Sarson ka Saag Recipe ( Indian Mustard Leaves curry)
From the archives: I had posted this way back, but recently when a reader (Vidya Devan) requested this dish, I thought I will repost it once again So many times, it happens that we cook something "classic" from some other unknown region thinking that we have that one authentic recipe. Most often than not its authentic alright - but only problem is that its not classic to that region at all - in fact people from that region weren't even aware of such a famous dish from their country!!! Take Mango Lassi and Saag Paneer for example! For having grown up in India my entire life these were never in my menu nor have I ever seen in any restaurants. Of course, now that its famous worldwide, they might be freely available everywhere. The classic instead was and is - sweet and salt lassi and Sarson ka Saag / Palak Paneer! I think Saag Paneer is the Americanized version of Palak Paneer cos the Sag is always made of Spinach! So that's Indian Palak Paneer for you :) Its also saddening to note that I am yet to get that classic taste in any Sarson Ka saag I have tasted in any of the restaurant. I taste only butter and cream. The original classic is not supposed to taste of butter and cream at all! It has this earthy taste where you get to enjoy the Mustard leaves and spinach in full form!
Sarson ka Saag Recipe ( Indian Mustard Leaves curry)
Why make a dish with Mustard leaves and Spinach, if all you want is douse its taste with butter and cream? The farmers in Punjab ate rich food - agreed. They did it cos they had to rely on their brute force strength to do all that back wrenching hard work. They needed sufficient fats which came by way of ghee/milk/buttermilk (hence Lassi!) predominantly, to give all that energy! But I am sure their meal was not doused with so much fat that they couldn't taste the nutritious greens! With so much fat, I am wondering if they would be able to even get up after a meal ;) Mustard leaves have this slightly bitter taste. So if you are not used to the leaves/ or are going to try for the first time, then use Spinach and Mustard leaves in same proportion. The spinach leaves subdue the bitterness of the mustard. But usually spinach is used half of mustard leaves for the dish to have a little earthy taste without being overly bitter. I am not sure about the weight of the leaves I bought, but the beauty of this dish is you cannot mess it up. It has minimal ingredients and which can easily adjusted to suit your taste. Sarson ka Saag Recipe ( Indian Mustard Leaves curry)
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 2 bunches Mustard Greens
  • 1 bunch Spinach Greens
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 tomato, chopped
  • approx 1 inch ginger, peeled and grated
  • 1-2 green chillies (as per taste)
  • 2-3 tbsp Maize flour(cornmeal)
  • salt to taste
  • 1-2 tbsp ghee(optional, use Oil instead)
1. Clean the leaves well in cold water. Chop them roughly. Place them together in a large skillet/ pan with little water.
2. Close the lid and cook for few minutes in medium heat
3. until the greens have wilted.
4. Mash it lightly with a potato masher or back of a spatula.
5. They are usually not pureed and are kept coarse textured. Add Maize (makki ka atta) to thicken the gravy.
6. Add as per your liking. I don't prefer mine too thick not too gravy- just enough to scoop with my Makki Ki Roti
7. Meanwhile in another skillet, heat up little ghee (its traditional, you can of course use oil instead) and saute the onions, tomato, chillies and ginger with salt; in that order.
8. Once they are soft, add it to the greens.
9. Stir it for few minutes until well combined. Add more seasoning if required.
Serve hot with Makki Ki Roti. Sarson ka Saag Recipe ( Indian Mustard Leaves curry)

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1 Member Reviews

By Sudha on Jan 11, 2012

followed your recipe. Making it for the first time. Turned out very good. Thank you. Keep up the good work!


