How to make Plum lemonade Recipe | Dark Pink Lemonade recipe
This has happened so many times that by now I should have learnt my lessons (which I probably might not!)  So what am I talking about here? Well listen to this. Has it happened to you that after creating something, you were so pleased at having "invented" something only to soon realize that it already existed? And that this was just sheer coincidence that you happened to "discover" it on your own? Oh well, this has happened at least 10-15 times for me - enough to stop me from assuming that I chanced upon something on my own. But every time it happens, I still end up feeling that perhaps with a small percentage I might be a food genius or something (but nah!! I am surrounded by "friends" and enough geniuses to "kindly lemme know that I am not! $%@#%). And this is exactly what happened recently.
How to make Plum lemonade Recipe | Dark Pink Lemonade recipe
We happen to have a plum tree in our backyard which is in a generous mood. Too many plums and so little time before they fall to the ground - rotten. I am frantically trying to use as many as I can. I made the usual Plum Jam, (as a gift to someone), Plum preserves with raisins (for us), plum Bread, a plum crumble cake and recently an upside down Plum and Berry Cake (for a get together) and DRAT! I still have lots of plums in the tree. Because of all this immense  heat in our part of the world, we are gulping down liquid like a Shrek Family! I also happen to have a lemon tree and thus I was enjoying lemonade every evening. While going to pluck some plums for eating and also some fresh lemons for cooking, a thought suddenly struck me. Why not try and make Plum Lemonade? If strawberry lemonade and cranberry lemonade can be tasty why not plums?. How come I never see plum lemonade?  I set to work on the idea and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I told about this invention of mine(!!) to my colleague and she was like - "Oh yes, I always make it during plum season" (!!!!). The only consolation was the method. She makes it using a sugar syrup added to plum sauce and then add it to the frozen concentrated lemonade  while I have kept it simpler and without store bought ingredients. How to make Plum lemonade Recipe | Dark Pink Lemonade recipe I love the lemon taste but the distinct flavor that the plums added to the lemonade was refreshing. It did not overpower the lemon to make me forget that this was lemonade but instead  added a unique sweetness to it. The ripe plums also helped to reduce the amount of sugar since the fruit was sweet by itself.  I have provided very approximate measures so that you can work around this basic idea to customize it to your taste. And it looked a beauty. You can make this more watery - I liked the color and hence kept it to about 6 cups of water I think. You can add more if you like.
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Yields: Serves 4-6 people
  • About 10 small  ripe plums, halved and pitted
  • 5-7 cups of water, or as needed
  • 6-7 lemons ( about 1 cup), or as needed
  • sugar to taste
  • ice cubes to serve
Note: Keep this idea as a base to customize it to your taste and requirements. If you like tart lemon taste more, add more lemon juice. My plums were very sweet hence I added very little sugar.
1. If you like plums, add more plum juice. Take the pitted plums and drop them in a food processor.
2. Grind them smooth. You can use water to grind them too.
3. Strain the juice.
4. Add the lemon juice. You can also add more later according to your taste. Add sugar to taste. Mine were pretty sweet thanks to the ripe plums hence I would have used probably about 1/4 to 1/2 cup.
5. Add enough water according to the consistency you require. Make sure that you add water keeping in mind the ice cubes that you might add which will melt and add more liquid to the lemonade.
I add ice cubes, garnish with lemon slices and fresh mint. Great for entertaining and also as  a special treat to your kids. Gives a slightly different tang to the regular lemonade and a a great (read as sneaky) way to add more fruit to your little one's diet. How to make Plum lemonade Recipe | Dark Pink Lemonade recipe

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5 Member Reviews

By Laura on Sep 15, 2012

I made this - I used about 1 cup of water to help puree the plums  and about a cup of lemon juice.  I didn't add any sugar, but I tend to prefer a bit tart over sweet. The adjustment I made was to keep the juice as a concentrate - and add club soda (fizzy water as I like to call it) as I pour a glass to jazz it up.  And on special occasions I *might* also add vodka.  DELICIOUS!  Thanks for a fun and easy way to use all these plums!

By LisaM on Aug 21, 2012

Pretty easy to make! My supply of plums is overwhelming!!! I loved it!! :0)

Read All 5 Reviews →


By Lorena on Aug 22, 2016

I am excited to try your plum lemonade. I have a dear friend on chemo, she invited me to pick the plums off her tree. I am taking her dinner in 2 days and want to make it for her. I washed the plums, but they were pretty dirty. So I processed it just the way you described, and then I boiled it into a simple syrup. I can't risk getting my friend sick from anything on the raw plums, and the syrup will keep longer. But I am going to make it your way for my family. Thanks for the fresh plum idea!!!

Happy that it worked great for you. Thank you for the feedback :) --DK

By Mùa Mận Chín | Tường Vi Và Khoảng Trời Riêng on Jun 1, 2016

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By itzel on Jun 29, 2015

:-P so happy to have found this recipe I have a plum tree and gives so much I didn't know what to do, will be having this in my fridge daily! Thanks for sharing.

By This weeks box 6/29/2012 | tajchaffin1 on Oct 20, 2013

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By ADELEIDE DAMBUZA on Dec 21, 2012

I love the the taste. can u sende me more of you recipes

By Janani on Dec 11, 2012

I loved the recipe.I usually add apple to this, ur picture looks awesome

By Harsha on Dec 10, 2012

its really yummy juice i tried it adding some milk n figs for sweetness in place of water, sugar finally it looks like smoothie..........

By Mary on Sep 26, 2012

Thank you for your Plum Juice recipe. I was looking for something quick and simple. I wanted to tell you that if you have a juicer that you could save time by juicing the plums. Then the juice would separate from the pulp of the plums. I did this and the plum juice came out a lot thicker than I thought - almost like a sauce. But now I will be able to add the other ingredients to this and it will be a wonderful juice.

By S on May 30, 2011

Hey, I absolutely loved your blog and the innovative recipes you have posted. Happy to have found it. Superb recipes! Really appreciate your dedication and creativity!

By deeba on Aug 4, 2010

Just made this, and it looks so good. tastes even better! The kids are going to be thrilled! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

By sowmya on Jul 22, 2010

such a tempting colour..lovely and refreshing..

By vanamala on Jul 22, 2010

lovely ....

By sharan on Jul 22, 2010

i made this but without lemon and it came out really good:-P

By CurryLeaf on Jul 22, 2010

Looks terrific and refreshing

By prathibha on Jul 21, 2010

I love plums..looks so sinful dear

By Preeti on Jul 21, 2010

lovely colour....really refreshing:)

By Radhika Vasanth on Jul 21, 2010

Me loves it. How refreshing and energizing it is.... I think we cook alike. My next post is going to be a basic lemonade.. The pictures are getting its makeover...

By deeba on Jul 21, 2010

NICE!! There's something about this recipe, and I love it. We're into the fag end of the stone fruit season here, and I'm hopefully going to take a shot at this!

By swapna on Jul 21, 2010

wow..looks refreshing!! lovely pics as always...

By Madhavi on Jul 21, 2010

Refreshing post and great color too!!

By Priya on Jul 21, 2010

Such a refreshing lemonade, looks terrific..

By SD on Jul 21, 2010

WOW !!! a twist to lemonade and to eating( drinking :wink: ) fruit!!! And a plum tree at your back yard , i always wished to have my own back yard where i can grow some plants and herbs of my own ....

By Divya Vikram on Jul 21, 2010

Looks really refreshing. Your lucky to have a plum tree in your backyard.

By Tweets that mention How to make Plum Lemonade Recipe | Red Plum lemonade | Chef In You -- on Jul 21, 2010

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