Hi, I am DK. ChefInYou is run by a team of 2. Me, the Wife (D) and then the Husband (K). The complete process behind the scenes (and in front) starts right from scratch - researching ingredients, buying organic foods, cooking a palatable meal, taste testing, presenting, making it come alive (photography), writing about the experience, making the 'bites' into 'bytes' with smooth transition and most importantly (in K's opinion) eating - where these chores are divided between me and him each of us doing our thing, in order to bring it to your table. Needless to say (yet can't insist enough!), each and every recipe is tried and tested in our kitchen.

Chef In You? What's with the name?

We feel Cooking is an art - something that can be done by anyone. Some have flare for it, while others attain it with practice and patience. It the end, it is achievable by all and to cook something new or exotic, one need not go to a culinary school or become a Chef. In our humble opinion, with proper guidance and correct step by step instructions, which is what this blog is all about, we feel that we can bring out the Chef In You. Hence the name.

Chef In You- How did it happen?

ChefInYou is a garden.Like any kitchen garden, the site did not grow in a day. There is a small story behind this. Umm...A little flashback here.... "D" had been blogging for a while at http://culinarybazaar.blogspot.com. Soon readers started taking an upturn and customization started becoming a real pain in the *** . She also couldn't tolerate her geeky husband K's nagging ( now wait..a..minute..!! isn't that the wives job by the way?) to move to a separate domain. So they planned, designed the layout and started putting something together. But then they found that their life itself was quite a handful. So her dream of her own domain remained just that - a dream, for a long time.

Time passed by... days turning into weeks and weeks into months much to the chagrin of D's blogging buddies - you know who you are ;) So D and K once again decided to work towards the dream but this time, they 'smartly' (cough!)thought they would make someone else make their dream come true. Hire a gardener to grow their garden, so to speak. But the outsource route was a bigger pain in the *** than the customization. Things fell apart faster than they started -  lack of communication, incomplete functionality and the layout becoming frightful by the day- in short a complete disaster!

That's when D and K decided enough is enough and took everything into their own hands. They started everything anew and decided to grow their garden themselves. So this garden is what you see in front of you as Chefinyou. Everything you see - the concept, the design, the code and the content (the food, i.e) of this website - is 100% organically homegrown by the duo.

Whats different about this blog?

Like any apron clad cook, D started out with a recipe here and a recipe there to enhance her repertoire. That was not as simple as it sounds
- a supposedly golden crust would turn out black,
-a clear soup would become a gravy (or should I quote "RRay" and say "stoup"? ) and
- a so called delicious dish would most often grace the kitchen sink.
It happened often enough and D's frustration knew no bounds since there was no easy way to know where and what went wrong! Hence D felt it would help someone like her, to know, the transition of the dish from the start to finish. Every recipe you see here - be it simple or difficult, is naked with respect to the process that it undergoes and which we believe will help you in your experiments. Our final picture of a recipe will surely not be a far cry to yours when you make it in your kitchen - you know how the dish is supposed to look at every step with the help of the pictures and hopefully it would help to bring out the Chef in you :).

What recipes can we expect from here?

This blog is an Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian site. Sounds very fancy shmancy - but it just means that all recipes will be based on a diet consisting of Vegetables, Grains, Dairy including Eggs. So all you enthusiastic foodies searching our site for "chicken soup","chicken curry", "rabbit recipes", "rabit stew","fish","Beef Bourguignon","snapper" , so on and forth - we have to say, "sorry to disappoint you". Quick look at what to expect - ....and few more categories in between (low fat, kid friendly, Holiday/Festival recipes - you know the usual predictable stuff!!!!).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. So do you mean to say that all my recipes will come out perfectly if I follow your instructions?
The blog DOES NOT guarantee that you will get all the recipes right. But it would definitely help you find out where you went wrong ;) which I personally think is half the battle won! Then of course you always have my e-mail in case you have a doubt with the recipes -  or if all you want to do is to vent out about the outcome!!

2. You don't seem to mention the amount of salt in many of your recipes. I love my food hot - it doesn't seem that spicy either! What's with your taste buds?
Most of the recipes have our taste buds in mind. Our level of salt or spice in a recipe will obviously be less/more to many others. Hence I would appreciate it if you could use this blog as a guideline to get inspired,enlightened and curious - just the way many others did for me :) Use your discretion and your preferences when it comes to seasonings used in the recipes here

3. Do you do Product Promotions?
The idea of this blog is NOT to promote products unrelated to food, or promoting places/foods which I have personally not used. Whatever product I talk about has been used personally by me and which I vouch for from my experience.

4. What about Photography? What techniques or tools do you use to take pictures?
The pictures used in Chef In You has been taken by me ( hence copyrighted) and my aim is to present pictures which are as close and real to food as possible. I use a Cannon Rebel XT to take my pictures.
- I do NOT use heavy processing or photoshop elements to morph my food pictures and 100% of the pictures (unless otherwise mentioned) are kept as real as possible.
- I do not own any studio or photo props and the pictures are taken in natural light most of the time with minimum props (Only food is the hero(ine) here!). Occasionally I may use artificial bright lighting in case of improper natural light.

6.What about the recipes? Where do you get them along with all that food related information?
Some recipes are the ones borrowed from family, friends and few friendly strangers. Some others have been adapted from Experts, Chefs and other media like Books, TV, Internet etc while few others are the ones when "Food Fairy" suddenly zips and puts ideas in my head! So are the food related information. They are shared in the hope that such knowledge would prove to be as useful to you as it was to me. Since no one is perfect, I might be fallible with few opinions and I would appreciate it if you could point it out politely and without being judgmental.

7.Commenting Policy at Chef In You
Feedback/comments are one of the most appreciated and highly welcomed aspects, I look forward to.  I do not insist that all your comments be only praises and appreciation of the posts but I do mind if your criticism  is not a constructive one and does not follow ethics of decency or politeness. In that case, I will surely choose to ignore and delete your comment or answer back in a similar fashion depending on my mindset at that particular moment.

8. Do you do Recipe Requests?
Of course! I believe that one learns more by sharing and making recipes you want helps a lot in honing my own knowledge set. Do drop in a line with your recipe requests and I will do them as and when humanly possible by me :). Please keep in mind that this is a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian site hence no meat or seafood recipe requests. Although I would love to convert a meat based one to without :)

Do you have questions for me? Shoot it out and I will answer it as soon as possible. Hope your stay at Chefinyou is delightful to all your senses. Your feedback is always welcome.

Leave a Reply

I love to hear from you! I read each and every comment, and will get back as soon as I am able to.


By KIRAN on Dec 9, 2020

Hello D&K, I am Kiran Vasudeva, an Indian in Romania. I have started a new project to bring Indian vegetarian food to Romanians and Europeans. The project is called "Amma's Kitchen". Here I want to promote all the women who are putting the effort, like you, to the world by promoting you on our Youtube channel in Romanian and other European languages, and showcasing your story, life, videos and recipes. It would be great if you find time to talk and can talk more about this project on a call. My number is +40751148606. You can call me, or if you give me yours, will call you. Keep up the good work, Wishing you the best, Kiran Vasudeva

By Vicky on Oct 12, 2018

I am very excited to try your recipes. I have only prestige pressure cooker. Can I use it for the recipes. I wanted very much to order the Opos magic pot but it is not available in Malaysia. Is it possible to send from India.