By Mou on Mar 19, 2014

Hi this sounds good I made this today with another recipe (slightly improvised)off the net and it was delicious! I boiled (a bit) the mustard and spinach with a small bit of methi saag alongwith chopped round tomatoes, ginger, green chillies, bit of garlic, asofoetida (hing) nd tiny red chilli powder and rock salt, then i roughly pureed this and fried to this added another mixture (fried onion garlic in methi seed). I did add some sour curd at the end and a teaspoon of butter..could taste the lovely greens however my question is is makki ka flour very important in this recipe? I usually do not keep it, as we are mainly rice eaters. I really liked my own saag but wondering if makki ka flour is very critical and what is it's role?

By Hamsa on Dec 21, 2012

I ate frozen sarson ka saag yesterday from the Indian store..and then thought I need to look for a recipe to make it myself..I was hoping you would have the recipe and I was not disappointed...I can't wait to try this...thank you are one of the reasons I love cooking so much!

By tania on Nov 6, 2012

thanks,iam finding this receipe .Definitely i will try it

By Reeta on Oct 8, 2012

Hi I just found out your website and I cant wait to try all receipe. My husband is very happy :) Thanks

By aarti on Aug 22, 2012


By aarti on Aug 22, 2012


By Robin on May 7, 2012

I just found your website and love the way you picture the entire process. You make me starving..but in a good way. I'll be making alot of your recieipes and reporting back. I know they're going to be really as good as they look; thanks for doing all the work.

By gracelin on May 14, 2011

I was searching a recipe for greens .Found a good one thankuuuuu

By Deepa G Joshi on Feb 20, 2010

Sarson ka saag reminds me of all bollywood movies :)..wonderful the presentation..

By simplyfood on Feb 19, 2010

Beautiful colour.Looks delicious.

By Aarti Sawale on Feb 19, 2010

Hi DK, Wow its interesting. but how does this musard leaves look like. haven't seen them. want to make this dish for sure. aarti

They look like this -- --DK

By Sharmilee on Feb 18, 2010

Sure a healthy treat but I hate greens however it is made!

By notyet100 on Feb 18, 2010

yummy this looks

By Preeti on Feb 18, 2010

Make di roti aue Sarson ka saag kya baat hain!!!! :)

By Vaishali Sharma on Feb 18, 2010

Being from North India I Totally Love Sarson da Saag and Makki di roti! Yours looks sooo delicious! Lovee it!!

By Nancy on Feb 18, 2010

How do you make the corn cakes/bread shown in the background. They look delicious as well!

That's Makki Ki Roti traditionally served along with this Sarson Ka Saag. Thats coming up next :) --DK

By Radhika on Feb 18, 2010

Never ate Mustard greens in ma life.. Now I have a :idea: recently saw the fresh ones in Patels....let me see if they still have some... btw, is that Makki ki roti your next recipe...

You know me well ;) --DK

By Priya on Feb 18, 2010

Fantastic dish, we dont get mustard greens here, else i really want to prepare this dish since a long..

By Indhu on Feb 18, 2010

the first picture is brilliant... makes me want to scoop it up with the roti :)

By Ramki on Mar 12, 2008

Hi Dhivya,
Have included your Saag as a model recipe in the One page cookbook at

/Thanks for the recipe

By Kribha on Feb 23, 2008

Awesome color and a perfectly healthy dish. Looks so inviting too.

By Vcuisine on Feb 22, 2008

Lovely it is DK. Viji

By Sia on Feb 22, 2008

never found mustard greens here. beautiful colour of saag.

By Siri on Feb 21, 2008

The color says it all Dhivi...Saag with both Mustard and Spinach leaves makes it sooo nutritious...I will ask my mama to make it for me today!...:DD


By vimmi on Feb 21, 2008

I must be the only punjabi in the world who does not eat makki ki roti and sarson ka saag

By Alpa on Feb 21, 2008

intense green! love the recipe, i always head straight for the spinach or kale, lol.

By Cham on Feb 21, 2008

Wow the green is very tempting. Never had this dish but it should go well with plain rice and dollop of ghee :)

By Kalai on Feb 21, 2008

Dhivya, the color is mind blowing!! Looks yummy. Nice entry! :)