Mango Milkshake Recipe (Simple Mango Juice Drink)
I was gratified and overwhelmed when I got to know few months back that 3 of my readers are over 60yrs of age. At least I know there are 3 of them since they have been so sweet enough to send me feedback and keep in touch with me. I love getting mails from them and also honored that they take the effort to write to me. And just about a month back, I got another mail from a 14 year old telling me that she is following my site and she is a new cook. She also asked me if I can post some simple drinks/smoothie recipes for her. I was overjoyed to say the least. So this simplest of recipes and my fav. one comes for her. This is a ridiculously versatile recipe where you just throw couple of things in a blender and tada! You have a yummy drink ready. Mangoes being my fav., I used them to make this yummy milkshake. How I wish I had some ice cream to go with it!!!!! But I don't stock my fridge with the *good stuff* and sadly had no intention to go out shopping  even if its for buying ice cream. (yes! i m lazy)
Mango Milkshake Recipe (Simple Mango Juice Drink)
The addition of cardamom powder is new that I never tried before. We love cardamom and I especially loved the combo of mangoes and cardamom in this Vegan Mango cake, the other day when I made it. I was not aware of the profound difference and after being welcomed with that aroma while the cake was baking and the taste that it imparted, I thought why not add it for the milkshake too. We loved it but you can completely skip it if you don't like it. If you are game to it, I would suggest starting with little until you know what your comfort level is. There is not so much of a recipe here - cos its that simple and versatile.
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 3 small ripe mangoes (or use 1 large mango. See Note below)
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp cardamom powder (start less and increase as per taste)
  • 2 tbsp sugar (depends on the sweetness of mangoes)
  • 1 cup milk (fat free/low fat also works)
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 dollop of vanilla ice  cream (optional)
Note: You can use frozen mangoes for this recipe. You can vary the amount of mangoes/puree depending on how strong you prefer the taste of mangoes in your milk shake. Canned Mango puree will also work. Just make sure to add sugar only after tasting since canned mango purees already have sugar added to them.
1. Peel the mangoes (if using fresh) and add the pulp to a blender.
2. Add the milk and cardamom powder. Start with the minimum - since some may find the flavor of cardamom too overpowering. You can skip using it too.
3. Blend it well until frothy along with ice cubes. Taste and add sugar if needed and give it another whirl if adding.
Pour into glasses, top with ice cream (which I didn't have on hand sadly!)  and enjoy. Mango Milkshake Recipe (Simple Mango Juice Drink)

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6 Member Reviews

By Aradhana on May 29, 2012


The above recipe is very good bt i have added melted vanilla ice cream in to it  \"cheeky\"

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By Shweta on Apr 29, 2012

Hello Dk,

I made the Mango Milkshake with cardamon and added little saffron in it. Finally garnished it with kaju and badam. This is my Husband's Favourite.

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By ankit kumar on Apr 4, 2017

Mango juice is my favorite juice I love to serve this with vanilla ice cream. I tried this recipe and this tastes just awesome. your recipe is awesome. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Thank you Ankit --DK

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By Munira shaikh on May 2, 2014

Munira adnan shaikh...... i luv dis recepie lot my luv 1 lik it lot

By Saraswathy on May 2, 2014

Hi, IIRC, you live somewhere near seattle. Can you tell me which store and which type of mango should I choose for making this shake to get the best flavor and taste. Thanks for all the good recipes being shared.

By anna on Sep 8, 2013

:-D :lol: :-o :-P 8-O :) :wink: love it :!: :!: :!:

By melody libra on Jul 14, 2013

awes0ome........ hehe

By mukesh on Jun 4, 2013

:wink: :-o :lol:

By jatin. k. patel. on May 26, 2013

8-O 8-O good

By Neetha on Apr 19, 2013

My daughter has been asking for mango milk shake , so thought of trying your recipe , will write about the taste tomorrow :)

By PRIYANKA on Apr 5, 2013


By PRIYANKA on Apr 5, 2013


By ranjit singh on Mar 10, 2013

i just now five minutes ago, prepared the milk shake according to your receipe. oh dear it is very awesome, great. my 9 year old boy and my wife both enjoyed it. it was without ice cream, i didnt have it at home. thank you

By sunz on Feb 1, 2013

:-D I am so excited to try this! I'm going to make a popsicle version of it! Thanks for sharing this! :)

By Jessica on Jan 31, 2013

Hello! I just tried it, after a looong day, and... It looks deliciously yummy, and the taste is.....huumm, comforting, sweet, heavenly.. I just used honey instead of sugar ;) :)

By shu on May 18, 2012


By Moses on Feb 9, 2012

A your Milkshake is delicious!!! :lol:

By Ritchie on Feb 9, 2012

This is very good!!! :roll:

By shruti on May 24, 2011

Super yummy milkshake!Delicious ..........

By milk shake recipes on May 18, 2011

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By Shwetha on Apr 21, 2011

In some parts of Karnataka, mango 'rasayana' is consumed with chapathis/dosas and it's a very popular combo in summer :). Most of the times, a bit of grated coconut is added to the crushed mango pulp along with cardamom and optionally a bit of jaggery/sugar.

By love2cook on Apr 14, 2011


By Vona Marengo on Apr 13, 2011

Hi DK---When I saw the mango milkshake I thought Lasi which I looked up to remember the difference! I will love the MMS as much as I have enjoyed ML! However I would use almond mild instead of milk as I just don't have it in the house--don't like it! However love yogurt! go figure! and most likely I'll use a bit of stevia for sweetness as you need such a tiny amount! In case you want to add another over 60 gal to your list of admirers I will turn 73 in August of this year! If you check out my facebook page you'll see what I look like, well last year!

By PJ on Apr 13, 2011

Super yummy milkshake!Delicious clicks Divi :)

By pavani krishna on Apr 13, 2011

Hello.. im regular follower of your recipe..Mango Milkshake is ummm going to make this for sure .in betw you gotta good space here...visit my site at not as good as you but trying new recipes from you guys on net

By Priya on Apr 13, 2011

Thick shake tempts me a lot.

By Vimitha on Apr 12, 2011

Looks so colorful and flavorful... Addition of cardamom is new to me.. but sounds to be a hit...