Yes you can get it from someone in India. Will let you know if its now shipped to Malaysia. But until then any 2L PC will work. Just make sure to standardise it first. --DK

By Shirley on Sep 23, 2018

Hi When I do my jam it takes me atleast 2 days. In my backyard I have concord grapes and when I was looking for a recipe, yours was the simplest. The year 2017 I had 13 lbs which gave me 14 jars of 1 cup each and 1 jar of 3 cups. But this year 2018 I had 21 lbs which gave me 17 jars of 1 cup. And 7 jars of 2 cups.

By Jez Shi on Aug 15, 2018

Kindly put me on your mailing lists. Thanks.

By Sunder Nagarajan on Jun 17, 2018

There were some great tips on idlis. Using a cup of soaked previously cooked rice makes for some real soft idlis too. We are in NJ and this morning we had a film of brown on the idli dough. Being father's day the wife is pretty miffed. We have seen a few random spots of brown before but put it down to the addition of the fenugreek seed. The dough isn't sour, it has not risen, and is odourless. Can we rule out over fermentation and has anyone encountered this before ?

By Veena Seshadri on Jan 13, 2018

D Mami, Now that I have started cooking and Amma and I will visit your website regularly to download recipes. Waiting to try your yummy dishes, mom makes them now my turn. Love to KM and HK. VS ( u know who I am!)

Hahahahaha! OF COURSE, I KNOW YOU <3. Have you started cooking already!! Oh my! We have a grown up here. So happy to see this. You will be amazing at whatever you do. Here's to a delicious journey. Lots of love from me, HK and KM --DK

By Kelly on Mar 4, 2017

I've been a fan of your website for several years now. I really enjoy coming to the site from time to time to check out new recipes. Everything I've tried has come out wonderfully. Thank you so much for providing me & my family with excellent vegetarian recipes for a long time, I genuinely appreciate the time, energy, and thoughtful consideration to detail that you provide. It's clear you love to cook, and I'm lucky to benefit from your hard work & passion! Anytime friends ask me which recipe blogs I most admire, yours is at the top of the list. Please make a cookbook!

Very few things give as much satisfaction as getting appreciation for one's work. Thank you so much for making my day special Kelly :) --DK

By Saraswathi Basha on Nov 4, 2016

Hi, Your recipes are so nice and easy to do. I have saved so many of your recipes. But recently i had faced some problems with your site, that is images are not dispalying in your site from page 52 and after that so many pages. please resolve this problem ASAP. I want to save remaining recipes too in my recipe book. Hope you'll understand and solve the issue. Once again thanks for nice and creative recipes...

Hey Saraswati, thank you so much for the feedback :) As for the issue, I just checked and it seemed to work fine. Can you please try again. And if it is the same can you copy paste the link here for me to look at it ? Thank you --DK

By Monica on Sep 10, 2016

Just discovered your delightful site and can't wait to try both your banana pecan bread and your Graham flour/honey bread. However your recipes are blocked out when it comes to printing. Do I have to be a member to be able to print and try your recipes?

Oh no! Its a bug and we will rectify that soon. No, you don't have to be a member to try out any recipes. Its visible to all. --DK

By Mitha on Aug 23, 2016

Hi DK! It has been a while since I visited your site....nevertheless there is sooooo much and I can't imagine when I'm gonna go through the same and try out something new....having said that was looking for the cheddai recipe and for some reason can't find the Details for the urad dal flour.....the heading is intact but the contents missing....could u please check and revert. Thanks

Hi Mitha, welcome back! Thank you so much for pointing out the lapse. Have fixed it now. --DK

By Raghav Swamy on Jul 19, 2016

Dear DK, Your blog is an inspiration to food bloggers everywhere. From your brilliantly categorized recipe index to your step by step process description for each recipe, everything about your blog is spectacular. I am writing on behalf of 24 Mantra Organic, India’s largest organic food brand. We find that your blog has a unique personal touch and we believe that 24 Mantra Organic” and “Chef In You” could complement each other with a strategic tie up or collaboration. We would be richer with your relationship, which could be in the areas of collaboration, common content, advertising, joint promotions or even new concept launches. We hope this will interest you. By the way, I am Raghav and I work with a branding consultancy firm called “Vishnu Mohan’s Sutras” you can check out our website http://vishnumohans.com/. We are the brand consultants for 24 Mantra Organic, India’s largest organic food brand. Website - http://www.24mantra.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/24MantraOrganic We hope to hear from you soon. In a week’s time. Please write back to me at raghavswamy67@gmail.com. Warm Regards, Raghav Swamy

By Barsha on Jun 1, 2016

Hi D/K, I came across your blog while searching for food related contents. I wanted to check if you would be interested in creating some puzzles related to food using PuzzleMe, since you are a maestro in this field. I'm working for a startup called Amuse Labs where we have created a multimedia crossword platform for puzzle creation and solving. Our idea is to democratize the crossword creation and game-ify the content like news or education to increase user engagement. [www.amuselabs.com] I was wondering whether you would be interested in providing your expertise in food, for our puzzle. We can exchange more details via email. Do let me know what do you think. Hope to hear from you soon! Barsha Amuse Labs Pvt Ltd www.amuselabs.com barsha@amuselabs.com 7024120010

By swati on Mar 25, 2016

please e-mail me or send the links for few articles on basics of baking. Thanks

By Swati on Mar 25, 2016

I am unable to find articles on basics in baking. Kindly email me such articles. Thanks

By Arun on Mar 18, 2016

We would like to you make an obligation to review our healthy product made without zero added chemicals and support us to reach more people. if you got a mail address, we are able to provide you details and seeking support from foodies like us.

PLs try DK(AT)chefinyou(DOT)com --DK

By Sharon on Feb 18, 2016

Hello, I would like ask permission to reproduce your egg substitution chart in my website about cake baking and decorating. Of course with full credit to you and links back to your website. Thank you for your consideration. Sharon Zambito, Owner, SugarEd Productions Sugar Art School

I would love to, with accreditation. Thank you so much. --DK

By Rama Bapat on Feb 17, 2016

Oh, my, my! Can't get enough of reading the posts. I have no idea what the food tastes like 'cause I just stumbled upon your website, but the recipes all come alive through your heartfelt words. Your website is your heart and mind rolled into that lovely lasagna and baked with redhot passion. Right now, I am feeling all loveydovey for D and K, I will try the recipes after I get over it!

By Ashish Nichani on Feb 5, 2016

Dear D&K, I am Ashish, a fellow-foodie and the Co-founder of www.PlaceofOrigin.in. (My wife is an avid reader of your blog and says Hi too). Our startup is the first marketplace of specialty food producers from across India. So, if you are craving authentic sweets, snacks, staples or health food from your favourite producers across India, we will get that delivered to you. It is for our love for all things Indian and food that we started this company. So, my wife suggested that I read your blog and I'd be lying if I were to say I wasn't thoroughly impressed. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air and we love every bit of it! We’d like to work with you in creating a brand new property called “Authentically Indian” to introduce some authentic inputs and additions to your culinary creations. It could range from spices from across India to rich fruit preserves to pickles or an authentic array of products to make your delectable meals complete. We’ll help you access these exotic and authentic food products in return for just a mention at the end of your articles. Do let us know how this works for you and we will be keen to discuss the details.

