Indian Sprouted Ragi and Black eyed peas Cutlet recipe
Its been raining cats and dogs, literally! OK agreed that the cat jumped down from a roof to the ground to escape the pouring rain and the neighbor's dog jumped up and down seeing the cat - its still rain, cat and dog in the same picture. If you can welcome Modern Art, you should be able to digest my abstraction of this scene too!! Anyways, coming back to the rain part. I LOVE RAIN. Period. I sort'a blossom with every pitter-patter of droplets of water falling down from the dark jacket adorned clouds above! So all this excitement had to wear me out now, right? Hence was in the mood for some crunchy fried snack. Now, now how do I cheat my 'dratted' sub conscious of mine promptly directing my eyes to the weighing machine? (thinking..)(thinking....) OK too much thinking only makes me more hungry! Just went into my kitchen and collected ingredients, whatever caught my fancy.
Indian Sprouted Ragi and Black eyed peas Cutlet recipe
Panko Bread crumbs, Oil, Salt, Garam Masala, mmmm.........., Oh yes, Potatoes, spring onions, little cilantro and mint. That felt good. I placed a pan for shallow frying (see, no deep frying! Good girl, me). Then my eyes fell on my bamboo steamer which I use for sprouting and I saw some fresh sprouted Ragi...mmm... (thinking to myself - "OK you plan to enjoy frying, so while you are at it, why not add some healthy ingredients? You wont feel bad now, would you?") ..Ragi it is. But now that we are starting on the healthy route *burrowing deeper into pantry and finding..* Aha..Black eyed Peas. mmm..lets cook black eyed peas (it does not need pre soaking and cooks fairly quickly), Pressure cooker comes up and the peas are cooked in 10 minutes flat. Mushy works fine in this case since I am going to mash them anyway. Steam Potatoes on the side...I am all excited now! - Another Sprouted Ragi recipe goes into my repertoire. of course you can deep fry, shallow fry or bake them. Whatever strikes your fancy. This is protein rich and delicious snack. If your kids dont like sprouted 'anything' leave alone ragi, this is one good way to hide it dress it up along with black eyed peas. Indian Sprouted Ragi and Black eyed peas Cutlet recipe Without further ado, lets go to the recipe shall we? I basically eyeballed everything and hence I have given you approximate measurements. Use your discretion while making them. You might also be interested in: Ragi Related Posts: Sprouted Ragi Dosa, How to Make Ragi Flour,How to Sprout Ragi, Thalipeeth Patties and Croquette recipes: Baked Quinoa and mixed bean Croquettes Baked Falafel Burgers, Falafel, Brown Rice Patties, Soy Burger, Zucchini PattiesTempeh Cutlets
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Yields: Makes around 10-15 patties depending on the shape and thickess
  • 2 cups cooked Black Eyed Peas
  • 1/2 cup Sprouted Ragi (see how to)
  • 2-3 spring onions, chopped finely
  • 1 large potato, steamed ( I keep the skins on)
  • 1 tsp chilli powder/ 1-2 green chillies (or per taste)
  • 1 tsp garam masala
  • 1 tsp cumin-coriander powder(optional)
  • 4-5 tbsp soy flour (or you can use all purpose flour/corn flour)
  • 1-2 cups Panko (or you can use bread crumbs that you have on hand)
  • salt to taste
  • few sprigs of cilantro and mint (mint is optional)

Make sure to drain any cooking liquid from the black eyed peas. Use canned peas for a quick version

2. Grind it along with sprouted ragi, cilantro, mint and green chillies if using. You can also grind the Ragi first into a coarse paste and then add the black eyed peas and process it lightly. Whatever works for you.
3. It should be a thick batter and try to avoid adding any water if possible. Otherwise it would get harder to shape it into patties.
4. Now in a bowl, mash the steamed potatoes into paste,
5. add all the seasonings, the processed batter and onions (along with greens) and mix well until combined. You can actually taste a little of the mixture to see if you need any more seasoning. If too hard, add 1-2 drops of water or if too watery, add few tbsp of soy flour to thicken it up.
6. Place two plates side by side. In one plate spread the panko/bread crumbs. In another make a thin batter of soy flour and water. We need to lightly coat our patties. This step of course is not required. You can add the bread crumbs to the batter and shape into patties to save yourself some time. Drop the patties into the soy flour batter and coat it on both the sides lightly.
7. Now place that on the Panko Bread crumbs and coat it on all the sides.
8. Drop this in hot oil. Shallow fry or deep fry. Your preference. I took a small non stick skillet and added like 6-7 tbsp of oil to fry these.
9. until golden,reddish brown.
Place them in paper towels to drain excess oil and serve. Indian Sprouted Ragi and Black eyed peas Cutlet recipe

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By Nivi on May 21, 2014

Love the pictures as always!! The soy flour batter and THEN the bread crumbs is a genius idea besides super healthy....

