Cranberry Recipes Cranberries are a major crop in the U.S as well Canada. These shiny red berries are available as fresh, frozen or in the dried (and sweetened) form. How to they taste? Cranberries have a sharp sour taste (tart), at times even bitter. How are they commonly consumed? Its usage is mostly in the form of juices, cocktails, as sauces or in baked goods where its sharp taste is made mild by adding other complimentary ingredients. They are mostly processed into juices and sauces in the food market.The cooked cranberry sauce is famously made as an accompaniment for Turkey during Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners. Season? They are available fresh during the months October-December. The frozen and the dried cranberries are available throughout the year. How to buy? Buy only firm ones with smooth, shiny surfaces. Discard any shriveled, wrinkled or discolored berries. How to store? They keep well in the fridge for about a month or two. Keep them tightly wrapped. Or you can freeze them for upto a year. How to freeze cranberries? Wash them with water. Drain them well in a colander. Dry them completely. You can either put them on a flat surface (baking sheet/plate), spread them out and freeze them. But if short on space, place them in a container that will fit your freezer. They might clump together but its not an issue since they come apart fairly easily. Place them in the coldest part of the freezer overnight until frozen. Now place these in a ziplock bag (after letting out the air from the bag), close and store in the freezer. Or you can also use the nifty vacuum sealing devices to do the same. Make sure to mark down the date (when you froze them) on the bag before placing the cranberries. How to prepare cranberries? Due to their tart taste, its most often cooked along with sugar or any other sweet fruit. They make delicious chutney and sauces. They are also wonderful in baked goods like muffins, breads, pies and cobblers. Dried cranberries are already sweetened and hence can be used like how you would use raisins. What are the health benefits of Cranberries? 1. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins 2. Drinking cranberry juice is known to prevent Urinary tract infections (UTIs) 3. They help prevent plaque formation on teeth. 4. It may help increase HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) Some Recipes with Cranberry (See all Cranberry Recipes) 1. Eggless Cranberry Nut Muffins 2. Cranberry Orange Bread 3. Cranberry Oat Bars 4. Maple Cranberry Sauce with Walnuts 5. Cranberry and Apple Pie

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