By Catherine on Jan 11, 2016

I am trying to subscribe via email to your blog/site but can't seem to find anywhere to do it! to receive new items/updates by email regards Catherine

By Natasha Daruwala on Nov 28, 2015

Hi ChefInYou, We from http://www.influencer.in/ request you to send us a picture of your husband and you so that we can post the picture on our websites that has a link on the Top Food Bloggers in India (2015). We would appreciate it if you could send us a good quality picture. Here is the link :- http://www.influencer.in/blog/top-15-food-bloggers-in-india-2015-edition/ We will also be making a creative for social media which you can share on your social media handles very soon. Thanks and Regards, Natasha

A mere mention of the website is good enough. Thank you so much for thinking of us :) --DK

By Nishant on Oct 12, 2015

Hi, By way of Introduction I am Nishant Upadhyay of the Marketing team at Ketto - a Crowdfunding platform. We are planning a Food Blogger Challenge across the country to make a difference. Do let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Best Regards, Nishant

By Jo Woods on Oct 11, 2015

At present I am trying to make the tofurkey recipe from your website and have been trying to "cream" small batches of tofu, however, it seems that it just sits there under the blade. So far I have burned out the motor in my Black & Decker food processor, turned to my Vita-Mix with the same results and am now trying my Kitchen Aid Mixer.The tofu under the blade is smooth so I have been taking that out and putting it in another bowl until I have done all 5 blocks of tofu. Even my Vita-Mix overheats and cuts out and I have to wait 10-15 min for it to cool down before resetting it. Is there something I am doing wrong? Once I am able to get the tofurkey made can I freeze it for use at a later date?

By Zuheb on Sep 8, 2015

Hello DK, Good work on your blog.

By Vidhya on Aug 7, 2015

Hi DK, I have read and tried some of your recipes when I started cooking. After I started blogging, I realize the value of appreciation and credits and therefore want to thank you for all wonderful recipes that I tried or inspired of or just gazed at. Happy Blogging!

By Meena Ravi Annamalai on Aug 4, 2015

Hello D & K, I have read many of your recipes & enjoyed them. I also follow you on facebook. I am emailing you on behalf of a temple, the Shiva Murugan Temple of Concord, California, USA. Established in 1957, it is the first Hindu temple in North America, according to Harvard University. It is housed in an old Church building and we are in the process of raising funds to construct a beautiful, traditional Hindu Temple. As part of our fund raising efforts, we want to publish a souvenir Pure Vegetarian cook book. I was wondering if you would like to donate a printable recipe with picture to it. Please let me know. Of course, I would credit your name, website & any logo you provide. That would be the whole point of collecting recipes from famous bloggers such as yourself. Thanks, Meena Ravi Annamalai Our temple website www.temple.org

Will email soon :) --DK

By Glutzyken on Jun 16, 2015

glad I found your site . Ran out of eggs for baking ;-)

By Amanda on Mar 18, 2015

Oh no! Your recipe for Pumpkin Pie is missing the last few steps! Please, please, please can you tell me how it ends? I really want to try it! http://chefinyou.com/2008/10/pumpkin-pie-with-gingersnap-crust-and-honey-pecan-filling/

By Vicki on Feb 3, 2015

I found your website after searching for ways to make homemade yogurt. I made some this past weekend and have been eating it every day. Today, my plan is to make Belgian waffles with stewed strawberries; then homemade ricotta cheese later this week. The simplicity of the recipes and specific, yet relaxed instructions make things fun to try! And, I am always on the lookout for real, healthy, homemade food. Yours is my new favorite recipe site. Thank you so much for sharing!

A best gift to give any cook is appreciation and/or feedback. Thank you for giving me both :) --DK

By Priyanka on Dec 14, 2014

Great blog DK!Browsed through many of your recipes and they look yummy. Special Thanks for sharing. I have just started blogging few months back so still learning.Do visit my blog and let me know how I am doing. Keep up your good work and keep in touch.

By Anju on Dec 3, 2014

I love your blog, DK! Your recipes, your anecdotes, your easy, unassuming, down to earth style of writing makes me want to be your friend!!! Hopefully one day! Thank you for Chef In You.

OK, you sure have earned all the brownie points with this one. What choice do I have :p ;). On a serious note, do touch base with me on CIY FB page, if possible. Would love to know you more.:) --DK

By Wendy Godber on Nov 14, 2014

:-o My wish for years was to learn how to cook authentic Indian recipes. Today, I found your link and have spent all morning enjoying following your recipe for using urid beans which I bought a packet of recently. No mention of these whole lentils in any of my Asian cook books so am thrilled with your excellent blog. I have made a large batch of this dish for freezing what is left over after a meal for 10 friends. Now to try find some accompaniments for it from your site. Thankyou for sharing all your great ideas.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Here's to happy cooking and living well. :) --DK

By nandy on Nov 14, 2014

Vanakkam DK :!: Like every bachelor I had no clues about how and where to start the process of cooking. I found ur site(Thanks to google). Just read your reply about concealing ur name.. Do you think after ur films(recipes) are hits.. people will dislike you based on your ethnicity.. finally a great nandri for the recipes. - A fan curious to know the director(s)' name.

Hahaha...such a refreshing comment. Actually its nothing about "liking or disliking". Its more a combo of privacy and keeping my passion for food EXACTLY that. I want my food to talk for me which is why I have an online presence in the first place. I find that at times, the person behind seem to garner more attention than the food; akin to excellent photography and plating taking more attention than what's on the plate. Hence the reason. :) --DK

By Nancy on Oct 3, 2014

Dear D and K: I am new, today in fact. I just read "About" the two of you and I have to say that it was a lovely surprise. As soon as I read your comment about "We feel Cooking is an art – something that can be done by anyone. Some have flare for it, while others attain it with practice and patience.... out the Chef In You", I knew we had like minds. Thank You for that. I would say that I am the one who attains it with practice and patience, and one who enjoys it tremendously. I will admit however that I am not a vegetarian and I do love my meat and so does my husband. You have given me much to think about. May I be so bold as to ask why you both prefer meatleass meals? Is it for health reasons or is there more to it? I don't mean to pry but it is something I am beginning to ponder myself and in fact, I have thought about in the past. I want to thank you for the great work you are putting into your site and I look forward to trying your recipes. Cheers from the Canuck~

Thank you so much for the kind words Nancy :). Welcome to Chefinyou. We are meatless 'cos that's the way we were brought up. Its a religious choice for us and hence know no other way. --DK

By Amit Dhanawat on Aug 24, 2014

Dear D & K. Thanks for a wonderful website. I can only assume how much effort it might take to run a food website. I & my friend (also happens to be my wife) are architects and have a busy schedule. I really enjoy cooking. She doesn't enjoy so much but seeing my enthusiasm she finds cooking around me enjoyable. Reason of writing here is - to suggest recipes which are tasty and takea less effort. We generally end up making dal rice or sabzi roti at many moments bcoz either we dont have veggies at home or too tired for trying something new. We eat microwaved veggies and then pan fried, a lot. Please suggest a few recipes. I quite liked your cheese macroni fried. Thanks and regards Amit.

Thank you so much Amit for the feedback. Am starting a new section - Student/Bachelor Cooking, just to satisfy needs like yours. I am hoping to add recipes that are simple, budget friendly and are quick to make. Will provide the link the minute I put together recipes. --DK

By rita bhatia on Jul 19, 2014

Hi , ive been visitng your site quite often but had never made anything till now. Today I made eggless blueberry boy bait and it was AWESOME.

