Vella Seedai (Sweet Cheedai)

By DK on Aug 13, 2009
How to make vella seedai/cheedai
After eating my mother's ears off to get this recipe with lots of tips and tricks (can't help but love her!), I sat down to bribe Lord Krishna for this Janmashtami ( Krishna's Bday ) with something sweet after all those delicious savory. snacks Uppu cheedai has a sweet counterpart which is this Vella Cheedai. The word "vella" in tamil denotes Vellam which means Jaggery. This recipe which is almost same as Salt cheedai uses jaggery syrup to add to its sweetness which going by Indian sweets is not that sweet.
How to make vella seedai/cheedai
I still remember the days of Krishna Jayanthi back home when my mom used to end up eating Vella Seedai all alone since rest of us (my dad, my sis and me) would eat (and finish) the rest of the savories!!!!  Its a good thing that my mom has sweet tooth (no..I should say teeth or mouth!) since the rest of us dint seem to share her sugary palate. I hear things have changed a bit back home - my father has a sudden fascination for sweets nowadays ( or to be more precise ever since he was advised against eating them thanks to diabetes) and my sister also seems to have taken fancy to sweets (ever since she became 'figure' conscious!) Go Figure ;) How to make vella seedai/cheedai As for me, I haven't changed much on that end and I have a partner who is just like me! So for those who wonder what I end up doing with all cakes and sweet nothings that I make at Chef In You - well all I will tell you is that "I make a great neighbor" ;) Now lets go and make this Vella Cheedai and give it to Lord Krishna shall we?
Basic Information
Prep Time: 1 to 2 hours
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Yield: Makes around 20-25 depending on the size
  • 1 cup sifted Rice Flour
  • 2 tsp Urad Dal flour / Ullathamaavu (See how to make here)
  • 1 tbsp freshly grated coconut ( or if you can, cut small thinly chopped coconut pieces)
  • 1 cup Jaggery
  • pinch of cardamom powder
  • 1/4 tsp white Sesame seeds ( I personally like sesame seeds, hence added a little more)
If you have those thick slabs/chunks of jaggery, then using some heavy stone, skillet or mortar base - break them into small pieces. Or if you have the patience, grate the jaggery.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Pour down 1 cup of hot water to the jaggery and let it sit for at least 40 minutes.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
This is to help the jaggery get soft making it easier to break it down easily. If you are using grated jaggery, then few minutes with water should do to make it come together like a syrup.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Meanwhile, in a skillet dry roast the rice flour until aromatic - about a minute or so. Do it in low heat - don't burn the flour. Set aside to cool it down.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
In the same skillet, dry toast the sesame seeds - less than 30 seconds or so. Set aside.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Add 1/2 tsp Ghee, and the coconut pieces and give it a stir until the raw smell of the coconut is replaced by toasted coconut - about 30-50 sec. Set aside.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Now using a strainer, strain the jaggery water mixture. It will remove all big pieces and debris if any.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Warm this jaggery syrup in the same skillet. Add cardamom powder. Give it one quick stir and take off the stove. This is only to warm it a bit.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Add all the dry ingredients together along with coconut.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Now slowly spoon by spoon add the jaggery syrup to form one tight dough. Too much liquid will spoil the recipe.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Sometimes depending on the quality of the flour, you may require the full jaggery syrup or just half of it. So take care of the liquid addition.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Set aside for at least 30 min. This enables the flour to absorb all the flavors. Place a damp cloth/paper towel. Take a small piece of the dough and using a greased palm, roll it out into small balls. These are usually a little bigger than Uppu seedai
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Drop few at a time in oil and deep fry.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Lots of bubbles will appear in the beginning
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Slowly move it around to prevent it from sticking to one another.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Fry to deep brown. A few cracks here and there on the surface of these Seedai's are perfectly normal. Just make sure that they don't come apart - then something is surely wrong!
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Make sure the oil is med-high hot - too hot, the outer will blacken faster but the inside wont get done. Drain in paper towels to remove excess oil.
How to make Vella seedai/cheedai
Enjoy, of course after praying and making an offering to Lord Krishna - remember it was for him in the first place(!!) How to make vella seedai/cheedai
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40 Responses to “Vella Seedai (Sweet Cheedai)”
  1. Gita Iyer

    Is 1 cup rice powder measure the measuring cup measurement? And the Tsp. Measure of iPad dal flr.,the measuring spoon tea spoon?

  2. Sudha

    I made them today, is it supposed to be a bit powdery kind dough inside, or is it that I cooked it too fast on a higher flamer just the exterior(I had kept it at med high as you said), also I had left the dough for about 50 mins, is that why it turned out a bit powdery, was fine to make to balls with some fist work and greased palm

  3. Uma narayan

    hi , I tried out the Vella seedais, excellent results , every year I prepare most of the items for Krishna jayanthi and generally all of them turn out well . Last year the Vella seedais did not come out well . Many thanks for the simple instructions . Happy Krishna jayanthi to you ,

  4. janaki

    superb recipe. i made 24 cheedais with 2 cups rice powder :wink: :)

  5. Shalima Khan

    Can we try baking these, I mean for health conscious ppl

  6. usha

    I tried the vella seedai recipe as you have said but when it tried to fry the same it actually split and spoilt the oil. what could be the mistake.

  7. rupa

    i have tried this before i just want to clarify that while making jaggery syrup no need to make it thick that is (single string or any thing) pls tell me about that

    NO strings, just warm up the syrup –DK

  8. Hi, I have tried your Vella seedai recipe this year & I escaped from the bursting seedai :wink: I have a question, my seedai was cooked to perfection tasted great but it was very hard I mean really hard to bite. What could have gone wrong? I felt when making seedai, that the dough was bit hard. Could that be the problem? Thank you in advance for your clarification. Regards, ramya.

  9. RUPA

    This is my 3rd year of making both the Vella and uppa cheddais based on the recipe and tips from your site. It was a delight and proud moment for me and my family. Also I have passed this method to my immediate family and we all want to thank you , though we make it only once a year , it was a relief for all with the outcome and the thought of making these dishes has disappeared. Finally Krishna is smiling including us. :lol:

    That was such a sweetest thing to say. Made my krishna jayanthi even special. I am humbled and can’t thank you enough for making me a small part of your festivities. :)–DK

  10. Raji

    Many thanks for your prompt reply, I am a novice and hence shall follow your easy version of preparing vella seedais. Happy Gokulashtami 2013! Raji

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