ganjam

    vry easy and nice to eat
    i served it with ” aam-ras”
    it was awsome….
    thank you

  4. Safia

    Can i use cake flour and knead with lukewarm water

  5. mahe

    my baby love it so much.

  6. mahe

    so easy to prepare &nice to eat my baby love it so much.

  7. mahe

    so easy to prepare &nice to eat

  8. Hi,DEAR I would like to know which oil r u using for deep frying? Thanks your all recipes are awesome—-Ragini

    Sesame oil, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Canola –DK

  9. no fear

    This puris look super yummi,I’m going to give it a try. Wish me luck… :wink:

  10. Nish

    Tried it. God’s grace, came out well. Added a bit of suji as well. God bless you.

  11. V

    I tried them yesterday, and while some of them puffed, the others did not. Any thoughts on why it might not puff? Thanks!

  12. maryam

    I really loved the pooris….made them for the first time and they were so good and light…thanx for shring your recipe :)

  13. sonia

    Looks easy to make? May I ask what do we pair it with? Is there perhaps a sweet version, like as dessert?

    You can pair with channa masala, potato masala which are classic combos. Aloo choley is another wonderful combo with puri along with halwa –DK

  14. Ozzie

    Awesome!!!! I’ll be making these this week. Thanks!

  15. Farzana

    These are the most beautiful puri’s I have ever seen. I wish I could have them right now with my coffee ! I plan on making this soon ! Thanks for sharing

  16. Nandakumar

    Addition of 25% maida floor and a bit of baking soda will make poori better in taste as well as look

  17. Jiji K Abraham

    Thank you so much for the recepie.Really i enjoyed your narration. :roll:

  18. Amy

    Ohmygoodness! I’ve just got back from a holiday in India… and i’ve been craving puri (not something i’m going to find in this part of Korea…)

  19. Rene

    Do you mix with hot or cold water very important no mention though very frustrating when not specified.

  20. Sasidhar S

    Very Nice post…I too big fan of pooris.

  21. Hi

    Tomorrow is Ganesh Puja,
    and I want to make Puri,

    I will surely try this

    thanks for such a nice post :lol:


  22. reshmi rahaman

    :wink: :twisted: 8-O :lol: :evil: lovely! please give me one to eat.

  23. JP

    :-? i think is better if suji flour only, a tiny bit sugar, tiny bit salt, let rest, roll out thin to medium thick, then deep fry. but everyone likes them differently, my husband loves them traditionally made. ;)

  24. Dr.George

    Very impressive narration.I cant wait to do it today itself !

  25. Sharmila

    Thats the simplest way to make puris. For making the puri soft add a big spoon of suji and half tea spoon of sugar to the flour and than knead. :lol:

  26. shobha

    I Miss U Very Much

  27. kaushika bhowmick

    its yummmmmmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Magar sumthng missin h………….

  28. These look so yummy! Can we have them like Greek pancakes, with honey and cinnamon?
    Thanx for sharing!

  29. clara

    can i use cake flour

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