By MT_Andersen on Jul 2, 2014

Hi Stumbling upon your website has been God sent! Heartfelt thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes. My husband, 3 year old daughter and I are vegetarians. And the protein substitute was especially hard for us to balance especially for our young daughter. But your site has been a truly inspiration. Especially love all the paneer recipes! Thanks so much again D and K!

Thank you so much MT_Andersen :) Appreciate your feedback --DK

By Manasi on May 6, 2014

Hey, fell upon your site while searching for a Pongal recipe...and I am truly elated at the experience. Have made for the last 7 days all types of South Indian delicacies from your recipes which have turned out soooo well that even my mum took second helpings! I am from a North Indian cum Gujarati family but married to a malayali so not so familiar with South Indian tamilian food but truly enjoyed your recipes which are simple, well depicted and sooo yummy. Keep up the good work and look forward to more recipes especially one-dish meals et all. Cheers!

By Joslyn on Mar 19, 2014

I love this website... great recipes n easy to cook. whenever i want to cook something different, i just look up in ur site... n BINGO!! i almost get it right... thank you so much... Happy cooking... :) !! joslyn

By jasmeet on Feb 1, 2014

i am new to ur site.but i just loved it, still exploring it ! i made ur whole wheat kulchas with gobhi stuffing . i wanted to post it for u. how do i do it?? the result was awesome.

Thank you so much Jasmeet. I am so glad you liked it. If possible, please do upload your feedback in this link. Any changes you made, any specific points you faced etc would help others as well. http://chefinyou.com/i-made-this/?recipeid=3397. Every recipe has this box under the recipe (above the starting of comments) where you can give your experience, even upload a picture of your own and that appears along with the recipe for others to read. --DK

By pavitra vinod nair on Jan 6, 2014

very creative blog!!! lik d way u present each recipe

By Dee on Dec 7, 2013

Hi I just came across your site by chance and am I glad. It has the perfect recipes and everything I would ever want to cook. Well mostly and such mouth watering dishes. Coming from South India and living in the West perfectly suits the recipes you offer. I love your natter and the way you include the other half. I was curious to find out more about you and had to laugh because I am also D and my hubby is K but we are never in the kitchen together! So lucky you. Love everything about you and your website!

By Champ on Oct 18, 2013

Really Amazed. Was just checking recipe for sabudana vada and came across this site. Never have i seen a site like yours, i mean the recipes are good; no doubt, but the way you guys have represented and explained. A true perfectionist couple. Exquisite :)

Awee, thank you. Our morning just got brighter! :) --DK

By christine on Sep 10, 2013

Hi there THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for this wonderful blog of yours. I have been vegetarian for the majority of my life and absolutely LOVE IT but it is hard especially where I live to find good healthy vegetarian food. So this really help. G*d bless and thank you again, christine

By Swati on Aug 12, 2013

I love the way u guys write :-P its not at all boring :P i am saying this as i always avoid reading looong stories ( except recipes ) but your introduction was just so interesting .. Keep it up, this blog is surely helpful fr those who love cooking, baking and experimenting ( wrote baking seperately as i feel baking is nt everyon's cup of tea :P). Thank you and all the best to the duo.

By krishnaraj on Jul 17, 2013


By Sowmya on Jul 15, 2013

BTW just curious. What does D and K stand for? I do not get to see your names anywhere. But keeping it a secret is purely your choice CHEF DK :wink:

By Alice on Jun 19, 2013

Just finished making plum jam I think it came out O. K., but I heard a few of the lip making a popping sound what does that mean

By sheenu on Jun 1, 2013

the very first time i read mango cake receipe i simply fell in love ...the mango and cardamon combination . Today I baked mango cake for hubby on his birthday ....am sure he will also love d same . Thank u so much for lovely receipes .

By Sweta on May 18, 2013

Thanks for this lovely website.This is the perfect website with perfect receipes presented in the perfect & simple way.For a long time I had been in search of website where I can learn about how to use microwave safely and also recipes of cakes which I can try,& then finally I came through this website(YES!THIS IS IT :-D ).I like everything on this site especially the photographs of recipes because it makes the job lot more easier.Keep up the good work.

By ShakilaSathyan on Mar 23, 2013

Superb site..Just now i saw it and enjoying your receipe style ..Thank u so much....

By Gian Prakash on Feb 19, 2013

This is with reference to query raised by Deb Delk regarding Asafoetida. It is also known as Heeng in Hindi. It has no substitute. It is used only for vegetarian dishes - never in Non-veg dishes. It is very good for digestive system and is mostly used for lentils/vegetables that have tendency to produce gas in stomach - like cauliflower, black gram, etc. I did google search and found this URL http://www.thokalath.com/georgia/grocery_stores.php And it gives a list of Indian Spices dealers in Atlanta. Besides there must be dealers doing delivery in your area, once you place on-line order. When buying, buy the smallest possibe quantity and there are two varieties you would find one in solid form and other in powder form. Best result is when you dissolve that pinch (from rock/powder) in little water and add to the garnishing. (But be careful, if the vessel you are making the garnish is very small, addition of water might produce oil vapours likely to catch fire -something similar to flambe) Good luck with your search and happy cooking. Regards Gian

By Deb on Feb 18, 2013

:?: I have to travel to Atlanta (4 hours away) for my Indian spices/ingredients. I have looked for Asafoetida every time I go and cannot find it. Does it have another name that may be on the packages? What purpose does it serve in recipes? I see that, generally, it only calls for a pinch so I am wondering if it is something that would be missed if left out.

Hey Deb, one of the most common brands for it is LG. Looks like the image below. And please do refer a reply from Gian Prakash above who explains it so well. Hope this helps --DK LG powder.

By Deb on Feb 18, 2013

:?: Is there a way to save recipes to a folder on this site?

By Priyanka Dharamsi, Indore on Feb 4, 2013

Hey! You guys are featured :-D in the Mumbai Samachaar's supplement "Interval" (It's a Gujarati newspaper), dated 30th January 2013. That's how I came to know about you. :-D My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed reading various recipes. We're gonna try them soon. You've got an amazing writing style and pictures are wonderful too. :mrgreen: Keep shining. Our best wishes.

Oh that's great to know. Thank you for bringing this to our notice. :) I am glad to hear that your mom and you like what you see. Means a lot. :)--DK

By Smitha on Feb 3, 2013

Hi DK, Chef in you is a one of a kind,awesome,fantastic website meant only for vegans like us. Searching thru hundreds of meat dishes to find one vegan dish drove me crazy. .One day by chance I found ur website & tried one of ur recipe(sabudana kichidi). Both hubby & son loved it .i took ur recipe as base & made changes to suit my taste.(hubby likes food crazy spicy).now planning for breakfast, lunch & dinner is very easy. Next planning to try kid friendly recipe for my nitpicking son.keep up the good work & looking forward to more recipes.

By krishnaraj merchant on Jan 30, 2013


By krishnaraj merchant on Jan 30, 2013


By Amee on Jan 28, 2013

Dear Both, We are based in mumbai, we have a live kitchen and we invite blogeers like you to conduct your workshops your blog is intresting and easy to understand , so please do let us know your views

By stephnie on Jan 24, 2013

:) really excited to find your site and the ingredients are just the type of food I prepare. Looking forward to the experience from your site.

