Indian Bread Raita Recipe
Here I am, making this so often that I did not even take it seriously! Only recently when a reader pointed it out to me that I actually realized that in 400 odd posts that I have here, I don't even have one raita recipe!!!!! Not even one!! I was surprised! There are umpteenth raita varieties. Raita is a Indian Condiments which is made from Yogurt. Call it dip or sauce, it is a must especially in the Northern parts of India. What is called as "Raita" in the North is called as "Pacchadi" in the South (with the exception of Andhra State - I think there it also means pickles/sauce not necessarily made with yogurt)
Indian Bread Raita Recipe
When I landed in the U.S.A I was astounded to see so many varieties of yogurt. I took it for granted that yogurt was a staple here too just like in India! I couldn't have been so wrong. In India, its hard to imagine a meal without having curd/yogurt in it. South Indians have the habit of finishing their meal with curd/yogurt rice as their last course. Where steamed rice is mixed with plain curd and enjoyed with Indian pickle. So you can go to any Indian household and know for sure they carry yogurt :) Indian Bread Raita Recipe My mother chanced upon this raita as a fluke. She makes yummy pulao during weekends which she garnished with fried bread croutons. Once she made croutons in excess (not that we would have minded! We love it), she just dropped some in the raita she had made. They tasted equally delicious. I make it often too - but instead of frying the bread, I dry toast them. Either in a skillet or in an Oven. Also my mother used to use white bread (whole wheat bread used to suck big time in India during that time) - but here with so many healthier options available, I use them. Lets go to the recipe
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 2 cups plain thick yogurt (make sure its not sour - they make the best raita)
  • 3 slices of bread (I used 7 wholegrain and flax seed bread)
  • 1-2 green chillies, thinly sliced (as per taste)
  • salt to taste (try black salt from Indian stores for the authentic taste)
  • 1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder (sometimes I use cumin-coriander powder too!We like it)
  • few stalks of cilantro, chopped
1. Slice the ends of the bread. This step is not really necessary and I don't take the trouble to do it on a day to day basis :)
2. Cut them into cubes to make the croutons.
3. Spread them on a baking sheet and toast them in a 350F oven for 5-10 minutes until done. You can do this on a skillet - will save time :) My oven was already on and I was using it for something else, hence used it.
4. Meanwhile take the thick yogurt and place it in a bowl
5. Add the cumin powder, chillies, salt and cilantro. Beat it well.
Just before serving the raita add the croutons. Adding it before hand will make the bread disintegrate in the raita. We want it soft and NOT mushy. If you like, garnish it with some more roasted cumin powder and chilli powder. Indian Bread Raita Recipe

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2 Member Reviews

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By jyothipriya on Mar 8, 2011


  It was simple and tasty...goes well with tawa pulao.




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By Padmajha on Oct 22, 2010

I love raitas with anythingin it and I don't know how i missed this recipe.Lucky I saw it and paired it with ur chickpea rice.

I just left out the green chilles and added a bit of red chilli powder so that Lil angel can enjoy it too...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe Divi


By domain on Aug 20, 2014

When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment. Is there a means you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

By Cold comfort | How To on Jan 16, 2011

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By Jyostna on Oct 27, 2010

Hey just to add more info to Andhra pickles....this varielty with curd is called perugu pacchadi (perugu is curd).We make it as a main course with our regular meal adding variety of veggies....say.....tomato perugu pacchadi , vonkaya ( brinjal ) perugu pacchadi , potlakaya perugu pacchadi ( snake guard ) are famous of these kind. Or we sometimes simply make " menthi majjiga " menthi is methi. Feels so good starting the day , browsing ur new entries.Can u post or send me a link if u have already posted a plain maida-egg cake.I want to try it with our new OTG.

By Cold comfort « Quick Indian Cooking on May 13, 2010

[...] also DK’s Bread Raita, MD’s version of Bhindi Raita, and my personal favourites Cucumber Raita and Anda Raita. [...]

By shubhada moghe on May 1, 2010

love d recepi will try but sure will taste yummy

By Sharmilee on May 1, 2010

Creamy and innovative raita....looks yum!

By Panchpakwan on Apr 29, 2010

Wow that so innovative raita..Loved it ! :)

By CurryLeaf on Apr 29, 2010

Wow,love the pics and the dish.I have seen this with deep fried bread cubes and so thinking it greasy always avoided it.Never thght of toasting the cubes and must try with cumin -coriander powder. :-P

By Payal on Apr 29, 2010

wow! that turned out to be cool I tried.....thks :-P

By swathi on Apr 28, 2010

Divya, Raita is new and creamy one. I need to try some time.

By Tejal on Apr 28, 2010

This reminds me of my Dahi wada..but with bread. Bread slice top with raita, another slice of bread, more raita, then sweet chutney, green spicy coriander chutney, some sev and coriander to top...yumm.. Fabulous pics..drooling over my keyboard :D

By Monika on Apr 28, 2010

I saw it today and knew had to try it out, raita is a everyday affair in our house specially in summers and everyone enjoyed it awesome

By Richa on Apr 28, 2010


By Priya on Apr 28, 2010

Wat a prefect way to give a second life to stale bread slices, raita looks super cute and thanks for sharing..

By Alka on Apr 27, 2010

Looks delicious...and BTW we make chaat with this..just like whenever there are unexpected guests or when I have that emergency to satisfy my cravings for a good chaat, I tend to make this....though with fried croutons ;-) Cooling the croutons to room temp., and pouring some seasoned curd, sweet tamarind/date chutney, some boiled and mashed potatoes, some boondi and fine sev(nylon sev)..and amazing chaat is ready to binge upon...Bon App├ętit ;-)

By Indrani on Apr 27, 2010

raita looks so preety...Dhivya.

By Mayuri on Apr 27, 2010

The bread raita looks awesome !! I know the taste of bread with yogurt is delicious because I love eating bread(plain or toasted) dipped in yogurt,that is my favorite snack.

By Priya Srinivasan on Apr 27, 2010

Wow!!! Raita is so Inviting!!!

By musical on Apr 27, 2010

Love it!

By Divya on Apr 27, 2010

A totally new recipe..I am gonna try this!!

By jay on Apr 27, 2010


By sheba on Apr 27, 2010

lovely gonna have to try this soon

Thanks Sheba - do try and hope you like it :) --DK

By Jenny B on Apr 27, 2010

Wow! This is a great idea. Bet it would be a nice way to use up those slightly stale bits of bread I always seem to have (same concept as French onion soup).

Yes Jenny. This is a perfect solution to stale bread. I always have them around too! Its so simple and delicious with Indian spicy dishes. Protein and calcium :) --DK

By shobana on Apr 27, 2010

Wow...raitha luks rich and nice innovative one too:)

Thanks Shobana :) --DK