Festivals are a way of binding families and friends all over the world. And in a v. family-oriented country like India – festivals unite us with our cultural and traditional roots, making us nostalgic with fond memories of grandma’s and great aunt’s lip smacking sweets and savouries along with their interesting anecdotes/stories regarding rhymes and reasons for the festivity.
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Pori urundai’s ,appams and vadai’s are on the menu on this special day.I remember sitting with my mom and making laddus of Puffed rice/peanuts and getting scoldings for trying to nick few. Today's post is about three traditional recipes made during this festival - Peanut Laddus, Puffed Rice Laddus and Appam. These were made by my MIL
    For the Peanut Ladoo- Verkadalai Urundai
  • 1 generous cup - skinned Peanuts
  • 1/2 cup jaggery
  • Pinch of Cardamom powder
  • Few Coconut pieces
    For the Paddy Puff Ladoo (Pori Urundai)
  • 3 Generous Cups - Paddy Puffed Rice
  • 3/4th cup - Jaggery
  • Pinch of Cardamom powder
  • Few Coconut Pieces
    For the Appams
  • 1 cup All purpose Flour ( maida )
  • 3/4 th cup Jaggery
  • Pinch of Cardamom powder
  • 1/2 of a medium sized ripe banana
1. Mix little water and jaggery and heat it till jaggery is all melted without any lumps.
2. Heat it till it comes to a boil. My Mil did a drop-in-the-water-to-see-if-ready test. Drop some spoon of boiling jaggery in water. Leave it for 5 seconds and then take it and try to roll into a ball. If you can and it becomes hard, then its ready. Saute the coconut pieces in little ghee and keep aside
3. Alternatively dry roast the peanuts
4. till evenly brown
5. and then add it to the jaggery syrup along with the coconut pieces. Incorporate well
6. Let it cool a bit and then start making it into round shapes. Care should be taken to not let it cool a lot cos then it would be hard to shape them. The fingers should feel relatively hot.
7. For Puffed Rice Laddus - Pori Urundai This is not the usual puffed rice variety that we get in local shops. You need the specific type called the Paddy Puffed rice and are mostly available in any Indian store.
8. This Urundai is also made from Puffed beaten Rice - Rice Flakes - Aval. Prepare the Jaggery syrup and coconut pieces just the same way as illustrated above. Add the puffed rice and coconut piece and mix till incorporated
9. 3. Let it cool a little bit and shape them into balls. The same rule as of Peanut urundai follows. The mixture should be still relatively hot to touch.
10. Appams These are my perennial favourite and v v easy to make. Mix jaggery with little water and blend it lump free. Mash the banana well. span> Mix all the ingrediants together till well blended and looks like a thick batter
11. Heat some oil in a deep pan for frying. Drop spoonfull of prepared batter into the hot oil.
12. Fry till both the sides are deep brown.
13. Now all that is left is to dig in and eat :) which is exactly what we did. The final outcome is below.
14. I guess, all this blogging and participating in themes are v infectious, cos its got my Mil v interested. She was surprised to know about such events and even people (irrespective of age/place/cultures) who are staying so far away from home still having strong foothold over one's traditional values and customs. So into it , that she said that she wanted to arrange and display on her own. Below are 2 photos showing my mil's arrangement :)

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By Kartik Narayan on Nov 17, 2013

:-P Good stuff. Thanks for posting these.

By Sushila on Jun 8, 2012

Hii chef, thought my mail had reached you, but somehow it did not. Just to express my gratitude to you and your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

Thank you so much Sushila --DK

By Madhu on Dec 8, 2011

I like the cute looking kadai. Where did u get those from?

By vidhya on Dec 2, 2009

Your way of explanation is too good. I felt talking with a close friend. Keep going.

By Vidhya on Nov 18, 2009

Recipes are very accurate. I used to ask my mom for recipes whenever a festival arrives. Now i just check this site and get the recipe of my choice. Thanks Dhivya:-P

By Anonymous on Dec 11, 2008

The dishes in the pic luk so yummy and tempting to eat...

By DK on Dec 10, 2008

Hi Anon

This is my MIL's version..wit so many versions available,a good reason to try just one more. My mother uses Maida along with Rice flour to make these

By Looks Good on Nov 10, 2008


Those dishes look absolutely delicious. Now I'm yearning for one of my favorite restaurant during the college days! Great post!

By Anonymous on Nov 23, 2007

Hi Dhivya,

Very nice post. I have heard of Appams being made of Rice flour or urad dal. Is this maida recipe a differnt traditional one??

By Anonymous on Nov 23, 2007

Hi Dhivya,

Lovely post. Just wanted to ask you. I have heard APPAMS being made of Rice flour and also urad dal. You have mentioned Maida. Is it different or is this the traditional way??

By Menu Today on Oct 29, 2007

Hi Dhivya,
Thanks for the detailed post. Very informative one,Thanks for the step by step explanation!!!!

By marriedtoadesi.com on Oct 9, 2007

Awesome detail there Dhivya. Roopa has suggested making a vegan omelette for the Weekend Breakfast Blogging Event. I thought I'd tell you about it, since you wanted to participate but couldn't cook at home with eggs. Maybe you can try an 'omelette' without eggs! I don't know if any recipes exist, but you are welcome to submit them.


By Sharmi on Oct 7, 2007

very easy and nice explanation of some lovely recipes!

By TBC on Oct 3, 2007

Nice entry. So sweet of your MIL to participate in her own sweet(literally!)little way:-)

By Lisa on Oct 3, 2007

This is my first visit to your blog and I've enjoyed scrolling through your tasty recipes and lovely pictures! I've added your site to my blogroll and look forward to your future posts! Thanks for sharing.

By Jyothsna on Oct 2, 2007

Wow, my grandma makes the kadala for karthika :)

By Dhivya Karthik on Oct 2, 2007

Hi richa,

Yes, as i mentioned, this was more of a shortcut..usually when u dry roast the peanuts ( with skin ) and then deskin them, most of them break into halves with only v minimal full ones. Since time saving and effort saving was the motto along with making a festivity sweet, we opted this way!
And hey thanks for dropping by and also for your wonderful comments. :)

By Richa on Oct 2, 2007

hey, the goodies look so good! so sweet of ur mil to participate :)
i make peanut ladoo, but use crushed peanut instead!

By Rajitha on Oct 2, 2007

dhivya..you make me soo nostalgic
:( ..all the goodies look great!

By Vcuisine on Oct 1, 2007

My heartful thanks to your mother in law. The experience speaks really. Viji

By Vcuisine on Oct 1, 2007

Dhivya, thank you so much for your lovely entry. Was quite impressed with the detailed post. You have made my day. With one post you covered everything. I just love it. Please some more!!! Hope I am not greedy. This one will benefit many Dhivya. Have a good day. Viji

By Dhivya Karthik on Oct 1, 2007

Oh wow Bee...

Minute into posting, you already are ready with a comment.

Thank you :)

By bee on Oct 1, 2007

i love your detailed demo and fabulous pics. great post.