Great to hear from a fellow foodie. Welcome and hope you have fun :) --DK

By siri on Jan 10, 2013

Glad that I landed here:) excellent space

By jaykris on Jan 8, 2013

Great site. This post conveys your hardwork,pleasure & pain you have experienced to bring out this blog. Sharing knowledge without any expectation needs a great & generous heart. Pain is yours & the pleasure is ours :-D . Btw a reader asked what does "D" mean and again btw somebody else called you dhivy in "sprouted ragi" post. Let the questioner come to his own conclusions :lol: Thanks a ton for your great work.!

Thanks for the kind word. Means a lot :) Well, let me tell you the primary reason for the name DK (i am not really trying to hide my name) instead of the full name. I wanted the food and writing to be the focus. A name, I find, takes on a much larger impact with a reader than the food. My name would tell you the region I am from, the caste and language I might represent and others. Though its good in one sense, in the other way it gives way to preconceived notions about my cooking. So, with DK, you just wonder about the full form but understand the food I put out here for what it is. So simply said, I want the food to be the hero(ine) as it deserves to be and not the author. This author is nothing without the food :) --DK

By Poorni on Nov 29, 2012

Great.. the recipes, the site, the stewise pics and esp. the witty writing makes your blog a very nice experience.. Need your version of avial and oolan recipes..

Thank you so much Poorni :).I already have the Aviyal recipe in the blog. Will post Olan when I make it for sure--DK

By Jodi on Oct 31, 2012

Just came across your wonderful website! I'm so overwhelmed by all of the delicious recipes here. Looking forward to giving many of these a try! Thank you!

By Gian Prakash - every one calls me GP on Oct 29, 2012

There are so many requests to let everyone know the full name behind D and K. I would urge not to do that. let it remain mysterious and short and sweet. BTW, your writing style is adorable. Simply from heart and at times no words missed, suitably replaced by ..... That is the way it should be. GP

Thank you for brightening up my day and making me more peppy than usual :) --DK

By Sangeeta on Oct 26, 2012

This is my Favoritest (I had to invent a word!) place to look for easy vegetarian recipies. Thankyou for the effort and dedication both of you put in so that our meals come out awesome!

Your comment is now one of my "Favoritest " too :) :) Thank you so much for the kind words. I am now even more motivated :) --DK

By Carina on Oct 20, 2012

:wink: I really do like your "About" - some of it sounds very familiar (as in my family, lol).

By Shruti Nargundkar on Sep 20, 2012

:) Ooooh! This is lovely! Painstaking thoughtfulness and such a passion for cooking and writing- and not to forget photographing! A great combination of tech savviness, creativity and culinary skills! I am very impressed by your work and team spirit! Wonderbar!

Thank you so much for the kind words. Means a lot to us. :) --DK

By kn on Jul 12, 2012

:wink: Good job for the great website!!! But you dont need to say sorry to meat eaters when they are searching for "rabbit" recipes! Meat eaters suck!

By Renata on Jul 3, 2012

For the last 2 years I'm Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian. I love to read your recepies although some of the dish I can't make because I can't find the ingredients in Croatia but you still give me ideas how to make a good meal for myself (other members of my family eat meat so I must cook two meals but this is not a problem for me any more). Greetings from Croatia!

Thank you so much :) --DK

By prabha on Jun 29, 2012

Hi D & K lovely website, I was looking for chutney that is served with surti lochho and so happy found it here,I am going to make it tonight. One more quick question guys, if you can suggest a mixie / blender right for Indian cooking in that is available in australia it would be great.keep up the good work.

By Gita on Jun 27, 2012

Dear D.......just went through your site/blog. Love all your recipes, especially since im a vegetarian, have to dig a lot for some good veg recipes. Thanks for sharing your tips and recipes. And the photos are awesome, just like some professional. Keep cooking.

By Anita on Jun 26, 2012

I recently discovered your website/blog. LOVE IT!!! Your photos add so much. I am not Indian, but three years ago I spent a month in Delhi and Jaipur and can't wait to go again, hopefully in January. I'm not vegetarian, but I have been cutting down on the meat that I eat just to be healthier. I love Indian food and intend to try a bunch from your list. Everything looks luscious.

By Graciela on Jun 13, 2012

Hi ChefInYou! I´ve just found your blog. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! for your time and effort in making such a wonderful website. I´m vegetarian, on-and-off vegan. I´m also leading vegetarian cooking classes once a month for the community. Classes take place in a church, they´re free, and the instructors/teachers are all volunteers. We´re trying to make a little difference by promoting a healthier way to cook and eat. I´ll be trying your recipes :wink: and may also be teaching them to my class. Thanks again guys, you have a big fan and follower from Buenos Aires, Argentina. :)

By Daisy on Jun 12, 2012

Very good from both of you. But why this hiding? D and K? People will like you if they know you-right? Anyway- upto you. Very nice...like the name and all the detailed description. :-D

We call it privacy :) But appreciate your kind feedback :) --DK

By Rayni on Jun 8, 2012

Ohhhhmygoodness! I just subscribed and I'm going to be copying your vegan dishes. So easy and they look so delicious. I'm sure they taste even better than they look! Just browsing through the vegan section is making me hungry and all of them are my favourite but his time I can actually cook them with your recipe. :-)

I am so glad to hear that Rayni. Hope you like the dishes you try from here. Happy cooking and feasting :) --DK

By alexandra on Jun 3, 2012

Hi, ChefInYou! I just ran into your site looking for apple strudel and loved it at first byte :-P What "really" won me over is the comment at the Turkish Baklava (which I could die for too u know...) claiming that you do not go nuts over chocholate! Me neither! so pls update your stats, you are not alone out there! Your site is really lovely, top to bottom, great recipes, photos and cooking advice. I am so lucky to have found you :lol: Please keep posting!

By snn on May 20, 2012

wow. very good site. hm i tried so many recipes from here.keep it up............ :-D

By vp on May 14, 2012

Its a wonderful website. I always refer your site for eggless baking recipies Thank you very much for making such a nice collection of multiple cusines . While seeing the recipies it brings a special interest and enthusiasm for cooking

By Organic.baker on Mar 22, 2012

Love your site!! I'm from Brazil and it is kinda hard to find good indian restaurants around here... So I try to cook these dishes at home. I am so happy I found you guys! It is great to know that my repertoire is much bigger now, thanks to you!! I have already tried the pooris, which turned out fantastic! Thank you so much, again!! :-D

By Sri Lakashmi on Mar 15, 2012

In most of the recipes i saw there was 1 teaspoon cumin-coriander powder.What does this mean,should i put both the powders or any one.Pls reply me as soon as possible as i am waiting to try ur recipe.Thanks.

