Murukku ( Chakli )

By DK on Sep 08, 2009
How to make Murukku (chakli)
Festivals in India are too many to sit and count. The country is almost always bursting in celebration in different location housing different cultures. People get together, share sweets and gifts and enjoy much fanfare observing some aspect of their heritage/religion. One cannot even come to imagine the bewitching time children have. For them, its more about holidays, cousins/friends getting together and most importantly - the food. For them, the importance of any given festival is decided by the food prepared - the more they like the snacks/sweets prepared for a particular festival, more they like that festival. At least that was how it was for me. I loved festivals like Diwali (crackers, new clothes and abundant savories prepared ) and Krishna Jayanthi ( I loved drawing small feet in the floor of our house and of course seedai's and Thattais) - and oh Vinayaka Chaturthi for those absolutely heavenly Kozhukattai's.
How to make Muruku (chakli)
One such savory prepared for Diwali and Krishna Jayanthi in our house by my mom used to be these Murukku. We used to love it to death and it used to get over even before one finished spelling the word Murukku. So much so that we pestered our mom to prepare it even otherwise, which she did in these huge air tight containers. Absolute bliss! I miss sitting around, having my mom prepare those as and when I craved for it. Times have changed - Now I am the one preparing this as and when my family craves for it!!!!! And thus during one such occasion, I prepared these and needless to say - they are over and I am being pestered to make some more.....I miss you mom :( I know what you went through :) How to make Murukku (chakli) All said and done - it can be prepared in a jiffy, if like me you don't have the time and patience to make it the traditional way. The traditional way dictates that you prepare the rice flour from scratch at home. The taste is beyond explanation. But instead of not doing it altogether, instead one can use Rice flour. I have always had the advantage of getting good quality rice flour from the stores and I use the same to make snacks which entail making some from scratch. These still come out extremely crunchy and yummy for me and lasts for at least a week in its crunchy taste ( I don't know after that since however many I make, they have never lasted more than that!) Lets go to the recipe shall we? How to make Murukku (chakli)
Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 30 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Yield: Makes around 10-15 medium sized murukkus
  • 2 cups rice flour (sifted well - also make sure there aren't any stones/debris etc)
  • 2 tsp. Urad dal flour ( see how to make Urad dal (black gram) flour here )
  • 2 tsp. melted butter (nope - ghee will not do)
  • approx 1/4-1/2 tsp Asafoetida powder
  • salt to taste ( it varies from family to family - apprx. 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp or as per taste)
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
How to make Murukku
Adding water little by little, form a stiff dough.
How to make Murukku
Now there are two ways to go about making these Murukku using the Murukku maker ( yes you need this to make  murukku ) Among different attachment that you get for this maker - you will find 1 star and 3 stars plates. Lets start with 1 star shall we? Using 1 Star attachment
How to make Murukku
Take the 1 star attachment and fix it to the maker. Alternatively take a damp clean cloth and lay it on the counter. Or use plastic sheet lightly brushed with oil/butter. Take a small amount of dough and place it inside the maker - the one which has narrow hole in it
How to make Murukku
Now place the other mould which is used to press the dough through the hole on top.
How to make Murukku
Press the dough on the plastic sheet and you will find the dough coming out shaped as per the one star attachment. Slightly rotate the maker round and round until you make a circle.
How to make Murukku
You can make as many spirals as you please.
How to make Murukku
Just remember that you would have to remove it from the plastic to your hands and then drop it into the hot oil.
How to make Murukku
With practice it gets easier to retain the shape of the circle while dropping into the oil.
How to make Murukku
Even if it gets shapeless - don't worry. It still tastes yummy :). Start with says 2 spirals, then slowly increase it as your confidence grows. Using 3 Star attachment
How to make Muruku (chakli)
This is much easier than 1 star - in the sense that you don't have to worry about maintaining the shape per se. Repeat the same process as mentioned for 1 star
How to make Murukku
- only that you wont get spirals to form a circle. Make sure you just spread it wide on the plastic and drop it in the oil.
How to make Murukku
You can completely skip the plastic/cloth for this attachment and if you are comfortable enough, just press the dough right on top of the oil. Press it until a sufficient amount has dropped into the oil and break off the rest of the dough from dropping - just stop pressing the maker.
How to make Murukku
Now fry them until done - You can make it red, light brown or golden as per preference.
How to make Murukku
Drain them on paper towels. How to make Murukku (chakli) Let them cool and store in air tight containers. Crunchy snacks right from heaven :) How to make Murukku (chakli)
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81 Responses to “Murukku ( Chakli )”
  1. can this murukku be baked instead of fried?

  2. Can this be baked instead of frying? Should the recipe change then?

  3. priyanandini kini

    Vow, I’m so happy, it came so well,same as my granny does. Thank u so much.

  4. Decima Frisk

    I just want to know what is ‘Asafoetida powder’?
    I have never heard thar name before. Is there anything else I can use instead? I don’t know if I can found that in Sweden. //Decima

    Its a spice. Skip it.Won’t harm the recipe –DK

  5. Prashant

    Is there a way to make them come out soft and chewy instead of crisp? That’s how my grandma used to make them.

  6. can u pls tel me 1 cup is equal to how many ml?
    So it wil be easy for me to try ur recipes as well as nothing wil go wrong. Waiting for ur reply. :?:

  7. geeta

    Dale, I think the dough is too thick to squeeze through a piping bag – it is, at least, as think as the bread dough.
    Would it be a disaster if I add more udad powder. Also, if I have to make the rice and udad powders myself, do I have to roast them before powdering or ar they used raw?

  8. Dale

    Can’t we use a piping bag instead of murukku maker?

  9. Aparna

    Hi suja, yes you can use boiled moong dal instead of urad dal. Just boil moong dal and mash it and add it in the bowl while making the stiff dough. Make sure you also add some jeera / ajwain powder to give it an extra taste and digestion boost. This makes the chakli a little tender yet crispy…….just melts in your mouth.

  10. fabitha

    :) awsome.. made them and are yummy

  11. chris

    Loved the chaklis, they were both yummy & crisp…. Will be making more in the future for sure. I made the batter a little too dry as they kept breaking while trying to make the circles. But no one cared as they were delicious all the same. thanks

  12. Zara

    superb crumcious loved it

  13. kamal


  14. kamal


  15. can i make this without urd dal powder (is there a substitute for urd dal ? ) i also want to know why is urd dal powder so important for this recipe. please reply

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