Fresh Cranberry Bean Recipes | Summer Recipes
I am among the rare female population who don't enjoy shopping. Shopping for the "good stuff" anyways - like clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories etc. My so called self maintenance - in the way the current "society" of  women define the word - is nonexistent. I lack the patience and the ability to indulge myself that way. Now now waittaminute - If you are imagining  a  cave woman look alike - me, I am not there...yet! At least those who have seen me will vouch for that. I am sorry to burst your imaginative bubble if you conjured up a Medusa clone making all these meals at Chef In You (LOL! That actually cracked me up!).
Fresh Cranberry Bean Recipes | Summer Recipes
Instead what makes me squeals with unbridled joy is taking a gander and gaping like an idiot down the aisles of Farmer's market. I see the fresh produce the same way a normal sane woman would look at fashionable clothes that's on sale (well that's the description given by one of my friends anyways!). I read the label of wholegrains (and stuff) at Whole Foods Market, the same way a fashionista would for a designer label. Sigh! I wish I was complaining, but I am so NOT. And that's exactly the same pattern that followed the other day when I spotted these fresh cranberry beans in my farmer's market. I jumped with excitement (obviously forgetting my so called oath to behave less child-like and more like a mature "refined" woman!) and got myself some.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 8 oz (abt 225 grams) fresh shelled Cranberry Beans
  • 1 Onion, chopped
  • 1 Jalapeno, seeded - or to taste (optional)
  • 1-2 Garlic cloves
  • 4 med-large (abt 12 oz) ripe Tomatoes, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp dried Oregano,
  • 1/2 tsp dried Thyme,
  • Sugar to taste, optional (if tomatoes are off season)
  • Salt to taste
  • Few fresh oregano leaves to garnish
1. Combine the beans, salt and water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.
2. Bring it med heat and cook until tender. Takes around 10-12 minutes.
3. While that's cooking, saute the onion and garlic in a skillet in 1 tsp oil.
4. When soft, add the chopped tomatoes along with the dried herbs. Add about 1 cup water
5. and bring to a boil
6. Cook until the tomatoes soften. You can add sugar is your tomatoes are tangy. Mostly you wont need this when using seasonal and ripe tomatoes. Add the beans.
7. Cook for another 5-10 minutes. You can mash some beans to thicken the stew.
Garnish with fresh oregano and serve hot. Try it with flatbread, Indian rotis, (even flour tortillas work), bread etc. We especially loved the leftovers added on top of Bruschetta the next day (along with some basil pesto). Fresh Cranberry Bean Recipes | Summer Recipes

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By Ishıl on Apr 10, 2016

Looks great! In its Aegean version, this stew sits overnight and is served cold with fresh parsley and lemon juice rather than oregano. I'm.sure you'd love that version, too!

By Krista on Oct 11, 2012

I got a big chuckle when I read your description of yourself at the market. You so described me. I hate shopping for clothes and such, but love to shop for fresh fruits and veggies. However, where I live the closest farmer market is 2 hours away, very sad. While visiting CO this summer, my mom took me to her farmers market and I was like a child in a candy store. I was in love! I was loving it, but my boys were not as enthused (sigh). Thank you for sharing, I don't feel so alone in my love for loving food shopping. :-D

By Lauren on Sep 6, 2012

Just got some cranberry beans this week in my CSA Farm Share, can't wait to try this simple but delicious looking recipe!

By Priya on Jun 29, 2012

Never cooked this beans, stew looks awesome.

By Scott on Jun 29, 2012

Looks like a good, simple recipe. If I was to make this using dried beans, what amount would I use?

By karishma on Jun 28, 2012

Cant wait to try this recipe. but can you tell me what i can use instead of jalapeno?

Regular Green chilies as per your taste preference can also be used --DK

By Madhuram on Jun 28, 2012

You are not alone Dhivi. I too am like that. My husband stopped going out with me for grocery shopping because by the time I pick each item, read the label and compare he loses his patience/temper. When we moved to Canada, I found out this amazing grocery store and I used to go there almost every other day and spend easily 2 hours. He used to comment that the people at the store will think that I'm their employee and will handover a paycheck. It's been a while since I visited our farmer's market. Ours is open from the 1st week of June to the last week of October. Your post reminds me to go there this weekend.