I buy a blend which is actually "Cumin Coriander Powder" or in Hindi is termed as "Jeera Dhaniya" powder. Its a mix of both these powders that I use a lot in my recipes. You can buy that or simply used equal parts of cumin and coriander powder.So in this case use 1/2 tsp cumin powder and 1/2 tsp coriander powder --DK

By Chrissie on Feb 27, 2012

I found this site a few days ago and it represents exactly how I prepare food. I am a European but Asian food is at the core of my cooking and I also cook many other foods from around the World, always on a healthy tip. Thanks so much for all your hard work on this site. You can be assured it won't be wasted to me - I'll be popping in most days. Cx

By Neha on Feb 24, 2012

I love your site. I come here to check out stuff everyday. Even if i know how to make a dish, i just come over here to see if there is any other way that i can make it so that the dish turns out much more interesting. And the site had never failed me or let me down. I even dared to make a completely new dish at a party that i was hosting, (i never never experiment at a party just in case the dish turns out to be a disaster), and it turned out Fabulous, each and every person (ladies) were asking me for the recipe and i recomended your site. Well i would really really like to know what's D and K short for. What are your names????? If you don't mind that is... :-)

By dania on Jan 14, 2012

Peace. I'm from Saudi Arabia and soon I want to open a Swiss cafe meals:). The cafe takes the Swiss character. But I'm in trouble: (I do not know anything about Swiss meals for breakfast: (.,, Can you help me in that I am very grateful to you ^ ^

By donpin on Dec 24, 2011

i would lve to put a name and a fac to d and k so pl oblige

By Chaithali on Dec 14, 2011

Thank you.. you can find the post and my comments on http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=265820596808164&id=100001406765588&ref=notif&notif_t=feed_comment#!/events/123190241129688/

By Chaithali on Dec 13, 2011

Hi, Found you while on FB, Now you are my "go-to" site for festival cooking or at the end of my work day to decide dinner. While all recipes are doable, I secifically love your south Indian (tamil/telugu) festival recipes. I studied in hostels most of my life and never learned these hands-on but as in my genes abhore non-home made food on festivals, so this site is like god-send for me. I have recieved an invite to post a URL for a traditional Indian recipe from any site for an event, I would like to use one of yours (would be a direct url and hence completely credited to you) if that's ok with you. The event can be found under - http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/123190241129688/

I m so glad to hear your feedback Chaithali. Awesome readers like you is the reason Chef In You even exists. I would be honored to have this website mentioned by you :)

By Papiya Pal on Nov 3, 2011

I am new to the food blog world having created one (http://foodphotographypainting-atpapiya.blogspot.com/) very recently. I found your blog extremely well designed. What I liked best about your blog is the simplicity of all recepies. All the very best.

By Glenda on Nov 2, 2011

I am a new vegetarian (only two months) and thought I was doomed to a boring, staid diet. Your site has shown me otherwise... I love it, I love it, I love it. My husband is benefiting from it too - so thank you.

By Yoli on Oct 5, 2011

Thank you so very much for this delicious help to a person who would never have made "homemade" pumpkin if not for you D&K.

By roopa on Sep 20, 2011

very cool site.. thanks for sharing.. btw wat does D and K stands for?

By shivani on Sep 17, 2011


By Vinodhini on Aug 31, 2011

Receipes in chefinyou are really good. It is possible to add Non veg receipes ?

By Mitha on Aug 21, 2011

Hi! I recently tied the knot and am away from home....today being the first festival....wanted to impress my dearest hubby and tried the ppu cheedai, vella cheedai and the payasam....simply yummy.....thanks a tonne....keep up the excellent work & service :)

Thank you so much Sumitha. I am so glad to hear that :)

By La on Jul 20, 2011

Hi D, I have been following your website for a few months now and have recommended it to a few close friends and family too. You were my inspiration to start baking and for starting my own food blog a month ago. I could identify with you on a lot of counts. I have been reading a lot of food blogs lately and yours is the first site i am leaving a comment on. Keep up the great work! I hope i can do half a good job on my blog as you are doing on yours. Also may i say "amazing photos" :)

I am all smiles and cant stop grinning. Thanks for making my day :) . And welcome to this addictive world of food blogging!

By Tinny on Jun 22, 2011


By vineeta on Jun 21, 2011

:) gr8 job..........

By Sonia on May 25, 2011

Missing you and your posts !!!!

By Raksha on May 17, 2011

Just went thru this write-up, a wonderful one :) Ur garden is blooming :)

By poonam on Apr 12, 2011

V good...Love the FOOD

By gayathri on Mar 20, 2011

I have few doubts that is when preheating should i remove turntable and roller? And after preheating should i place grill for making cake or biscuts etc. for what receipe (veg) i could use grill?

By Sakshi on Mar 16, 2011

Oh ho ithuthaan ungal vanavaasa sthalama? :roll: romba santhosham feelings pannre readings your FAQ :mrgreen: I read that you don't promote stuffs unrelated to food, but my question is will you promote the blog of a Food Loving person like me? :twisted:

By manju on Mar 16, 2011

Aloha again, D -- I just realized you have a new site. I kind of fell out of blogging and reading other blogs while we were moving last year so I still have your old website and link on my site. Im going to update that right now! It's a beautiful new site. Great job!

By mrs. sg on Feb 26, 2011

"naked with respect to the process " Well said. Thank you for your generosity in this specific matter. It truly makes your efforts stand out in the sea of information that is available these days, but without this sincerity in intention to share your knowledge and experience. Your website is an honour to every mother and grandmother who selflessly toiled in kitchens through generations. Warm regards from a fan :-)

Thank you so much for the feedback and that too a very generous one. This makes all the effort worth it :)

By R&M on Feb 21, 2011

Hi D&K, Just saw your site and my wife (M) and I cannot wait to try these mouth-watering recipes! The site looks amazing! I wish I could EAT ALL of your dishes and morph into my hero, Gadothgajan!

By Pushpa Mohan on Feb 5, 2011

Only recently I came across this website and I have to say this is one of the best sites for vegetarian receipes. I have to say, Chef In You's detailed step by step instructions motivates someone like me who does not like to take risks, to try new receipes.

By Vona on Jan 19, 2011

Dear D thanks for your kind words about whole ragi! I sort of surmised that one had to find someone going to and coming back from India to get it! In the mean time I shall even contact the US dept of Agriculture and see what they know! Finger millet is sometimes used as a crop to stop errosian so perhaps they will know if I can get some!!! if I do I'll let you know and all the blog raders too! Hugs vona :-D

By P.K.VENKATRAMANI on Jan 19, 2011

A wonderful collection of recipes with mouthwatering snaps. Sorry, I cant try any of them as I cant even make tea for myself. But second best I have got my wife interested.Specially the akkaraivadisal and eggplant gotsu. Thanks.

By sonnett on Jan 9, 2011

hi DK!! I have only recently stumbled across your blog and i must say i am in love!!!! well done on a wonderful, useful and entertaining site! the cooking bug has recently bitten me and i am trying to explore with a new recipe every singled day, especially after discovering a wonderful thing called tofu!! never really knew about it before as it is not that "big" in south africa, but i have recently discovered a really awesome asian store hidden away that makes their own fresh batches daily and wow! it is dirt cheap!! i have been playing around with it in numerous ways in cooking and baking with awesome results. i also like the fact that you have so many veggie ideas for me as inspiration as here in SA that is one thing we have in abundance..... FRUIT and VEG!! i look forward to many more recipes and entertainig titbits from you guys!! keep up the good blog!! PS@ what on earth is asoefateida?? :wink:

By arthur escoto on Nov 7, 2010

Glad to find your beautiful site. I love chefs who take cooking artfully. Nothing satisfies more than food served to please the senses. I'll be following your healthy recipes!