By Donovan Lonie on Apr 8, 2013

I love the earth!

By saddle on May 28, 2011

Hei! I really adore the template you are using here. Is this custom coded or can you link me to the location where I can download it for my blog? (: thx Ines

Its custom coded by us :) --DK

By Ida on Oct 7, 2010

I love everything on your site. Could you add some healthy & tasty recipes for kids tiffin. thks in advance.

Thank you Ida :) I keep updating the Kid friendly section in the site now and then. You can take your pick and bookmark the category for future use : I will add in more healthy snacks in that section

By RICHA SINGH on Oct 5, 2010

Hey DK, I have become a regular to ur website...and I have to are really good at this. Also,for these cutlets...can I not-use potatoes?You thing the mixture would hold?

Oh yes, it should. You can use more black eyed peas if you think its not binding - or even flour will help

By Mansi on Jun 17, 2010

These look so tasty, crispy and healthy! maybe you should send these in for the Magic Bullet Giveaway on my blog Dhivya!

By priti on Apr 13, 2010

so if i have sprouted raagi flour can i substitute? if YES how? (my son has outgrown this staple breakfast of his :-)

I am sure it wont hurt to try. Its just flour so I am guessing that it should work. The nutrition aspect though might be affected if your flour is not a malted one. i.e the raagi is not first sprouted and ground. But otherwise, the taste should be good :) --DK

By Swapna on Mar 31, 2010

Wow! this looks good and healthy.You rock!!!

By Shweta on Mar 11, 2010


By Shweta on Mar 11, 2010

Healthy recipe, i like it

By karl on Jan 27, 2010

fry stuff, my favourite, love the color, the crisp, the feeling when chew, love it

By jennyjen on Jan 22, 2010

I love black eyed peas! These cutlets look AMAZING! :)

By AshaLAtha R K Prasad on Jan 22, 2010

Those are perfect "CUTELETS"...... Really cute...the way they are prepared & presented to give that extra zing to the prep... is all commendable.... Ash.... (

By Vandy on Jan 21, 2010

Black eyed peas is lobia or masoor dal???

Its lobhia Vandy:) Masoor dal would be red lentils :) --DK

By Madhuram on Jan 21, 2010

Love the third picture of the stacked cutlets. Very innovative and eye catching.

By Indhu on Jan 21, 2010

All those healthy ingredients must compensate for the frying :) . That's how I justify myself! Yumm recipe.

LOL! A girl after my own heart :) --DK

By Pavani on Jan 21, 2010

There you go, yet another use for my sprouted ragi flour. Thanks DK. My cousin was telling me at sprouted ragi is an extremely healthy food for infants who have just started solid food.. Just an FYI, wanted to share my little gyan on sprouted ragi :wink: .

I have half a mind to just steal off your flour ;) I just dont get any here :( --DK

By Jagruti on Jan 21, 2010

Very very good and healthy...innovative way to use sprouted Raagi.. :wink:

By usha on Jan 21, 2010

creative and healthy recipe!

By Asha on Jan 21, 2010

Daaangg woman!!! Are you trying to make me fat again?????? ;P Looks perfect, crunchy and tasty. Nevr seen Ragi grain here, must look for it. Good post, pics are gorgeous. Warm weather is over y'day, 30F and ice rain today. Yikes!!

You and Fat? Never! But u know as an after thought I think I should - I mean I have lots to blame you for those extra 10-15 pounds that I am carrying around...How do you your pictures make ME FEEL......--DK

By Sumi on Jan 21, 2010

very innovatie recipe...time o find my long last ragi packet from home :)

By Priya on Jan 21, 2010

Sprouted ragi cutlet am hearing for the first time..looks very creative and fantastic..

By CurryLeaf on Jan 21, 2010

Yum Yum Yummy .Never tried cutlets with ragi or for that matter sprouted ragi.Have seen your post on sprouting.Love the cutlets. Innovative way of using ragi.

What else can you expect a kitchen weirdo like me ;) Blame it on the rains for this creation! :) --DK