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Every summer I find myself going completely ga-ga over strawberries! This summer was no different, when I went overboard with various strawberry based delights - be it Strawberry Shortcake, Eggless Strawberry Cake, Eggless Strawberry Icecream and Strawberry Creme Frappuccino to name just a few. And yet, I find myself completely mesmerized every time I walk by these beauties at my Farmer's market. The last weekend grocery shopping was no different with me grabbing a huge box of these luscious berries.
Lemonade Recipes | Strawberry Recipes | Sugar Free Drink Recipes
Since it was unbearably hot the other day, I thought of making myself something chilled. With the intoxicating aroma of strawberries beckoning my name, I immediately thought Lemonade. I also recalled one of my readers asking me for my version of the recipe (err...well, this is not really much of a recipe as such!) where she wanted to know approximate proportions of strawberries versus lemons. I personally would say that keep this recipe as a base and develop your own version. Its THAT easy to customize. The only point of recommendation from me - choose in season strawberries. They are the most reddest and sweetest.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes 3 quarts/ almost 2 litres
  • 2 cups ( abt 1lb/460grams) Strawberries - see Tips
  • 3 cups Lemon juice, see Tips
  • 1 tbsp Lemon zest, optional
  • Agave/Coconut Sugar/Honey/Maple Syrup to taste (see Tips)
  • 6 cups chilled water, or as needed
  • Ice cubes, to serve
1) Strawberries: You would need around 15-20 strawberries to make a pound. The in season strawberries taste the best in my opinion and are the sweetest. That makes all the difference to this otherwise simple lemonade.
2) Lemon: The amount of lemon will depend largely on the sweetness of the strawberries and your own taste preference. So start with 1-2 cups and then gradually add in more as needed. I have also made this using Meyer Lemons and love that version as well.
3) Sweetener: Instead of white refined sugar, you can try any other unrefined sweetener to taste. Since Agave Nectar is still undergoing massive debate on weather its refined or not, I am not entirely sure about using it on a regular basis. But since I have a bottle to finish, I have used that for this recipe. Its more concentrated form of sugar, hence a wee little bit - say 3-4 tbsp should be enough. If this is all a jargon, simple use around 1/2 to 1 cups of white sugar instead (or to taste).
1. Trim and hull the strawberries. Chop them coarsely to make it easy to process.
2. Place them in juicer/processor along with lemon juice in batches
3. and puree until smooth.
4. Strain the puree.
5. Transfer into the serving jug
6. and add the required amount of cold water.
7. Next add in the sweetener of your choice
8. and mix until combined.
Serve with additional ice cubes. Lemonade Recipes | Strawberry Recipes | Sugar Free Drink Recipes

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By Tayyab on Apr 12, 2015

:roll: first we shall prepare it then we should leave any good or bad comment..

By Tayyab on Apr 12, 2015

:roll: first we shall prepare it then we should leave any good or bad comment.. :-P by the way the process is so easy....

By Weekly Meal Plan – Making everyday cooking easy – #8 on Jun 8, 2013

[...] Bisebella Baath , Papadam, Strawberry lemonade [...]

By Archana on Sep 3, 2012

Looks so awesome.

By Bijal on Aug 25, 2012

Damn refreshing drink!!!

By Parul on Aug 24, 2012

It looks beautiful ... And I am sure it would taste great too .. Will try it soon.

By Poornima on Aug 23, 2012

That looks so good...I can never have enough strawberries!

By Dr.Sameena on Aug 23, 2012

love the lemonade..love the deep rich colour of it...beautiful step by step preparation...:)

By lini on Aug 23, 2012

:-D supercool reciepie!!!!and so easy to make!!A super star in kitty party!!!Can do a twist by adding some ginger / mint to it!

By Siri on Aug 23, 2012

the deep hue of the drink is so refreshing. Yum Yum! :-D Siri :)

By Cassandra on Aug 23, 2012

Mmmmmmmmmm. This sounds so good!! As soon as I get a blender, I'll be making this.