By Vona Marengo on Oct 22, 2010

Hi Bala: I just went to the Patel Bros website for shopping and in put whole ragi and they only have powdered ragi no whole seeds! Was very sad! I just wrote to Bob's Red Mill to see if they have it! Hugs Vona

By Vona Marengo on Oct 22, 2010

Thanks for telling me that Patel Bros. has whole Ragi---well they may have it in some places but not in MA! I called two different stores and niether had it, only the flour sigh! If it turns upo anywhere else please let me know! Hugs Vona

By Bala on Oct 21, 2010

You can get whole ragi grain from Patel Brothers. Store locations link http://www.patelbros.com/ourstores.html

By Smitha on Sep 21, 2010

Hi DK, Recently discovered 'chefinyou' through a friend on facebook and have already tried two recipes - tawa pulao and the tomato pasta salad. Needless to say, both the dishes were really good. I think you guys are doing some great work. Keep it up and let me tell you chefinyou has a follower for life.

By Judy on Sep 13, 2010

I love, love, LOVE your site! I haven't tried anything yet but soon I will. Thanks for your hard work so I don't have to think about it! :lol:

By Sumi on Sep 5, 2010

I've just started a small cookery blog and was feeling very proud of it, but after seeing yours and reading the pains you have taken to create and establish this site over the months, I feel i have a very very long way to go. All the best for your website it was really "fantastic" in one word.

Every little work is an effort Sumi and the fact that you are proud of your site shows that there is effort. Without that hard work, you wont feel that satisfaction. The fact that you do tells me you have put in time and work for your blog and am sure every bit of your blog has taken equal if not more work than us too :) :) Keeping that in mind, your words mean a lot to us and your encouragement will motivate us to work even harder :)

By Vona Marengo on Aug 31, 2010

I can't find whole ragi grain! I keep looking and so far nothing!! i live in Worcester MA and have access to at least 5 local Indain food stores anly two even had ragi flour! Most just looked at me like I was nuts! Where do you find your ragi seeds? Is there an internet site that sells it in pulk? Thank you my dear I love your blog but don't often cook for my self but I keep your recipes so I can make some of them! Hugs Vona

Thank you so much Vona for your words of encouragement. Means a lot to us :) Yes, finding Ragi in the US seems to an almost impossible task. I actually managed to get my hands on some thanks to an Indian neighbor who got it from her trip back from India. I havent been able to find it here anywhere including the online stores :( If I get to know more about it, I will surely update :)

By Sarah on Aug 12, 2010

Trying out recipes from your sight has been a new weekly hobby for me. I would of never thought that I would be making vegan food in my free time (I'm a 20 year old college student =P). Thank you so much for the inspiration and of course the amazing food!

I am so happy to hear your feedback. Such words are what makes this site tick :)

By TEJAL on Jul 21, 2010


Dear tejal, I am immensely overwhelmed with your feedback about the site and our work. If this does not make us more motivated, nothing else will :) Thank you so much for this encouragement. Means a lot to us :)

By Priya on Jul 2, 2010

HI D/K, I recently came across this website. You guys are awesome. Nice recipe and really helps everybody to find 'CHEF IN YOU/US' :-P . Great job and great work. Keep rocking and post all the different kind of recipes. Love ya, Priya

Thats immensely sweet of you Priya. We are so glad to know that you think this of us :)

By Matthew on Jun 29, 2010

Hi D/K, Just wanted to thank you for investing in your "dream", and glad to see how well the garden is growing. I recently cited you guys on my nascent blog as a great place to check out... hope all is well and keep up the good work! -M&M

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Appreciate it :)

By marjorie zacharias on Jun 23, 2010

Hi DK, I came across your website on Face book .Must say that I never fail to check out the recipes everyday.I love the way you present the recipe and the pictures are awesome.Thank you for keeping me active in the kitchen . :lol:

Thank you so much Marjorie :) It pleases me to no end to know that this site is of some incentive to you :)

By Swapna on Jun 16, 2010

You have a lovely site DK. I have started baking so many items after coming to your site :). I have tried using "I Made This" to show what I made, but somehow always get an error :(. Anyways, great site... Thanks for awesome recipes.

By Petronilla Joseph on Jun 16, 2010

Baking has never been easier. Thank you DK. Love your recipes. I dreaded going to the kitchen or near the stove, but thanks to you... im beginning to embrace this new found love. I just love baking almost - every week LOL :) . My daughter (3 years old) is always exited to help me with the ingredients.

Thank you so much! I am so glad to be of help :) --DK

By Foodie on May 19, 2010

Your categorization of recipes is all wrong. Everything should go under 'Appetizers', I say. Because they are all so damn appetizing!

LOL! You know to make our day - dont you now ;) Thanks so much :) --DK

By Fay on May 18, 2010

You use cup in your recipes. Is that US cup or UK cup measurement?

Its US cup measurement Fay :) --DK

By Lori Curtis on May 16, 2010

Hi DK!! I've been coming to your site religiously for the past 2 months or so, and I can't believe I've never commented before. I've tried so many of your recipes and they are incredible, I promise to comment from now on at each different recipe. I've also just started a blog (TODAY) and part of it is trying out recipes I find on the internet, so you can be sure I'll be back a ton!! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I think what you're doing is great, and I love everything about your site. Thanks!!

I just can't thank you enough for giving such a generous and sweet feedback. Would love to see whatever you have tried. Will come and chk your site as soon as I can :) --DK

By Deepali on May 12, 2010

Hi DK, I just came across your site through Facebook and found it awesome....love your step by step instructions and photographs...will definitely try some recipes and tell my friends about the site

By Roochi on May 9, 2010

Hi DK, I visit your site when ever I get some time. The perfection and the neat pics makes me go organized for few days in my kitchen, then i get back to my unorganised state though in few days. I have picked up doing varieties and also presenting them better than earlier from you. Thanks to D and K. K especially for being by your side to come up with this site.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words :) And yes without K this wud not have been possible. His myriad tastebuds, his critical evaluation and his support has made CIY possible :) Will pass on your words to him too :) --DK

By Hamsa on Apr 30, 2010

I came across your website through Facebook today ( A cousin of mine "liked" your profile on FB). OMG I must say I love your site. I haven't come across such a wonderful site in so long. I've bookmarked at least 10 recipes to try out this weekend (ok a little too optimistic..say this week)...Awesome pics..Awesome recipes..I am so excited you have a recipe for Mujaddara..Can't wait to try it out.. Good luck..Keep up the awesome work !!!

Thank you so much Hamsa. I hope you enjoy the recipes tried from here. Your feedback would be appreciated :) --DK

By Mona on Apr 15, 2010

I came across this site via Facebook, and must say - It is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I'm so impressed! I usually cook something new/special on Sundays. I have bookmarked a dozen of your recipes and I'm gonna try them all. It is so nice to see a husband and wife with a common interest. I'm sure you guys have a busy family life/career, and yet you are able to maintain such a wonderful website. There is a saying "When love and skill work together, expect a miracle!". This website is clear testimony to the fact. Anyways, I am known among friends and family as a pretty decent cook myself. But one thing that I just cannot get right is Phulkas! Can you provide step by step insructions, with as much detail as possible (amount of flour, water, how thin to roll, how high the flame, how long to cook, best utensil to use ...& so on..) for the "Perfect Puffed-up Phulka" please? Thanks! - Mona

Thank you so much Mona :) Made our day :) I will surely post Phulkas soon :) --DK

By Sashi on Apr 5, 2010

Hi DK, first time here. Love the look and feel of ur website. Great job. It was a nice read about you. Will follow you to get updates with tons of veg recipes. Keep Rocking.

