Nugul Untallu ( Black Sesame Laddu )
To cook something from one's own culture is one thing and to cook from another is an altogether exhilarating experience. As soon as the recipes for ICC were announced, I was ecstatic. The challenge was to try at least 2 recipes and also to make sure that we tried which we have never made before. It suited me perfectly. There were many recipes which I had not even heard before - so I was looking forward to making each one of them.
Nugul Untallu ( Black Sesame Laddu )
The first thing that caught my eyes was the name - Nugul untallu. I have quite a handful of Andhra Friends with one of them being my best gal pal. They do know how hard I try to speak in my broken ( OK almost shattered) Telugu. But I can't help it - the language has attraction. Hence I started off making the authentic named recipes with Black Sesame Ladoos being the first. I have never used black sesame in my cooking before hence this recipe was a must try for me. I din''t know how it should taste, how it should have looked etc, but I pretty much followed the recipe instructions and it came out great. We liked it and my better half actually finished it off. Of course we had a good time chanting the name 'Nugul Untallu' so many times - no not making fun of it - although it might have sounded like one - but it was so catchy!! So here is what I did with this traditional Andhra Sweet.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes 7 -10 ladoos depending on the shape
  • 100 gms Black Sesame seeds
  • 3 tbsp jaggery
1. Traditionally as Valli mentioned, these seeds were washed
2. and then sun dried which is what I did. Made use of the too hot weather outside for this purpose. It dried out within 10 minutes flat!!!
3. Dry roast them in a tawa and let them cool.
4. Once they are cool,
5. take about 2 - 3tbsp of grated or powdered jaggary
6. and run in a mixie. The amount of jaggary normally depends on the formation of laddoo. When you make a laddoo, it should stay in shape. Then you know the amount is enough. Also it depends on the fineness of the sesame powder. When you run in mixie, it becomes little oily which will help in holding the laddo shape. My Notes I powdered the black sesame coarsely first
7. then added the powdered jaggery to the sesame mixture
8. and pulsed them for few more seconds until they were well combined.
9. The mixture was oily enough to help me shape them into small balls (or laddos as Indians call them)
This should easily stay for a week. I got about 7 laddus for the shape I made. Nugul Untallu ( Black Sesame Laddu )

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By V on Jun 19, 2019

Eating one black sesame seed ladoo per day is the best Ayurvedic home treatment to regulate periods and avoid painful period cramps. For this equal amounts black sesame seeds and old jaggery should be pounded together and made into laddoos.

By Indian festive recipes | KVARM on Oct 19, 2014

[...] easiest recipes: coconut and semolina burfi, black sesame laddoos, vadas and kaju katli or badam halwa (vegan version included in the latter or their kaju katli [...]

By Bhanu on Nov 1, 2009

The actual name of the recipie is Nuvvula Vundalu - In Telugu Nuvvulu is Sesame seeds (both black and white) Vundalu means ROUND items. It is common to use white sesame seeds for Nuvvula Vundalu because the black ones are actually preferred in inauspicious rituals.

Yes, I agree - In my family too, we dont have the practice of making black sesame ladoos - we use only white. But well this was the name and methodology given to me for a challenge where we have to follow with same instructions. Its great knowing the meaning of these ladoos. Thanks :)

By shyamala on Sep 3, 2009

I tried out the recipe yesterday. Yes, its healthy, quick and easy to make. I hope you post more of such easy recipes.

By veggiebelly on Sep 1, 2009

Ive never had this..but looks and sounds gorgeous. I love sesame in sweet and savory dishes. You are so right, cooking from other cultures is so much fun!

By Pavani on Sep 1, 2009

No Nugul Undalu means Sesame laddoos... But language telugu is called "Italian of the East". I said that 'cos in the post you mention that you like to speak telugu :-) Hope its clear now.. Pls do check out the A.W.E.D-Morocco announcement in my blog when you get a chance.

By Chakh...le...Re!!! on Aug 31, 2009

yummy laddoos dear.

By sathya sankar on Aug 31, 2009

laddoos looks wonderful !

By Pavithra Kodical on Aug 31, 2009

Looks yummy and perfect..Sesame ladoos tastes great :)

By Pavani on Aug 31, 2009

They look perfect DK. Oh and regarding Telugu.. just an fyi-- its known as Italian of the East, I'm not sure who said it, but thats what they say in Andhra.
so Nugul Untallu means Italian of the east???