Indian Mint Yogurt Raita Recipe
I am always whipping some raita or the other at home. Its just that I haven't posted them all in this site! Plain laziness I guess. Raita are so versatile and go well with so many dishes. They can be made with so many vegetables, so having a one or two leftover in the fridge mostly ends up in the raita for me. We enjoy it with rice, parathas and also as an accompaniment to a full course meal,esp. if its on the hot and spicy side. Like this Mint raita - I would suggest it whenever you are going for spicy main course but more so if it is rich. I personally feel that the richness of a dish is balanced well with minty fresh raita and you don't feel like you just gulped down butter and cream. There is no recipe as such - its very flexible and depending on your taste adjust the ingredients below
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 2 cups thick plain Yogurt (make sure its not sour. I use fat free Greek yogurt)
  • 1/2 - 1 tsp roasted cumin powder (I sometimes use ground cumin-coriander powder with good results)
  • salt to taste ( try the black salt available in Indian stores. More authentic)
  • bunch of mint leaves
  • chilli powder/ground pepper for garnish (optional)
  • 1-2 spring onions, sliced (optional)
1. Instead of using mint leaves as a whole/chopped in the raita, I first make it into a paste and then add which I think imparts a more substantial minty flavor to the raita. Take a few leaves of mint and place it in a processor.
2. Grind it into a smooth paste/sauce. You can add water or yogurt to do this if needed.
3. Meanwhile take the yogurt in a bowl.
4. Add the mint paste/sauce (add little at first) , roasted cumin powder, little salt to the yogurt.
5. Beat well until smooth. Do a taste test. If you like a more strong flavor of the mint, add more of the mint/sauce. Better top add little by little cos otherwise it might turn out to be too strong for your taste (of course you can always adjust with more yogurt if that happens)
6. You can optionally add regular onions or spring onions if you want. I add them to make the raita more substantial yet making sure that the mint taste is not lost.
I garnish with more of the cumin powder and chilli powder along with a fresh sprig of mint. Serve with a dish of your choice. Goes perfect with especially rich curries/gravies. Indian Mint Yogurt Raita Recipe

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4 Member Reviews

By Asha on Jan 4, 2011

Try adding finely chopped onions, grated carrots too, it tastes just fine.

By Padma on Aug 26, 2010

This is such a yummy raita. First time when I made, I added onions. I some how felt that onions were too strong in the recipe. Next time I used english cucumbers. It was the best. I am planning to try with snake courd next time (Snake Gourd raita is my all time fav). I should see how snake gourd and mint go together.

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By Emma Ross on Nov 9, 2014

I love the idea of this but a friend of mine has a revipe using yogurt, mint sauce, chilli powder mango chutney and marmalade. I make it but it doesnt taste right. Has anyone ever heard of this?

By A range of Indian dishes to inspire you to cook at home and celebrate national curry week. | Seasoned Blog on Oct 11, 2013

[...] Mint Riata [...]

By V & J on Oct 8, 2013

:-D Looking forward to trying this tonight !!!

By sakshi pachpohar on Sep 3, 2013

loved the recipe really :oops:

By sakshi pachpohar on Sep 3, 2013

:-P :oops: :-o :mrgreen: :wink: awesome yr loved it uummmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhh

By Jay on Jul 8, 2013

I tried it today and its turn out Excellent, enjoyed it with biryani. Thanks Jay

By Anya on Apr 13, 2013

Lovely recipe , really rate it!

By notyet100 on Jan 18, 2013

thanks a ton for the recipe,..luved it with biryani,...;-)

By What's Cookin' at your house today? - Page 5 on Dec 13, 2011

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By Glenda on Nov 2, 2011

I tried this recipe out and it was absolutely delicious - I used roasted eggplant with paneer as the filling as I didnt have the vegetables suggested. It has become an instant favourite. Thank you for posting this.

By Anuradha on Aug 29, 2011

Thanks. I made this -- it is excellent. What I really appreciate is all of your visuals. The photographs are wonderful.

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By Sri on Mar 2, 2011

Recipe is great no doubt, but wanted to compliment you on a great website, easy to follow instruction, visually pleasing photos and versatility of recipes. Keep up the good work and keep posting "easy to make" recipes for time pressed and always stressed women like me :-P

Thanks for the encouragement. Means a lot :)

By Ferityelf on Oct 5, 2010

Fantastic and so easy - thanx :)

By Radhika on Aug 26, 2010

Looks good. Will try it sometime. I usually make cilantro raitha the same way. That tastes good too...

By Siri on Aug 2, 2010

the best raita ever. Yum Yum, it is a usual in our house these days! Thanks babes. :-D Siri

By Rupsha on Aug 1, 2010

Excellent.... we had it with veg.Pulao and the combination was superb. The idea of mixing mint paste with the beaten curd was brilliant.The flavour got thoroughly infused.

By Padmajha on Aug 1, 2010

I love all types of raitas and this one looks so tempting.I haven't used spring onions in mint raita but will surely try with it :)

By CurryLeaf on Aug 1, 2010

Yum Yum Would love to try this sweetie.

By Hari Chandana on Jul 31, 2010

Healthy and delicious.. yummyy

By swetha on Jul 31, 2010

It is a nice idea :) will do . I had once tried grinding coriander leaves,green chilli,salt and yogurt . mixed it with rice and added seasoning... a small change frm the usual curds rice.........:)

By sanjeeta kk on Jul 31, 2010

Lovely Raita. Nice idea to grind the herbs before adding. Love the pictures.

By Tweets that mention Indian Mint Yogurt Raita | Pudina Raita | Chef In You -- on Jul 31, 2010

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