Thanks Sashi :) Glad to have u drop by and hope you like whatever you see :) --DK

By Preethi on Mar 23, 2010

Hey DK, Love all your recipes especially the authentic South Indian ones! The pics that go with them (step by step) are neat :!: Not too many blogs like this. Gotto Bookmark. Cheers Preethi

Thank you dear Preethi :) --DK

By Natasha on Mar 18, 2010

I just came across you website and I'm so impressed. I will definitely be trying out many of your dishes!! I've added you to my blogroll. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you Natasha. Hope you like whatever you make from here :) --DK

By Sudha on Mar 9, 2010

Hey Guys, you got such a nice recipes. Some are very creative. Very nice site. I now decide to visit often and cook atleast one of urs once a week. Thanks for sharing with everyone. :-D Sudha

You made our day Sudha :) --DK

By Remya Sushanth on Feb 18, 2010

Hi DK, I visited your site for the first time today and i must say everything was so impressive and good looking... I am so happy that i stopped by your site and went through the recipes... :) Its a really great job that you guys have put forth... Congrats and keep going....

Thank you so much Remya. Means a lot to us :) --DK

By Aditi on Jan 26, 2010

Hi DK, its me again Aditi, Today again I had some time on hand and for some reason whenever I have some time on hand I have to browse your website it just makes me feel nice...I don't know why or how, I don't even know how to describe that particular feeling, almost like how one feels when one enters one's mom's kitchen and the feeling you get just thinking about it, its not just the food, but the whole experience of that moment where mom is cooking, the smells, the aroma, the talks..well that is how I feel when I am reading your posts :). After reading this post I now totally understand why I get that feeling. You have this wonderful garden which you treat not just as yours but for the community...."Come not only visit the garden but try doing it yourself too". My mom says "that food is the best way to create cheer and by the way it does not have to be fancy". I have been a die hard follower of that mantra ever since I got married. I get the same exact feeling, of you encouraging your readers, followers to enjoy the cooking experience. So kudos to the DK team and keep doing whatever you are doing because let me assure you its working!! TC, Aditi

This is overwhelmingly generous and kind of you. Precious words indeed :) --DK

By Yaelian on Jan 26, 2010

I am so happy to have found your great blog :-P

By BHUVANESHWARI on Jan 20, 2010

hey bhuvaneshwari again. actually i want to share with you some of my flashback too. :arrow: honestly speaking i don't know how to start or rather where to start... one fine day i was in search for really interesting dishes and it led me to your website. :?: i must thank the search engine for that as i have landed on the right place, on the hands of a good chef or should i say the fingertips of a good chef, as you whip up some reallllllllllllly interesting mouth watering dishes. Also i would like to remind of the popular tamil saying one who plants the tree would water it... :!: that goes in the translated version :lol: so enjoy the great work.. indeed we as browsers :roll: regular visitors of this website are enjoying the work that reflects in front of our eyes, as well as the story behing every recipe of your. :) kudos to the two of you for keeping up the good work. My hearty wishes for you two to continue this. bye for now 8)

Bhuvaneshwari, you literally made our day :) We couldnt have asked for more..Thank you so much for giving us such a generous feedback. Appreciate it so much :) --DK

By Shradha on Jan 7, 2010

Hi DK, You have a great website design and layout along with mouth watering pictures. In the past I have almost been a baking failure. I am looking forward to bake some of your baked dishes in hopes of learning to bake :).

Thank you so much Shradha. :) I am sure you will do a great job at Baking. Don't hesitate to drop me a line in case of any doubt and I would be glad to help. Any number of questions are welcome :) --DK

By Anshika on Dec 7, 2009

:) Found the layout of your site to be beautiful. You both deserve a pat on your backs. The content is absolutely ravishing making me hungry all the time I go through it. To sum up Great work guys !!

Hey Anshika - thanks a bunch for your kind words :) We appreciate it -- DK

By xxxxxxxx on Dec 4, 2009

Many people consider eggs non-veg, more so in a country called India.

Hi "xxxxxxx" (!!) Many ppl consider fish as vegetarian in many other parts of the world and I am not going to call them wrong either. What ppl consider changes from place to place but dictionary remains constant everywhere. I am making life easier for me by keeping it that way!--DK

By arundati on Nov 30, 2009

your ven pongal pic has been copied here...http://www.radhaskitchenaroma.com/2009/03/ven-pongal-tamil-recipe.html

Every single word - come to think of it, every single letter is copied! Not to mention the picture!!! Have left a comment (as always!) - Gawd so many freeloaders. Thanks Aru for letting me know! -- DK

By Rich on Nov 16, 2009

Hello! I just discovered your site. I have to say that it is a great site with some terrific recipes and outstanding photos! Don't know if you do a link exchange or not but I will definetly link to you from my site! Kind regards and best wishes with your venture! Rich www.not-just-recipes.com

Thank you Rich for your wonderful words :) I dont do 'link exchange' per se but I have a blogroll where I categorize cooking/food based blogs and websites under various relevant headings. I have added your link here - http://chefinyou.com/blogroll/. Appreciate your interest in Chef In You

By CurryLeaf on Nov 12, 2009

Wow,love this garden DK.Esp the new look is superb.Reading the about page for the first time

By Spice on Nov 6, 2009

Hi DK, remember me...I send u mine choc. drooling orange jack-o-lantern for pumpgrin....i'm just going thru your site...like it....nice write up here in this page.....though u guys are really doing good but still my good wishes to both of you..... spice

Of course I remember you :) Ever good wish sent our way is a blessing. Appreciate yours and highly welcomed with open arms :) -- DK

By Alesia on Nov 6, 2009

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog while searching on how to make pumpkin puree from scratch and I love your blog instantly! :mrgreen: Looking forward to more great posts from you :wink: From your new follower Alesia, the home cook

Dear Alesia, thanks a lot for your encouraging words. Made my day :)

By Priya Srinivasan on Sep 15, 2009

Hi! DK, I have been following ur blog and tried some of ur great baking recipes. ur blog has been a great inspiration for me to start my own. the way u present ur recipe, awesome!!! i have jus started with my blog. hope to do it better. Good Day Priyavaasu

Dear Priya, Its indeed heartening to note your comment. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for making my day :) Will def, check your blog - DK

I am not able to access your blog? It says 'it does not exist' - can you pls provide me with your blog url again ? - DK

By Raje on Aug 29, 2009

Hi DK, Thanks for visiting my blog and your feedback. I am a frequent visitor and follower of yours I love the excellent design and content. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll-:) Raje

By Dibs on Jul 29, 2009

Your blog has an amazing design and layout! Its takes a LOT of effort to get up something like this --- have been thinking about doing that for nearly a year now, so can understand all you've gone through!! ! Kudos to you!

Thank you for your kind comment. It indeed feels good to be appreciated :)

By Deepthi on May 25, 2009

Hey DK, Congrats on the new website! I am very happy to see this development and the recipes look yummy :) I hope you will do more of these and add to this site. Good Luck!! We miss your dishes in our potlucks here..:D Always your well wisher... Deeps

Hey Deeps! I gotto tell u, ur comment took me by surprise. So nice of you to leave me one! yes rey I miss those potlucks and Friday specials :( I still remember our meet with lots of Pizza's and dance at ur place! It seems so long ago! Miss you guyz a LOT! Hopefully I get to visit Seattle and visit you all and the little ones :)

By Madhuram on May 19, 2009

DK, the layout of the blog is AWESOME and looks very professional. Kudos to both the gardeners.

Thanks Madhu :) The Gardeners are glad to hear that ;)