Substitute for Eno fruit salt in dhoklas At times you might notice your dhoklas with red patches. This is probably caused by a reaction between baking soda and turmeric. In that case, just use only a little amount - say a pinch, to avoid this reaction.

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By Karan on May 29, 2020

Hey, why my dhokla is so hard and stuck at throat. And after spreading the syrup it get destroyed and become a tough powder. Why it is i don't know?

By Deepika on Jul 4, 2018

I made dhokla but it's become red so which reason for this. I added eno soda nd turmeric powder so plz help me

By mam on Feb 12, 2017

can the dhoklas be eaten if it has turned red due to baking soda and turmeric reaction.

I actually have no idea. But personally speaking, I don't see why it should cause a problem since its just turmeric and Baking soda causing that reaction.--DK

By Harsha on Jan 12, 2016

I have made dhokla just now..(it is yet very hot :-) ) .It is very delicious..i have follow all steps as it is to prepare dhokla but it turns in red red...i have put little moe turmeric powder thinking that it will turns into more yellow...thanks for above time i will take care of this thing..I have watch many videos before preparing one has mention above cause and effect of turmeric powder and soda. It is important and helpful to new learners..

By Radha on Nov 6, 2015

Ok, so to fix the dhokla from turning red, I use only a pinch of which thing? The turmeric or the baking soda?

By Arpita Kapoor on Jan 5, 2014

hey,i tried this out and proved to be a totally good one :lol: i liked it and my friends tooo........ enjoyed itt for the first time i ha've prepared dhokla and i guess i 've done a good job :-P :wink: